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August 29, 2016

Davis Love III

Derek Sprague

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

JULIUS MASON: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I'm The PGA of America's Julius Mason.

And for those of you in the room that can name that tune, you get a special prize that Una Jones will give you. Led Zeppelin; that was too many people over there answering that question. Somebody over there will get a prize.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for joining us today at this news conference featuring our captain, Davis Love III.

It's my pleasure to introduce the General Manager of Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey, the president of The PGA of America, Mr. Derek Sprague.

DEREK SPRAGUE: Thanks, Julius. The PGA of America today kicked off the first U.S. Ryder Cup Trophy Tour to build support and excitement for the U.S. Team in the spirit of The Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup trophy will travel more than 5,000 miles making 15 stops in 13 cities, visiting a number of iconic venues from Notre Dame stadium and the Rose Bowl to Wrigley Field and Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.

On Friday, September 23, The Ryder Cup trophy arrives at the destination of this year's renewal of golf's preeminent event, Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. The month-long tour is part of the "We Are 13" fan engagement initiative to connect, energize and educate fans about The Ryder Cup.

"We Are 13" refers to American golf fans across the country who we hope will support our players and serve as a 13th member of our team. Golf fans across the United States will have an extraordinary opportunity to show their support for the American Team and get up close and personal with The Ryder Cup as the trophy makes this unprecedented journey.

Davis Love III and past captains Ben Crenshaw, Paul Azinger, Corey Pavin and Tom Lehman will be on hand at several locations to add more excitement to the tour.

We are now just 32 days from the first ball being struck in the 41st Ryder Cup at Hazeltine. Last week, nine players qualified for The European Team, and the United States Team had eight players qualify yesterday.

Before I turn to our captain for his thoughts and comments on our U.S. Team, on behalf of The PGA of America and the PGA Ryder Cup Committee, I want to congratulate you, Davis, and thank you for all your hard work preparing for this year's Ryder Cup, and we are extremely pleased by the passion and support you are getting from your vice captains, Tom Lehman, Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods.


DAVIS LOVE III: Thanks, Derek. Yeah, it's hard to believe we are only four weeks away from The Ryder Cup. It's been an incredible journey for me and for the assistant captains, and now for the top eight players that made it yesterday.

I'd like to just start off by thanking Derek, thanking Pete Bevacqua, Julius Mason, Susan Martin, the whole The PGA of America team, they have made this extremely easy on me and a rewarding experience. It's been different this time around. We put a lot more work into it the last year and a half and it's been a lot of fun. Look forward to the next month.

We have a lot of tough decisions ahead of us. My vice captains, as Derek said, have been instrumental in setting this up. We had a great committee that set this program up and all four of them have been incredibly busy, helpful, and I couldn't have done it without them, so I thank each one of them.

I think we are going to go through a list of each one of the eight guys that made the team. I'm just excited at that part of it. I know Zach and Patrick and a few of them, Brandt Snedeker, are glad it's over, as well. Like Tiger and I said over this weekend, we've never watched so much golf in our whole lives watching these guys finish up.

Starting with Dustin, obviously our top four or five guys have been on the team for quite a while. We have been talking to them, getting information from them, but Dustin obviously is one of our most talented players. He's a powerful, long hitter obviously. Been on a few teams with Dustin. He's willing to do anything we ask him to do. He fits in very, very well. He's easy to pair and he's just so calm under pressure.

I remember when Corey was the captain over in Wales and I was out with Dustin hitting some balls and his driver broke Thursday afternoon right before the Opening Ceremony. I would have panicked and Dustin is like, "I've got a great one back in the locker, let's go get it," and we went on the course and started hitting it. I've seen him do so many things like that, just really calm and collected. Obviously what happened at the U.S. Open with the ruling, not many people would have handled that as calmly as he did. He's a great steady influence on the team.

Obviously our next guy, Jordan Spieth, is a team guy. He's all about his team. He's very organized. Got an incredible game plan. He sticks with his game plan, something that we really talked about in this whole year-and-a-half process is we have to have a game plan and stick with it. Jordan is another guy that can be paired with anybody. Obviously great putter under pressure.

