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April 13, 2016

Stephen Curry

Oakland, California

Grizzlies - 104, Warriors - 125

Q. Steph, congratulations on your season. Can you share what is your mindset coming into the game? Did you want to break the record or just the game as it comes to you?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, I knew how close I was so I was talking to Coach this morning and I was telling him the story about I think two or three years ago whenever I broke the record the first time. I was kind of nervous and it was in Portland, our last game of the season, and I needed two threes to break it, and I was nervous because I was forcing it because I was aware of it.

So I just tried to have the approach tonight coming in, obviously want to win the game and keep the flow of our offense and not break that just to launch threes. But I saw a point about 8 minutes in the first quarter I was able to kind of toe the line a couple times, knock it down, and things started to flow. I was searching for it at that point just because I had made a couple, so kind of let it come to me and then had some fun with it.

Q. Did 400 feel any different from 399 and 401 and 402 coming off your fingers?
STEPHEN CURRY: Not really. It was just good to see it go in. Klay actually, it was funny, at halftime right before halftime I shot those two going into the break and missed them both. Then everybody knew I was one away. So he wrote on a bottle, we sit next to each other in the locker room, he wrote on the bottle, "400 three pointers..." and he handed it to me. I'm like, "Bro', I'm one away." He said, "Yeah, I know. I could tell by the way you were shooting those last two."

So it was funny. Kind of the awareness of it by my team and especially the fans. Then when I made the first one coming out of the third quarter it was a cool moment when that went in, so I wanted to keep it going.

Q. Can you talk about the difference between the Chicago Bulls and the Warriors?
STEPHEN CURRY: The difference? I mean, I don't know. I think obviously the game has evolved a lot, but we have our certain identity of how we play, and obviously shooting at a high level, moving the ball. Everybody has a role and we have fun doing it.

So I don't know specifically the differences. I know one similarity is we love winning and we love to compete and we love to push ourselves. That's what's pushed us to this opportunity we had tonight, and hopefully we'll continue this weekend once we get the playoffs started. We need 16 wins. It's nice to be able to focus on that goal specifically now.

Q. There isn't much satisfaction with this group. It's like you always want more. What is behind the level of greed, I guess, with you going up to 40 and with the team collectively, where's the greed from?
STEPHEN CURRY: We just know we have a good thing here and we want to take advantage of it and keep pushing the envelope. That's what we're about, obviously, coming off a championship year last year, and we've shown that we're a better team and everybody individually has done what they need to do to put ourselves as a group in a great position going into these playoffs.

We talk about a lot that we're blessed to have each other to get to play with every single night, and as long as we stay focused on continuing to get better, continuing to do things that have gotten us to this point, who knows how far we can take this thing. The individual stuff kind of comes out of the collective focus of winning, and that's been the difference the last three years.

Q. You had 400 threes, you joined the 50, 45, 90 club, averaged 30. Some say this is the greatest season ever. What do you think about when you think back on the season you've had, especially considering how your career started?
STEPHEN CURRY: Man, obviously they're numbers that I've worked for and tried to elevate my game to that level. That 50-40-90 club, talk about as a shooter, that's something that I find pretty special. Just I played 79 games and be able to shoot volume and accuracy and all that kind of stuff, that's something that's why I shoot all the reps that I do, and go out and play the way that I do. So that's a pretty cool accomplishment.

The other stuff is just, I want to be great and I want to be the best I can be. And I think I've found a way in these last couple years to just keep getting better and keep doing little things that you might not see in the summer and in the off days that really helped my confidence when I'm out there on the floor. I feel like I can really do anything, so that's what I'm about.

Q. As great as this season's been, will it be any less significant if you guys aren't able to repeat as NBA champions?
STEPHEN CURRY: I don't know how to answer that. I mean we have an opportunity to win 16 games and accomplished that goal and do it all. It would suck to not finish the job off. I know a lot goes, having gone through the experience last year, a lot goes into each playoff series and that journey to win a championship. It's entirely different than the regular season, so I think we're prepared for that.

But I mean, it's hard to say right now how we'll feel if we don't because we don't have that mindset. It's all about winning. You know, we're still in a good position right now.

Q. How do you turn the page after all of this and reset for a team that you beat in the Western Conference Finals last year, you handled pretty well this year, what strikes are from the Rockets?
STEPHEN CURRY: They're a very talented team that for the most part, I know they've slipped up a couple times down the stretch, but they've done what they need to do to get a playoff spot. Playing some pretty good basketball. I mean, we've had good success against them in the regular season and obviously in the playoffs last year. So we know kind of the formula for defending them and how to execute.

But you can't go in thinking just because we beat them last year in five games that it's going to be anything similar. This year's probably going to take on a life of its own and there might be new challenges, so we have to be prepared for that. But the biggest thing we can do is just continue to capitalize off the momentum we've built up and just continue to be ourselves. If we play our "A" game and are locked in and focused mentally, I think we'll be all right.

Q. You had a lot of time during that fourth quarter to sit down on the bench and just survey the scene. What did you see and what emotions were going through you?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's really hard to put into words. I mean, I remember my rookie year here and just the difference that last game of the season, just a different feel it was. But just I had a time where I really did take a moment. I think I was watching the game for about two minutes just sitting, thinking about how far we've come and just the energy that was in the building was unbelievable. So I wanted to just appreciate that.

I kind of had snapshots of moments in Oracle Arena notably like the playoff series against the Spurs where I was addressing the crowd after a Game 6 loss, thanking the fans for all their loyal support and a great journey, but we were headed home after that. So thinking about that moment and kind of the difference to what tonight meant. From a regular season record standpoint or the outlook of what we're trying to turn it into the playoffs.

Unbelievably special night. Having Draymond address the crowd and thank them for giving us that continued support that's gotten us to where we are now. There are countless things we've accomplished this regular season that hopefully one day I know we can appreciate 73, but hopefully one day we can appreciate the entire body of work that we've accomplished, and hopefully the Larry O'Brien Trophy next to us here in a couple months.

Q. While you were putting up 46 points here at Oracle Kobe was down the coast finishing it out with 60. When you think about a 37-year-old putting 60 up in his final game, what can you say about that accomplishment?
STEPHEN CURRY: That falls right in line with what Kobe's been able to do his entire career. I was walking down the tunnel from the court and I can't remember who told me, somebody told me Kobe had 60 on 50 shots. I was like stop playing. I thought they were lying to me. It sounded too good to be true having not watched the game. So I've seen some clips of the reception he had on the court after the game.

That's just the perfect ending to his career. You know, being able to walk off the court, like you said, 37 years old, 20 years in the league, the 60 ball, can't draw it up any better, and a win. That's how you want to go out. So I'll try to take notes if I'm in that position down the road.

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