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September 3, 2016

Kliff Kingsbury

Lubbock, Texas

Stephen F. Austin - 17, Texas Tech - 69

COACH KINGSBURY: We played very technical, kind of some street ball going on early and then with that second group, we've got to get better all the way around. Guys had an opportunity to play and didn't play very well. That's something to work on. We've got to coach better. We've got to coach from the bottom up and get those guys going.

Q. How do you view the way he played, especially how he played in the first half, only negative yardage was one of eight on third down, only giving up a handful of points, the home field goal.
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, that was fun to see. I thought the guys up front really dictated that, got after it in the pass rush and in the run game, that front four. If we can continue to get better there, it's going to help. So I hope that was a sign of things to come.

Q. What did you think about Mahomes, his game today?
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, I thought he was a little loose, kind of doing his own thing a few times. Probably could have made a couple different decisions early. But he's a talented kid, gets out, makes a lot of plays. So that's what he does. But I think as we get going in the season, he's got to tighten some things up and when things are there within the sytem, let's take it, and then when it's not, get out and work your magic.

Q. What did you think about the job he did in the red zone tonight, they were 7-for-7.
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, he did a good job extending plays, running around. Made a great play on the one that they covered and laid out at the pylon and that's what he does. He's great with his feet and he's great at extending plays. So yeah, I think once we got down there, he really locked in.

Q. You had six receivers with 47 yards total or more, is that the way you want to see it the rest of the season, to spread it out?
COACH KINGSBURY: I think if somebody gets hot we'll feed him but like I've said all along in camp, the competition has been great. It's not like one guy has taken over. We have a lot of depth and they said 18 guys caught passes, which I've never heard of. But there's a lot of guys playing well and pushing each other each and every day. If you don't practice well, you won't be the starter the next day, and I think we continue that competition, it will only help us.

Q. How do you feel like you guys you ran the ball; your whole assessment of the running game.
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, we didn't really try. They were taking the run away and I knew we could throw it, so we kind of poured that on. I probably should have done a better job calling more runs and getting that established. But they were loading the box a little bit and so we just kept throwing it around.

Q. Sure seemed like the effort, especially defensively, even late, was consistent the whole game; is that something that stands out to you tonight?
COACH KINGSBURY: No question, Coach Gibbs in his second year, watching those guys and the culture he's developing, some toughness, and guys that he recruited. It's been fun to watch, so hopefully we'll build off that.

Q. What did you feel about the special teams, punt returns and pretty good coverage.
COACH KINGSBURY: Thought we covered kicks great all night. The one long return they had, that was all my fault really for not communicating to Coach Rob what we were going to do.

But looked like those units covered well, and Cam had some great returns, which I thought he was aggressive in returning it. Last year, he probably would have fair caught those, and he caught some balls in traffic and made some plays.

Q. Is that something Coach Robinson has told him, given him the green light?
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, I think so. He trusts Coach Robinson, that, hey, it's going to be there, and if you feel it, make a play.

Q. What did you think of Kevin Moore on kickoff coverage?
COACH KINGSBURY: That was awesome to see. He's a guy who was a tackling machine in high school. We had him at safety, and he may play a little more linebacker and we're trying to find a role. But when the lights come on, he shows up, and that's what he did. He was all over the place on kickoff cover.

Q. How do you feel about your two red shirt freshmen's tackle play tonight?
COACH KINGSBURY: They did okay. Not great. I mean, it's going to be a big step up in competition I think. Those two ends from Stephen F. are good, but we have to get a lot better in a hurry. Consistency and consistently doing the right thing fundamentally staying sound, I thought there's a lot of room to improve there.

Q. Tell us a little bit about Jordyn Brooks and how he might or might not have lived up to your expectations tonight?
COACH KINGSBURY: I thought he did a good job. He's young, first game. In practice, he's been playing really well and I'll have to watch the tape to see exactly how he played but he's a good presence and he's not intimidated at all but I thought he ran around and made some plays for us.

Q. The decision to play T.J. Vasher, did you guys make that coming into the game, or know that you were going to pull that red shirt early, based on what he had done in camp?
COACH KINGSBURY: Yes, I guess that decision was made probably the first day he got here. He's made a bunch of plays. He's long, athletic, could put on some weight, could get a little stronger but has great ball skills and we'll continue to develop him and hopefully in our conference he can be a big contributor.

Q. When you get into Big 12 play, how many receivers realistically did you feel can be in the rotation if you're not going to go 14 --
COACH KINGSBURY: No, I think, you know, we usually play two, but I think a third guy here and there could get in and see reps. I think Tony Brown is one of those guys outside that could fit in there. He could start some games. He could be No. 2, he could be No. 3.

He's done that all camp. And Quan Shorts is another guy on the outside that could get in there, T.J., and then inside, Ian and Giles and Keke and Cam and so we've got a bunch of them but yeah, as conference comes on, I'm sure the reps will get a little more limited.

Q. De'Quan Bowman?
COACH KINGSBURY: I don't think he played. I didn't see it either but I don't think he played much.

Q. What about the pick that Keenan had down at the one?
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, that was awesome to see him make plays. He had a big hit in the open field, too. He's really improved as a player and that was awesome to see. He was a skilled athlete, played quarterback in high school. To see him go up and make a play on ball like that was very encouraging.

Q. What is Zach Austin's injury?
COACH KINGSBURY: Knee injury. He's out for the season.

Q. And can you tell us, Paul Bank's situation?
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, that's someone I can't speak on. Some rule. But he won't be playing in the first -- I'll just put it this way: He won't be playing next week.

Q. When could he be back?
COACH KINGSBURY: We'll just start with this week and go from there.

Q. You seem a little disappointed but given how other teams have played and maybe played down to the level of their competition, were you overall just thrilled with how you played tonight, or you're a little --
COACH KINGSBURY: No, I've just seen what we've done in practice and I don't think we played to that level. I thought defensively we did. I thought they came in and dominated. I thought offensively we were just loose with it and that second group didn't play up to our standard at all. To me, it's on us as coaches to coach our bottom half up, and we'll start doing that tomorrow.

Q. Quinton White, not a surprise, but still, a lot of two-back tonight, the first half or so.
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, we liked the coverages we got when we were in that 20 personnel and he's been that offset back and can do different things, has great hands, and he can also run the ball and run screens and lead blocks. So that was kind of the game plan going in was our two-back formations, we were getting the coverage we wanted.

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