Then we go to Phil Mickelson. One of the biggest things that Phil brought up on this committee is that we have to have some consistency and some continuity. Well, 11 teams in a row, Phil Mickelson is that for us. He's a veteran leader. He was unbelievable in Korea when Jay Haas picked him pretty far down the list, maybe even close to 30 on the points list. But he was the star of the team both on and off the golf course.

And I'll never forget Jack Nicklaus saying that when he played for Jack, Phil went 0-5 and Jack said he was the most valuable player on his team that year because Phil was a great team guy, great guy to have around the locker room and in the team room. Thrilled to have Phil and Amy back on the team again.

Obviously Patrick yesterday, he didn't like sliding down to eighth, I don't think, and took care of that pretty quick. Had a great week. He's a fiery competitor. Obviously we saw that over there in Scotland two years ago. He's a guy that's so competitive. He wants to be on this team. He wants to win. He's talked about it for two years. He's ready to go.

And then Jimmy Walker, winning a major championship, really got his game back going again. He's obviously one of the best players on Tour the last three or four years. A longer hitter than you think; he's got a lot of power, which will be great for Hazeltine.

But he had a taste of The Ryder Cup two years ago, and he really wants to be on the team. I think it was holding him back a little bit actually before the PGA. He was trying too hard to make points. But he's ready for more Ryder Cup and excited to have him on the team.

And then our first rookie, Brooks Koepka, was obviously very close to making Jay Haas's team last year in Korea. He's a super strong player. He's great to pair with anybody, because who wouldn't want to play with Brooks as far as he hits it. He's got a lot of power. He told me he's really motivated by watching Europe celebrate two years ago. He saw that. He wasn't on the team but that really motivated him to make the team. He's going to add a lot of youthful enthusiasm and a lot of power to our team.

Then we have got another, kind of veteran, he's only 35 years old. But he's been around a long time, one of my great friends, a guy we really relied on at Medinah. He's a guy that wants to stand there on that last green and make the putt. He's an unbelievably great pressure putter. But he brings an air of confidence to the team room and just to the whole team. He just brightens up the room when he walks in. He's always positive and full of energy. Brandt's just a huge part of a lot of the teams, again, that I've been around the last ten years.

And then our No. 8 guy, who breathed a sigh of relief last night, Zach Johnson's been really working hard on his game the last few weeks. We had dinner last Sunday night after the Wyndham, and he was nervous about getting knocked out. I think here is another guy who has been trying really hard to make points and I think it held him back a little bit.

Now that I talked to him last night before dinner, I think Zach is going to free it up a little bit more the next couple weeks and go play. But he and Kim are just great friends of Robin and I. They are really stable in the team room. They are great leaders. I couldn't see going without Zach Johnson. He really feels blessed to be on another team. I'm excited for him.

And now, it's time for this top eight to kind of take ownership of this team. I've had great help from everybody at The PGA of America, from my assistant captain, but now we have a team and these eight guys need to help us pick four more. There is "We Are 13," and a lot of our clothes and bags, it says "12 strong," and that's what we want these guys to be. Phil Mickelson is their leader on the golf course, and we have got some veterans from No. 1 to No. 8 that need to take ownership of this team and go play.

We've built a great framework for the future. As Phil said, we are not going to win the next ten but we want to win a bunch of them and I think this is a great start.

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about having Patrick Reed on another team? We saw what he did in Gleneagles, had a fantastic Ryder Cup, and kind of the enthusiasm that he had, but that was on foreign soil. How do you think it's going to play here in the U.S.?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I think going over to Scotland, Phil kind of predicted that Patrick would be a star of the team. He has so much passion, so much fire; he wants to run people over.

Like we say about Ian Poulter, Patrick Reed is built to play Ryder Cups. We're excited to have him on the team. I've been nervous for these guys watching them play, but not really nervous, because if a guy like Patrick Reed had happened to not make the top eight, you know, he was obviously top of our list to be a pick.

Same thing with Brandt and Zach. I was just nervous for them, because I knew they were nervous. I tried to stay out of their way and not talk to them too much. I got some great conversations with Jimmy Walker right before the PGA and he played well, and I was relieved that I didn't mess him up.

You know, send a text message to a guy, does it put more pressure on him; or do you call a guy and say, don't worry about it, you're playing great. I know when the captain talked to me, I always got more nervous. So I'm trying to be smart about it. We are thrilled to have Patrick on. He's is another guy like Jordan, he has a team around him, and that team really gives him the spirit of working together.

