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September 29, 2016

Justis Nelson

Lubbock, Texas

Kansas - 19, Texas Tech - 55

Q. Justis, do you feel like this was your best game of the season so far?
JUSTIS NELSON: Collectively, I do, as offense and defense. Defense stepped up when the offense wasn't, offense did when defense was slacking a little bit. But as a whole, we're proud of what we put on film.

Q. (Question about adversity.)
JUSTIS NELSON: Yeah, that was main thing we focused on this week handling adversity, just having a tough mindset and despite the circumstances, but that's what we did tonight.

Q. How much of a relief was it to get those two turnovers right at the end of the game when the ball was, just to kind of get that streak off the table?
JUSTIS NELSON: Yeah, that was definitely a big point. We haven't had any the past two games. So we kind of got to breathe a little bit. And once you get one turnover more start coming. So, hopefully we can carry that over into the next weeks.

Q. What's the feeling on the sideline when you see Pat go down?
JUSTIS NELSON: Next man up. People go down all the time. Kansas had a lot of people go down. But you can't dwell on it, you have to move on and Nic came in and did a great job. And we couldn't be more proud of what he did.

Q. What do you think impressed you the most from what you've seen of him just in game tape and what you've seen in practice every day?
JUSTIS NELSON: Yeah, he never complains. I never hear a bad word coming out his mouth. He knows all the plays, we don't lose a beat whenever he comes in. So, we're really proud of him, he got the game ball and hopefully, he can just keep doing what's been doing.

Q. Who stood up tonight defensively?
JUSTIS NELSON: I would have to say the whole D line. They got some pressure on the quarterback, made him hold the ball for a long time, and that's what we like as DB's. If they can get pressure on the quarterback it makes our job a lot easier.

Q. It seems like you're having, perhaps, your best individual season so far. Is that due to the position playing nickle back or being a senior or all of the above?
JUSTIS NELSON: Yeah, I would say all of the above. Coach Gibbs puts us in great positions, positions where we can thrive and make plays. And just like, it is my senior year, so you have to leave it all out on the field because this opportunity might not come again. So just thank the whole coaching staff and everybody for putting us in positions.

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