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June 27, 2016

Paul George

Q. Do you have any concerns about Zika?
PAUL GEORGE: We've got mosquitos in New York too, yeah. But, yeah, that's what it comes down to is just being aware. It's nothing that we can prevent necessarily, but we can be on top of it. But it had really no effect on my decision to play.

Q. How much better in your experience playing internationally, how much better can you get from playing with guys at this level?
PAUL GEORGE: Well, I think guys are so used to being the guy on their team and being dominant to where now you learn how to figure out the game without the ball. You figure out how to move. You figure out how to space the floor. You figure out how to be effective while not being the main guy. I think that's what everyone brings to their game is learning how to play off the ball.

Q. With your injury a couple years ago with the team, were there any hesitations at all accepting the invitation?
PAUL GEORGE: No, not at all. The injury really didn't have any effect. The only thing I was questioning about was was I giving myself enough time to heal up and rest after the season. But ending short definitely persuaded my decision.

Q. Just to get to wear the uniform, you were supposed to do this two years ago, obviously, does it set in at all? Is there anything special at this moment?
PAUL GEORGE: No, not yet. I think the National Anthem before the first game is probably when it will sink in that this is the moment I've dreamed of and was looking forward to as a kid.

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