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April 13, 2016

Steve Kerr

Oakland, California

Grizzlies - 104, Warriors - 125

Q. What's your immediate reaction to what took place tonight?
STEVE KERR: Well, it's a great way to finish off what was an amazing regular season. I just told our guys I'd never in a million years would have guessed that that record would ever be broken. I thought it was like DiMaggio's hit streak, really, and I was wrong.

But I will say the same thing now that I said 20 years ago, I don't think this one will ever be broken. Somebody's got to go 74-8 I don't see it, and I hope our fans aren't expecting that next year.

No, mainly I'm just proud and so happy to be a part of it and feel very lucky to be in the position I'm in coaching these guys that are great guys. They're fun to be around, and to work with Bob Myers and the coaching staff and everybody in the front office. It's a fabulous group of people, and as I said, a lot of fun every single day. So I just feel a lot of gratitude.

Q. About a week ago is when you told us you did feel some uneasiness about the toll this was taking and the chase and the talk and all that stuff. Now that you're here, how much of a relief is it on top of the joy?
STEVE KERR: It's a relief, especially getting through it in full health. We've got all our players available for Saturday's playoff opener and everybody's in a good spot, and that was my main concern coming down the stretch once we secured the 1 seed. We had four or five games left, whatever it was, I was really worried about somebody getting hurt, but you worry about that every year.

The difference, of course, was that we wanted to get this record, the guys wanted it. So I think last year there were a couple games down the stretch where I played people half the game and didn't play them at all in the second half to protect them. Couldn't do that this year, but it's a relief, and now, obviously, we want to finish off the season in the right way. It's going to be a lot of work.

Q. Two days ago you spoke about Steph's confidence. But what would you say about his greed? Because the fact is he didn't want to just to get the win total, but he wanted to get 400 threes and average 30 points. How greedy is this guy?
STEVE KERR: Well, what was the guy's name that said greed is good? What's that movie, "Wall Street"? Gordon Gekko. I didn't necessarily agree with Gordon Gekko on that. But in Steph's case, if he's greedy, it helps us. We want him looking for a shot, attacking all the time, being aggressive, and he had a spectacular night.

I thought he actually did a really good job early on of not forcing the three. I think he didn't take one for the first three or four minutes, and he could have, could have jacked a couple of them, but he really kind of settled into the game. As soon as he got one up and hit it, then it was like the floodgates opened up. But he just had one of the most amazing seasons that anybody has ever had in the history of the league.

Q. After he got number 400, did you feel like you wanted to take him out immediately and put him in bubble wrap? Because he was getting bounced around. And I know you were hoping to start Sunday and you are going to start Saturday. How does that affect your planning?
STEVE KERR: I was aware of the 400, but we wanted to win the game. Obviously that was the main goal, and so I wasn't going to just take him out. It wasn't time to take him out. But I was glad we didn't have to play him in the fourth quarter and it all worked out. He played less than 30 minutes, and got all of his goals that he wanted.

As far as playing Saturday, same thing happened last year. It's a quick turnaround. I always thought the Sunday time slot was the coveted TV slot, but maybe that's changed, because two years in a row we're playing Saturday afternoon. So very, very little time to prepare. But obviously the same goes for Houston, and we've got to play, so we'll get ready. Tomorrow the coaches will gather and get our game plan together.

We won't practice tomorrow. Players will come in and watch film and we'll have a good practice Friday and get ready to roll.

Q. When Steph had that collision and laid on the floor for a second, did your life flash before your eyes?
STEVE KERR: No, I saw it. I depth think it was too bad. I knew he would bounce up. I didn't think it was too bad.

Q. How does the wins record this year compare personally to the wins record 20 years ago for you?
STEVE KERR: Well, I mean, it's different. It feels different as a coach than it did as a player. But in terms of the way the respective seasons went, it's almost identical. Lose one, get angry, win ten. That's kind of the formula. That's the only way to do it. To go through an entire season without losing two in a row, that's never been done before, and it shows the competitive desire of our players.

It was fun to watch. I'm proud of them for really laying it on the line and really putting themselves out there for 82 games. I mean, that's hard to do. The season is long and it's difficult physically and mentally to get through, and our guys put themselves out there all year. It's pretty impressive.

Q. It seemed like for a while you were resistant to maybe prioritizing a wins record over a championship. But as you got closer to it and now upon doing it, did your thoughts and feelings on 73 change at all?
STEVE KERR: Well, I don't think they have to be two separate goals. I mean obviously with that Bulls team we went on and won the Championship and that's the number one goal. But we accomplished both back then and that's what we're trying to do here. So there was never a case of trying to achieve one at the expense of the other.

There was a point maybe a week or two ago that I was worried that maybe we were extending ourselves a little bit too much. But I think it's fantastic that our guys followed it through and got it done and set the record. No matter what happens, this has been an incredible season. But it obviously takes on a different meaning if we go on and win the title, and that's our focus now.

Q. For the story, can you talk about the team's management style and philosophy and how it led to this point, to this record breaking point?
STEVE KERR: Well, I don't think it was the management style and philosophy that led to this point. I think it was just the players to be honest with you. We have guys who are unselfish and talented and an incredibly gifted group and a deep group. The only thing I would say is we tried to empower them and give them a voice, and I think that was effective. It has been effective the last couple years.

The players really own the team. It's their team. Management and coaches were there to try to guide them, but they're the ones who deserve the credit. They do the work.

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