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October 1, 2016

Ed Orgeron

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

ED OGERON: A tremendous day for the Tiger family. I'm really proud of our players, our coaches, coming to work on Monday, of believing in what we're doing and our preparation on a daily basis.

I give the credit to all the players, the accountability for this football team.

I give credit to our coaching staff, they stuck together, they do it for the kids. It was a tremendous day, we went on that Tiger walk, we could feel the electricity in the stadium. And I told them that big plays fuel emotion. They're going to be there, you want to get them cranked up? Make big plays.

And, obviously, the output that we had on offense was tremendous, holding those guys to seven points was a great job.

And the thing I liked about this game is we played for sixty minutes. We put the pedal to the metal and there was not going to be any let up by our football team.

I'm looking forward to go watch the film, obviously there's going to be a lot of things to correct. But I think they're going to believe in each other, believe in what we're doing. We're going to have a full week next week, and we have a tough game in the swamp, our guys are going to be ready to go, but we're going to enjoy tonight.

Q. Your emotions when you found out you're the LSU coach, what was going through your head?
ED OGERON: It was really special. But again, I had to wipe that out, man. It was about these players, and I had to do my job as a head coach and my game management, and I wanted to do my part.

Q. Steve Ensminger and the game that he called tonight what, did he bring?
ED OGERON: Tremendous. We spread them out a little bit, as you saw, and we started throwing the football to loosen them up on the run.

I think it was a cumulative affect of our whole coaching staff. There was a lot of ideas there, a lot of guys working hard and to implement the new system within the system that we had, those guys did a tremendous job. I thought his game calling was excellent.

Q. You lightened up in practice, you made a point of that you said. Did you notice a difference late in the game?
ED OGERON: It seemed like they were fresh, seemed like they were energized. There was a different locker room today and right in here where we stretch, it was on.

Q. What did you tell the team after the game?
ED OGERON: Great job. Great job as a team. Great job on reminding what their preparation was, and I reminded them of their belief in one another. One team, one heart beat. It's not about any one player, it's not about any one facet of our football team. It's about a whole team and a whole Tiger family.

Q. Was there ever a doubt that Derrius and Darrel could do what they did tonight in the wake of Leonard being out?
ED OGERON: You know, I've been seeing those boys run and excited about them. And there's some things that they do fabulous. And, obviously, Leonard's a great player. But I told the guys, you're time's going to come. When you're time's going to come, let's see what you got. And they did it tonight. I was very proud of them.

Q. Could Leonard have played if you needed him?
ED OGERON: No, he wasn't ready.

Q. First points in the fourth quarter all year?
ED OGERON: That's good. I challenged our guys. I challenged our guys to finish. To finish, and we didn't want to let up. I didn't want the sidelines to let up, and it was a great job. And I told Steve, let's go, let's put the pedal to the metal. There's no question he wanted to do that. We would have scored more, if we could have.

Q. Missouri scored almost 80 points last week, they got seven tonight. That's five total touchdowns the defense has given up all year. What have you thought of them through five games?
ED OGERON: Well, we have a tremendous defensive coordinator, Dave Aranda. He's probably one of the best defensive minds I've ever been around. But we also have a great defensive staff in addition.

Pete Jenkins, this week, helped our guys. Our guys loved him, our guys believe. We have some talent on defense. We have a great system. Dave is an excellent play caller. He knows exactly what to do. They give him this, he's going to take it away. He is a tremendous coach.

Q. You run for 418 yards and only give up one sack despite having two starting line men go out. Talk about your offensive line performance?
ED OGERON: Tremendous job by the offensive line. They were challenged a little bit, but again, I think we were fresh the way we practiced, and we practiced with speed, we practiced one versus twos, we switched up the whole thing that we do and hopefully, that was part of it. Again, we're going to have to make some improvement, we're going to have a better team down the road.

Q. (Question about a player's injury.)
ED OGERON: I don't know yet.

Q. You talked about limiting this week with what you could change offensively. Do you feel like you got the most out the of the personnel and formations?
ED OGERON: I agree, yeah. I thought it was great. I know that there's some things that we're going to be able to add this week off what have we done. And I'm sure when we go watch the film not everything was perfect, we have some things to correct and that's what that is for.