I think there's not one guy on this team that's not going to check his ego at the door and come in and play hard, and Patrick is going to play hard. He wanted to win in Korea so bad it was unbelievable. We saw Justine had a USA hat on yesterday, right. They are into it. They want to be a part of this and we are excited to have them.

Q. What's the difference between somebody who is hot, somebody who may win a tournament the next two weeks, and somebody who has just got a good game for this format, for The Ryder Cup? How do you measure the two?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, there's a lot of things to measure. I think one of the best questions somebody asked me when we were trying to make a decision on picks in 2012: Is it easier for that guy to stay hot, or for that other guy to get hot.

I think guys that get hot the next two weeks are who we are looking at. And we were joking coming up here yesterday, we're getting all these questions now: Is this guy on your radar? Is that guy on your radar? Well, anybody in the Top-100 has to be on our radar, because a guy could get hot the next two weeks and move himself to THE TOUR Championship and be in the running for the FedExCup and I get to pick him on Sunday night.

So we don't really know. A guy could move up 60, 70 spots this week by winning and all of a sudden he's -- we call it the "Billy Horschel rule" for Sunday night after THE TOUR Championship. You know, if somebody gets hot, Billy Horschel wins the FedExCup again, we can take him.

I think we're kind of confused a little bit as assistants, how is this going to work, we have two weeks, we pick three. I'm used to calling people after I make the picks. I don't really have to call anybody but the three that make it and then I have my awkward two weeks of how do you handle these guys.

It's going to be interesting. We have a lot of factors to look at: Past performance all the way back to -- they were talking about Russell Knox this morning winning HSBC. You've got to factor that in there, don't you? He's playing great. He's, what, 20th in the world. You've got to give him credit for beating a great field over there.

Same thing we have like a Justin Thomas or a Jim Furyk who didn't play for, what, four months, on our points. There's a lot to look at. But filling holes, rounding out our team, obviously generically, you look at The European Team, they need experience. You look at our team, we can pick more rookies; we have a lot of experience. But there's a lot that goes into it.

Q. How important is it, we saw last year, four years, whenever the last time was, with all the crowd over on the other side, how important do you think the crowd will be to get you guys fired up over here?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, we will be fired up. We're fired up now. You saw Jordan Spieth's comments a few weeks ago, how important The Ryder Cup is to him, or Justin Thomas saying he'd rather win The Ryder Cup than a major championship.

Our guys are fired up. But when we get to Hazeltine, just like at Medinah, when those fans are cheering, there's nothing like it. I've never seen guys so nervous as the first tee at Medinah; but Ian Poulter and Keegan Bradley, we were all shaking on the first tee, it was so exciting on Friday.

So fan support is great. We're going to get a ton of it up there. They are golf crazy. They have a short golf season. Never had anything like this up there. So we've got to make some birdies, get the fans behind us. Get our color up on the board as quick as we can, and I think the fans will be a big part of it.

Q. You go 8-3-1, so it's always been tough to be a captain's pick. Will it be tougher to be the last guy, the one captain's pick, like the last kid in the gym class?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, that's what Tiger and I were talking about, what do we do the week of THE TOUR Championship.

We know two, maybe three of our four, are going to be pretty easy picks, right. Well, the last guy is going to be hanging out there until the end and if you have it down to three guys going into TOUR Championship, what do you say to these players, you know? And hopefully, generally, one of the big reasons why I'm captain this year is I know all these guys very, very well.

So if it's one of my good friends or if it's Rickie, who, you know, we were texting a little bit last night. Rickie understands if I come up and talk to him before THE TOUR Championship, we can have a conversation. I'm not going to put anymore pressure on him.

But handling that last one, this is new territory for us, for all of us. It's going to be an interesting week for sure. Yeah, a lot of pressure on two guys, three guys, going into THE TOUR Championship. Not only are they playing for the FedExCup and for a lot of money, trying to win the last tournament of the year, but they have got this Ryder Cup thing hanging over them. So it's going to be fun.

