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June 27, 2016

Klay Thompson

KLAY THOMPSON: I mean, even if I won the NBA title I'd still want to pursue this. Obviously, it helps in the off‑season so you feel a little better about yourself if you have an opportunity to go. But you just have to appreciate it. It takes a lot of motivation to get better (indiscernible), you can't hold onto it because every season is such a long, grueling season. You have to play with a free mind. That's what I really want.
Obviously it still really stings because it's still fresh, and it was a tight game with a minute left. So you always think about the what‑ifs. But it's not going to hold back from what I do with USA Basketball. This is an awesome experience.

Q. I usually write about baseball, so I've been wondering if you've been able to follow what your brother has been doing this year?
KLAY THOMPSON: It's been fun seeing him in Dodgers stadium, and it was so fun to get the experience. He's still got a lot of potential and he's still got a lot of room to grow. But I think he's going to be a great MLB player for a long time. I really believe in that.

Q. How quick was the turnaround between Game 7 and having to make this decision?
KLAY THOMPSON: It was a few days. I mean, I was on board no matter if we won or lost. But obviously having to fly back to the East Coast, that was probably the toughest part; yeah, probably just the toughest part is the travel.

Q. This is a lot of new faces. You only had four guys from two years ago, two guys from the 2012 team. What do you think about this roster and how it's shaped up?
KLAY THOMPSON: I think it's phenomenal just the amount of athleticism. There are so many great wing players and big guys who can do so many things. We've got two great point guards in Kyle and Kyrie. So I'm excited, man. It's a testament to how deep the talent pool is for Team USA. It's unbelievable. Obviously you don't have the LeBron James, Kobe Bryants, but we've got Kevin Love, Steph Curry, we've still got K.D., and a lot of great players dropped out but a lot of great opportunities for a lot of us.

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