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October 8, 2016

Luke Falk

Cody O'Donnell

Washington State - 42, Stanford - 16

Q. (Indiscernible)?
LUKE FALK: Pretty hard to beat him out right now, but on the whole we played pretty well, especially started off a little slow. It was an offense that we picked it up and got rolling. It starts with them up front, and as soon as they get going, we get going as well.

Q. How much does it ease your mind that the defense is going through now?
LUKE FALK: Oh, it's great. Because it's like nothing really happened. Start the game off with the pick, and not the best circumstance. But they hold, and it's basically like we're starting the game over again. That really gives us a lot of confidence knowing that the defense is going to be playing hard.

Q. (Indiscernible) what do you think about that?
LUKE FALK: I don't know. It triggered something in me today. But you remember (Indiscernible).

CODY O'DONNELL: Knocked some sense into you.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
LUKE FALK: Yeah, I mean, it was a football play. It took me out of whatever, but I was fine. Came back in and then just common play.

Q. How fun is it for you to score on that drive with the two penalties and then you went out the way you did?
LUKE FALK: I mean, you don't score every drive, but that was a key situation in the game, and it wasn't going our way against (indiscernible) down there. Had a few (indiscernible), but I think our guys did a nice job and just battled for whoever is playing in the next play. Really just focused on doing our job. It was a great testament of how this team's playing. Just played next play and just beat them to the punch.

Q. Does this seem like an offensive lineman's game? You just noted this is going to be a trench battle?
CODY O'DONNELL: It's always going to be a trench battle. It's what football is, the big guys up front kind of taking over the game. We get better when we get a chance to do their thing when we get rolling.

Q. So when it's two and a half, three quarters and all of a sudden you guys start winning, can you sense that happening at the line of scrimmage?
CODY O'DONNELL: I mean, yeah. You just get to feel things out, things about your opponent. You just get a feel more for the game. I mean, yeah, you can, but also you can't really put them down. You've got to keep going, do your job.

Q. Cody, we heard a lot about Stanford's game. What did you see on the ground? (Indiscernible) what was that match-up like?
CODY O'DONNELL: I don't know. They seemed pretty physical. They came and they hit. Like they hit people. But, you know, they seem physical, just about as physical as everyone else we played.

Q. Luke, are teams covering (indiscernible) differently this year?
LUKE FALK: A little bit. I guess he's more of a power and stuff, but I don't think they're doing anything too drastic. I think in the first few games they had a key on (indiscernible), but we've got a lot of weapons on our offense. But if we can just go through our reads and get it into play, we've got a lot of weapons out there. But he's a great player.

Q. Luke, was Dallas that much more today?
LUKE FALK: He was hot. There are some where he was covered, but I just felt comfortable with him and just threw it up there and made a nice play. That catch in the end zone was incredible. He was just -- he was hot, and just kept feeding it to him tonight.

Q. For this team, you've been putting up a lot of points for a while. But not only the offensive line but the defensive line, and think really imposing your will against the past two opponents. What does that bring this program mentality-wise going into the season?
CODY O'DONNELL: We expect that every game. So when we don't get it, it's kind of a letdown. But we're expecting (indiscernible) to go out there and just score a lot of points with the offense as it is. So Leach expects it out of us, and we expect it out of ourselves.

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