Q. You know from experience how much the attention and scrutiny comes on and you this roll with The Ryder Cup, but in your opinion, how much blame or credit do the captains actually deserve for the outcome of The Ryder Cup?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, that's the coach or the captain's job. I certainly hope that these 12 guys win, and Tiger and Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker and I turn around and walk off and let them enjoy it.

If they don't win, if Europe doesn't win, Darren and I are going to have a lot of explaining to do. That's part of it. But we're used to the pressure. We're used to wins and losses. One thing Bob Rotella told me: If you're going to base your happiness on winning and losing, golf is not a good sport to be in because you're going to lose a lot. Tiger Woods has won more than anybody but he's lost a lot of tournaments, you know. So you've got to get used to it.

But we enjoy the challenge and we love being on the stage and you've got to take the wins with the losses. I certainly hope that these 12 guys understand that this is their team. It's not about me. I'm not playing. Tiger Woods is not playing. Steve Stricker is not playing; maybe (laughter). Well, Tom Lehman's not playing. Tom can't get any points.

But you know, it's on us to prepare these guys to get them ready, to leave no stone unturned, to put them out there to play. But eventually, as they say in hockey, we're going to open the door and let them go play and hopefully they feel that support and that preparation and it makes it easier on them.

Q. How much say will these eight guys have in the final four? Will you have them pick the guys like Paul Azinger did in 2008?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, we've talked a lot to the guys that played for Paul. And, in fact, I was helping my son clean out his truck the other day, because he had his shoulder surgery, and I found Paul Azinger's book in his truck. Sometimes you worry about what you find in kids' cars; but his coach had given him Paul's book to read since he's out for awhile. I texted Paul, I said, "You're not going to believe what I found under his dirty clothes in the back of his truck."

Paul has been a great help. He was successful. There's guys that played for him like Phil Mickelson that knows what went on. Yes, that's what I did in 2012 is I went down the list with everybody that made it on points and said, what do you think, who do you like, who do you think you would pair well with.

I've said it, you know, 30 times: If my team needs a quarterback and guy draft a running back, they are going to be mad at me. I have to make sure if they say, we want this guy, that he pairs well with this other guy, that we pick that guy.

Again, I can't say it enough: It's their team. Golf is different than other sports. Mental side of it is huge. If they go in there believing in what we are telling them, that they have the best team, and that they are ready to go, then they are going to play well. We don't want to start off with any question marks.

I think that's one thing from when I played, when we sat down in 2014, December, and started talking about this: We want to know what's going to happen when we show up there on Monday. I think that's been -- again, Phil; we need to be consistent. We need to do the same things year after year. We need to give these guys a feeling of security. If Patrick Reed says, I want you to pick this guy, I want to play with him, we won't lose a match, then we're going to take that into account.

Q. You've spoken a lot about preparation, with Darren making his captain's picks tomorrow, how much does that help you in making your picks and making them much later than him?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, just realized that over the weekend. He's stepping out and his team will be finished off.

You know, we've run a lot of stats, numbers and looked at how to set up the golf course and how do we match up and what their team is like and what our team is like. Obviously you can maybe throw out the Vegas odds. They are two really, really good golf teams. But it's going to be nice. We can sit back and play the game a little bit.

Ben Crenshaw gave me one of his boards that had the magnetic names on it that you could shift around. And then Jay Haas showed me this system with 3 X 5 cards so you can move it around. We're going to be playing the shell game a lot, seeing who you think -- once he picks, then we can say, here is what we think his pairings are going to be, our stats guys can run some numbers. And Darren showed me what they are doing. They stats guys on their side. They are trying to figure out our team.

The next two weeks is going to be a lot of fun for the assistant captains and I to start playing that game. The question is: Do we let Jim Furyk play, or just let him go play golf. He's obviously going to be in the conversation for a pick. But it's going to be fun to look at what Darren does and start making pairings.

Q. This is the second time in your captaincy when you went into the final event, nobody played their way on to the team, you had the same eight coming in, coming out. Do you measure that at all when a guy has got a chance and he doesn't respond to the challenge the right way?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, our stats guys predicted -- certainly predicted that. When I sat down with Zach, I showed him the percentages. I said, Zach, look, you're going to make the team. Just the stats say it.

Now obviously instead of Rickie spreading his bogeys out over the whole tournament like everybody else did, he got them all right there at the end. You miss some fairways, you get some good lies, bad lies. He could have gotten a couple better lies, hit a flyer when he expected to and made the team, knocked Zach out.

