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October 6, 2016

Jeff Brohm

Western Kentucky - 52, Louisiana Tech - 55

JEFF BROHM: Bottom line, we didn't play well. It's the worst game on defense we had. Didn't do enough on offense. Special teams has been playing outstanding every game and giving us a chance. And yes, I like to fight, and we came back, but it was just not a very well-played or well-coached football game.

Q. What were the main issues defensively?
JEFF BROHM: Well, early on they just ran right by our corners. So I don't know if really that was the cause. Our corner just ran right by. It was disappointing to give up two easy throws.

And then after that, I think they lost their confidence and gave up too many perimeter throws on the outside, which we knew they were going to do coming in -- screens, which we knew they were going to do.

It's disappointing. I think our defense probably lost a little confidence early on and was shellshocked. But those are things you've got to learn from. I think towards the very end of the game, it was slightly better. But you know, it's a team loss. We've got to take it that way and we've got to learn from it.

Q. Do you think T.J. not having Nick affected the defense?
JEFF BROHM: Without question, when you're missing some key guys like we are, it's going to. But it's no excuse. Whoever is in there has got to step up and make plays, and we didn't make very many plays.

Q. That being said, offensively, were you pleased with how the guys did tonight?
JEFF BROHM: I thought our guys battled and played hard, and we found a way to make some plays and score some points and that was a plus. But it wasn't enough. We've got to find a way to do more. Disappointed that we turned the ball over at the end, but it happens. I thought we had a quick little pass, two guys open to the left and Mike locked in a little bit on the rush and tried to step up and knocked it out.

But it's a team loss and we've got to find a way to move on and get ready for next week.

Q. What will be the message moving on?
JEFF BROHM: There's a lot to learn from it, and this is going to be a tough stretch for us. We knew these two games would -- two of the better teams in the conference on the road. Now we've got our backs against the wall a little bit, and we've got to go into Middle Tennessee and find a way to win. And they are leading the conference right now, and I'm sure they will be licking their chops trying to get us at home.

We've got a lot to learn. We've got to be critical of ourselves as coaches, as players, find a way to make improvement and come out and play much better next week.

Q. Where do you think y'all are as a team halfway through the season?
JEFF BROHM: Well, you know, unfortunately we've lost a couple close games but that's all part of getting better do we have a few younger guys, yeah, we do. We have a lot to learn and make sure we're there for them and work with them and get them to improve and they understand how important every small little detail is, because that's how you win. Last year we were fortunate, we had some senior leaders that took over the team, and we found a way to do the small things.

And right now, we probably need a little bit more of the leadership to step up and get us over the hump. We all have plenty of room to improve. It's a long season and we lost this one. Now we've got to just focus on the next one.

Q. Is that defensive performance surprising, given the way they have played the first few games of the year?
JEFF BROHM: I'm very surprised at it. I thought we've worked hard over the last year and a half to defend the spread. We haven't really faced a very good spread team yet. We handled Rice pretty well, but this team is one of the better ones; there isn't any question about that.

I just thought we gave them way too many easy throws and easy completions and didn't contest things, and you know, just wasn't good.

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