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June 27, 2016

Kyle Lowry

Q. How late in the process did you get this call? Because you were the one guy that wasn't on the original list.
KYLE LOWRY: No, man, I don't know how late, probably a week or two before. But I had a little small indication, and I had to take advantage of it.

Q. When was that indication?
KYLE LOWRY: Two weeks ago or two weeks before. A lot of the guys backed out, for different reasons but I ain't worried about that. I'm here now and going to Rio and going to get the gold medal.

Q. So during the season or even during the Playoffs you had no idea?
KYLE LOWRY: No, nothing, no, nothing.

Q. Did you have to cancel any plans?
KYLE LOWRY: Yeah, I did. I was supposed to be playing golf right now, but this is much more important than playing golf. It's an unbelievable feat to be a part of.

Q. What is your take on this roster as far as how it's going to win games?
KYLE LOWRY: I mean, every which way, defense, offense, high flying, up‑tempo, slow it down. We've got a little bit of everything. But that's what the Olympics does. That's why you have some of the best players in the world playing.

Q. Not a bad year for Villanova guys, had you have?
KYLE LOWRY: Not a bad year for Villanova guys. Not a bad year at all. Able to get a National Championship and a chance to get the gold medal. Not a bad year at all.

Q. Has it hit you yet that you're going to be playing for Team USA?
KYLE LOWRY: No, it hasn't yet. I think once we get over there, that's when I'll really feel it and be really excited. But I'm excited now. So I think that moment hasn't hit me yet.

Q. How much of an honor is it to represent the USA?
KYLE LOWRY: Words can't explain it. It's the biggest honor you can possibly get. It really is.

Q. So to put the Team USA jersey on and wearing your country on your body, how does that feel for you?
KYLE LOWRY: It's a feeling you can't explain. It's one of the proudest things I've ever done in my life. I'm going to represent my country the best I can.

Q. Expectation for the men's basketball is a gold medal and that's it. What's your expectation?
KYLE LOWRY: Our expectation is to be a gold medal. That's the only reason you do it.

Q. To be your first time in the Olympics, how does that feel for you?
KYLE LOWRY: I never dreamed that I‑‑ I dreamt that one day I was hoping that I could get there and now it's here. I'm just happy to be a part of the opportunity.

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