Yeah, you look at all that. Rickie is trending up. That's the great thing. I look, he's going into some tournaments that really suit him. He's playing very, very well. And you look at right on down the list, when you watch the whole Barclays as a whole, not just those last two or three guys, you had Ryan Moore continuing to trend up, Sean O'Hair playing well, a lot of long hitters, Woodland, and just go right on down the list, Kokrak, somebody else -- Jamie Lovemark had another good tournament. We have a lot of guys that are playing very, very well, and I keep saying, past eight, we've got literally got 80 guys on that points list. Obviously, okay, 40, because they are American players, but there are a lot of guys that could play their way on.

But I like the way Rickie, he's starting to make some putts and feeling confident with his game, and you listen to what he's saying, he's excited about it.

JULIUS MASON: For our European callers that are on the line, can you take a look at The European Team and maybe what you think is going through Darren Clarke's mind right now and whether or not he's comfortable where he's sitting?

DAVIS LOVE III: I know Darren really well. He's not sleeping much right now (laughing). He's sweating it out and the pressure is on him to make the picks. It's the most fun and the most nerve-wracking time of a captain. But he's got a great team. It ended up very well for him. He got a lot of the guys he needed and wanted and now he has the luxury of picking guys that are hot and picking some veterans.

I'm sure we'll see some names we recognize, friends of his. But it's going to be tough. It's a tough, whatever, 24 hours for him to make those picks and round out his team. But I'm sure he's very, very happy. He said it several times; he's happy with the way they are looking. Obviously a lot of them are playing very, very well right now. They have got the Masters Champion and The Open Champion, and Cabrera-Bello is playing great; Justin is playing great.

That was so cool yesterday to see Phil urge Justin to put on his Gold Medal to tap-in on the last hole. It was very, very neat that Justin did that and is playing so well. I'm sure he likes his team and he's excited.

Q. Earlier you mentioned the name Russell Knox and impressive about winning the HSBC. You mentioned him and said he's in there; would you consider picking him?
DAVIS LOVE III: If he could play for us I would, certainly (laughter). But if I was Darren, I'd be looking hard at him, yeah. He's their highest-ranked player not on their team, I believe. Yeah, I've been around Russell a lot the last few years on the Tour, great player. I think he'd have to be up there in Darren's top five right now for sure.

Q. He has joint nationality; does that mean he can't play for America, as well?
DAVIS LOVE III: Looks like he's going to play for Darren's side this time. Maybe we can get him in two years (laughter).

Q. You spoke a lot about stats guys, taking advice from stats guys, and you're also talking about making picks from guys potentially who are hot at the end of the year. I'm wondering, that notion of being hot, does not always jive up with sports statisticians. Can you explain to me what exactly the stats guys are telling you about, quote, unquote, a hot player?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I think -- I'm not going to tell you what they are telling me, but what I'm asking them is now, they can take a look, now that we know who the top eight are, they can tell me statistically who is playing the best.

There are some things that we are looking for, things that Tiger and Tom Lehman have said, look, let's take a look at this, see who is doing this in this group of players.

You know, but I keep saying, the statisticians are going to help us with this, but those eight players on our team and the four assistant captains, they are pretty good golfers. They know what's going on. They know the players. They know who they want to play with.

But if we're looking for one particular reason to choose between two guys, then we're going to dive into the stats a little bit more. Are we looking for a great wedge player to match up with this guy; are we looking for a great driver to match up with another guy.

Our alternate-shot is a big part of how we pair, how we pick. So it's going to be looking at Hazeltine, how it suits certain players. I think there's going to be two obvious picks and there's going to be two we're going to have to waffle about a little bit, and the stats will help us narrow that down.

JULIUS MASON: I know it's already been a pretty busy morning for with you stops already at CNBC, at the today show, it ends tonight at Ralph Lauren where you'll be unveiling the team uniforms. It appears as though we have some uniforms that you're wearing right now, I don't know if that's the Friday uniform or not, but I know you're pretty excited about the uniforms.

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, Ralph Lauren did an unbelievably great job of working with the The PGA of America and Robin Love on picking out the uniforms. They have done several teams in the past. Derek and I are sporting some of the Friday outfit. You can't see it, the pants say "USA" on the side.