Q. How much of this week was spent adding and adding new formations offensively?
ED OGERON: I think it was kind of making it a little different. We had been using the same terminology, because we didn't want to change the terminology, because that's just too hard. You can't do that in the middle of the season.

But we did some things that, maybe the same play from a different formation, from a different personnel grouping. But we did do some things the slants, the short easy throws, the four wides, open them up a little bit and then run the ball.

Q. Being the biggest home crowd of the year, did you sense that they were energized and ready?
ED OGERON: No question. No question. The whole week you can feel the state of Louisiana was on fire. It started with my radio show, and then everything was going and just proud for the state of Louisiana. This is Tiger Stadium, this is what it's supposed to be.

It started with the Tiger Walk and the administrative guys decided to invite the old players back, they invited the old players back, they were jacked up, it was just part of what I always thought Tiger Stadium should be like.

Q. You talked about the risks that you had and things that you could see from a different perspective. Do you think you got them implemented and kind of got your thumbprint on this program?
ED OGERON: Well it's early. It's early. It's Game One. I'm glad we won. And I'm glad they performed well. Because now they can believe in what we're doing. And there was a lot of changes. A lot of changes this week and there was a lot of things that we did different and they followed it. And it's good that they performed well and I said, you know what, okay, this stuff works. Let's see if we can get in it a little deeper.

Q. It seemed like you kind of picked up the ball and just ran with it this week. Were you prepared for something like this or was this just you just kind of taking action as soon as it happened and this is the result?
ED OGERON: Well, I did it before. I got an e-mail, I got my practice script going, I printed them out, I said, let's roll.

Q. What's your reaction when you hear that in your first game LSU total yards-wise on offense puts up the most that they ever have in program history against a SEC team?
ED OGERON: I'm happy for our guys as a team. Really happy for them. Something we can build on.

Q. How do you keep this going?
ED OGERON: We have a system. We have a system, Monday's about telling the truth, Tuesday is Competition Tuesday. Wednesday is Turnover Wednesday. Thursday is No Repeat Thursday and Friday is Focus Friday. And we take it one day at a time, we look at the film, we get better, and just get these guys to keep on believing. They want to win. These guys want to win. They want to be great. We just need to put it together.

Q. You wanted to get the team back to having fun. Did you feel that on the field tonight?
ED OGERON: A little built. A little bit. We'll have a little bit more. But, yeah.

Q. How do you balance this success you've had with the rushing and the defense without people being disrespectful to Coach Miles?
ED OGERON: No, we ain't getting a big head. We're going to stay hungry. We're going to get better and we're going to challenge ourself to get better. There's going to be bigger and better opponents down the road. We'll take them one at a time. Again, we're going to watch the film on Monday and it's all over, done, move to the next week.

Q. Do you feel like the team made some drives, I know you wanted to take it out of the end zone or into the end zone and get the one early?
ED OGERON: The first one wasn't pretty, was it? Oh boy. Yeah. But coach made an adjustment on his landmark and that was good to see, I promise you.

Q. You made this week so much about the players, but what has it been like for you and from the beginning until you got the Gatorade bath at the end?
ED OGERON: Special. Obviously special. It's obviously something that I dreamed about. But I just couldn't get into that. I was just so busy. Every day was new and being a head coach again and I get the program together, get the every day practice schedule together, and hey you walk down the hall and is everything got this, got this, and you're rocking and rolling. But, hey, it was good. We're going to enjoy it, it's a tremendous honor to be the head coach at LSU. Tremendous honor.

Q. What kind of impact did Tre'Davious White have?
ED OGERON: Awesome. I think we had great game plan, we played man coverage, we played tight coverage, and Dave had a great plan, he's an excellent player, he's an excellent team player. We love him to death.

Q. When you go into this type of situation, how much do you rely on your senior leadership to help your team rally?
ED OGERON: You let leadership take its place. You don't force it down anybody's throat. Anybody can lead when it's nice, calm, let's see when the bullets are flying. That's when we're going to see real leadership.

Q. Have you seen Parker's touchdown yet?
ED OGERON: I heard about T I got a little message there about second quarter terrible. It's great. It was a great night. We're happy. We're a very competitive family. Football's our life. My wife is here and that's all we do, man, so I'm going to go grade my film tonight and move forward.

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