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September 17, 2016

Jarred Craft

Ryan Higgins

Texas Tech - 59, Louisiana Tech - 45

Q. Ryan, defense wasn't helping you out much. More pressure on the offense to keep up and score every single time --
RYAN HIGGINS: We came into the game knowing that our defense, we expected our defense to be able to stop them. But we were also prepared to be able to, if it came down to a shootout, we would be able to score as many points as we needed to and I don't think it was as much anybody worried about it. It was just a couple drives we shot ourselves in the foot and weren't really able to move the ball. Outside of that, I thought we moved the ball really well.

Q. What happened on the throws in the first half, not sure which ones, but do you feel like you wish you could have a few throws back?
RYAN HIGGINS: Yeah, I missed a third down corner and another corner, actually, but it was on like first down or something like that. Those I make in my sleep. It's eating me up. That first down one puts us in second and long and that hurts us right there and the third down one, I just should have been able to make a play and keep the chains moving, keep our defense off the field, and not being able to do that, I know that hurt the defense a little bit.

Q. How much do you feel -- Coach said without the running game, don't know what's going to happen.
RYAN HIGGINS: Jarred did a phenomenal job. Whether it was to start off a drive or the short play that he just busted open, he did a great job hitting his holes, making people miss, almost always made the first defender miss and really kept us alive and kept the chains moving. Especially when we needed him, he came through.

Q. What was the mood in the locker room after you gave up so many yards, so many busted plays? I know you're not playing defense but had to be frustrated with the way the offense played at times but you still come out losing.
RYAN HIGGINS: It was tough but you know, I tried to make sure I just kept telling the defensive guys -- and a lot of the guys did, we're just trying to, hey, keep your head up. Look, just get us the ball, we'll take care of business. It was frustrating. I know they are more frustrated than anybody, but as an offense, we feel like, hey, get us the ball, we've got to score, and we definitely didn't help with some of those drives.

Q. Jarred, what was working well for you in the running game? What was working especially in that first half?
JARRED CRAFT: Just reading and reacting and following that big offensive line that I have. I can't thank them enough for giving me lanes to run through. It wasn't as hard running behind them.

Q. Did you feel a need at all to kind of propel the offense, especially because they were getting so many --
JARRED CRAFT: Not at all. I feel like Ryan does a good job of keeping us level-headed and making sure that we are good to go on offense.

Q. What do you take away from a performance like this?
JARRED CRAFT: I feel like we can just move the ball on anybody, as long as we execute and believe in the game plan that the coaches put together.

Q. Is there anything in the defense that surprised you?
RYAN HIGGINS: They kind of did a little bit of everything and kind of kept us guessing. Wasn't exactly sure on some plays how they play it. And they took away whether it was shooting their guy on No. 2 or the corner, took away a lot of the like bubbles and stuff like that, which allowed Jarred to carve them up. Really just they are good players and we didn't execute.

Q. Coach just said now, the defense was an embarrassment and a joke. What do you think when you hear that? Not a good feeling.
RYAN HIGGINS: No, and I mean, I wouldn't say it's embarrassing. It sucks and we're all upset. But I know what my defense can do, what our defense can do, and I know the players we have and I know the mistakes that they can correct. I trust them to move in on in the season.

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