Very excited about it. I've gotten my suits already, and we're just excited about when the uniforms come out, when we unveil them today, that means the team is getting closer and closer. We can start fitting these eight guys a little, making sure their outfits are already.

But Ralph Lauren has done a great job and Ralph himself really dives in. I remember back in 2012 we had a striped shirt designed and Ralph said, "That's a great shirt except when all 12 guys stand together, that's not going to look good," so he changed it. He really is into the details and the company is really behind, obviously from Olympics to the U.S. Ryder Cup Team, really helping dress Team USA well, so we are excited. It was a big day today for the team. We got a team and then we got some great outfits for them.

Q. Curious what you see in Hazeltine, and if that does anything with your captain's picks. It's a long course, it's a major course, and some guys play well on tinier, easier courses, but like Rickie Fowler played really well on a long, major course yesterday, or throughout the week. Does the course mean anything to you with these picks?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, yeah, it's a big part of it and everybody just automatically assumes, well, it's big and long and it's a bomber's course. But we've broken it down a little bit. The assistant captains have cautioned me: Don't just think about it this way; think about it from every angle.

That's where making your pairings is going to be important. Picking a guy for alternate-shot that matches up with a guy -- you put two strengths out there. It's not just length. You have to have a great wedge game and you have to be a good putter. Obviously they are pretty big greens and a lot of them have this just kind of big, general up and over slope. So you have to be a good lag putter. You have to be a great iron player. It's going to be hard to get close to the hole if it's windy.

So a lot of factors that go into it. But the course is going to be a big part of how we make our pairings and how we make our picks. Everybody generally on both teams is long. You're either long or you're really long. I think that's what it boils down to. We have some guys that are really, really long.

But just hitting long drives isn't the whole key to this. And actually driving it in the fairway, we've proven over the years, isn't really that important of a stat. It's strokes gained -- putting, strokes gained, ball-striking, who can hit it closer to the hole with all their clubs, and who can obviously make the most putts.

But yeah, the golf course is a big factor. Obviously we've got an ace in the hole with Tom Lehman. Got a local favorite, Chandler Withington, our club pro. Everybody up there is really helping us. Ben Crenshaw gave us some good advice on the golf course because he's played there a long time, way back. A big part what have we're doing is looking at how we match up with the course.

Q. Is there any concern left with Brooks Koepka and his ankle? I know he was playing through pain at the PGA, had a great finish there. Have you been in communication with him about how he's feeling?
DAVIS LOVE III: Oh, yeah, he's good. He was 85 percent, they said, going into the PGA, and as soon as he finished, I was like, okay, you going to take some time off? He said, yeah, I'm taking Monday off. He went right back at Travelers and played well again. That's kind of a hilly golf course at Travelers and he had no problem there. Now he's good to go. He's young and strong and had good medical advice and did what he was told.

It took a whole team effort to talk him off the edge of going to The Open Championship. He really wanted to go over there and play. I think one of the things that's come out of this whole process, is we had a team and he had his team of people and we all got together and said, look, Brooks, let's be focused on the Playoffs and The Ryder Cup. There are going to be a lot of Open Championships.

I even told him: There's going to be a lot of PGA Championships for you, too. If you have to sit out, be ready for the Playoffs. That's what I'm telling guys, it's not all about just being ready for The Ryder Cup. It's about playing, being ready for this time of year with Olympics, PGA, FedExCup Playoffs and Ryder Cup. We had to plan ahead to be rested and ready. So when Brooks went down, we were ready for it. We knew; we had people around him to help him.

No, he's good now. He's good to go. We just don't need anybody to step in any holes between now and The Ryder Cup. Nobody get hurt. Everybody, the reports I'm getting from our medical side of it is everybody is good right now.

JULIUS MASON: Some important Ryder Cup notes for you. Next up, captain Darren Clarke will make his final three captain's picks to finalize his roster tomorrow at the Wentworth club in England at approximately 7:30 A.M. Eastern time. That will be televised live on Golf Channel.

On September 12, Captain Love will make three of his four captain's picks at a news conference at Hazeltine national at ten o'clock Central time. That will also be on Golf Channel.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us and we hope to see you at Hazeltine National.

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