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September 26, 2016

Luc Mbah-a-Moute

Diamond Stone

Wesley Johnson

Alan Anderson

Los Angeles, California

Q. I'll ask you guys the same question that I asked Jamal Crawford. How do all of you guys try and stay happy and satisfied knowing that you're not going to get 35 playing minutes a game, and how important is it to keep that harmony?
LUC MBAH-A-MOUTE: I mean, I think -- well, our team, everybody has got to sacrifice. We try to have a common goal and accomplish things. We have a lot of talent in the team. It takes everybody sacrificing, and not everybody is going to play 30 minutes every night. Some guys are going to play more one night and other guys are going to play more the other night. But as long as we're on the same page and we understand it's all for the good of the team, we trust Doc. We know he's going to do what he needs to do to get everybody ready. For us it's just staying ready for whenever your number is called, go in there and produce.

WESLEY JOHNSON: Yeah, Luc hit it actually on the head. As long as everybody stays ready, knowing minutes are not going to be large or a big amount, but I think the main thing is everybody being ready to go out there and produce. I think that's the main thing, everybody pushing one another no matter how long you're out there. Just give it your all.

DIAMOND STONE: I mean, the best part of this team is how deep we are, our depth. The main goal is just winning. We win, all of us look good. No matter how many minutes we play, who's doing what, who's starting, who's coming off the bench, the main key is just winning.

ALAN ANDERSON: As a rookie for me, just working every day. Just being the first one and the last one here every day and pushing these vets.

Q. I know you guys said the importance is winning, but does it ever get frustrating when you're having a moment and you feel like you want to go out there and give what you've got and show your talents and do what you came to do? Does it ever get frustrating sitting on the bench?
ALAN ANDERSON: I mean, definitely because we're all competitive, so we all want to play of course, but we know the main common goal is to win. Everybody can't be the superstar. Everybody can't start or play when you want to. But we're here to play for the Clippers, we're not here to play for ourselves, so that's the main thing, especially when you come into an organization like this.

DIAMOND STONE: Like Alan said, it's kind of like we as a team, there's no I in team, so I think for me, since this is my first season, I can refer back to Marywood in college. I started but then I came off the bench. Right away I adjusted. I realized that coming off the bench would help us pretty much be successful, so I bought in. So I think I'll just do the same thing here.

WESLEY JOHNSON: Yes, I want to play. I think that no matter how many minutes you get, I think if you don't get the minutes you think you deserve, I think it's bigger than me, it's bigger than us. We all have one goal, and that's to win a championship, so our mindset should be focused on that, no matter how many minutes we play, as long as we go out there and play hard and push one another, that's the goal. I think we have to get better as a collective group by doing that. When we do that, I think that's what will carry over to the court. It doesn't matter how many minutes we play as long as we go out there and push one another.

LUC MBAH-A-MOUTE: I mean, they pretty much said everything. Yeah, I mean, like I said, it's all for the betterment of the team. Obviously in the heat of the moment, some games you want to feel -- maybe play well, feel like you should have played more. But at the end of the day, like Alan said, if the team wins, everybody looks good. As long as we have that in our minds and we just worry about staying ready and go out there and produce, I think it'll all work out.

Q. This team has sort of had an unsettled situation at the three the last couple years. Three of you guys up here will probably be competing for minutes at that spot. What sort of opportunity is this to maybe establish yourselves more, to seize this position with the Clippers given that it has sort of been unsettled at small forward for a little while now?
ALAN ANDERSON: Like we've been saying, we're going to compete and get after each other and get the best out of each other. Whichever man is the best for the job, that's Doc's decision to decide. But right now we're going to compete and try to get the best three or whatever position we're going to play out of that to start. Whoever gets it, next man be ready.

WESLEY JOHNSON: Yeah, Alan said, that's the main thing, just go and push one another. It starts tomorrow, and it's going to carry over through the rest of the season. Whoever it may be, no matter what number, Luc, me, Alan, whoever it is, as long as we push one another, because it's only going to benefit us as a team.

LUC MBAH-A-MOUTE: Same thing. Last year Wes started some games, then he came out, I started and I came out. It was always -- you never know what the coaching staff is going to do. You never know what's going to happen. The lineup always changes. For us it's just to be ready to push each other in practice and compete, but no matter who starts, who doesn't start, we know that's the position we're going to play, and some games I'm going to play 30 minutes, some games Wes is going to play 30, some games Alan is going to play 30. As long as we all stay ready and do what we're supposed to do, it makes our team better.

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