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February 17, 2016

Robert Johnson

Troy Williams

Juwan Morgan

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 80, Nebraska - 64

Q. Troy, tell us what the mindset was tonight.
TROY WILLIAMS: Just having more of an attacking mindset. After Michigan State, I didn't come out aggressive and I watched -- we watched it, and we just -- me and Coach Crean had talked and we decided it's time to put on an aggressive mindset. Playing like that, I see the results it gets me.

Q. Robert, what does this do for you guys tonight defensively after what happened at Michigan State?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think we did a better job of making in-game adjustments, and like Troy said, collectively we had a better mindset coming out in this game. And when they made a little run, we came together and made sure that we got a stop right there and didn't let that small run turn into a big run. I think that was one of the keys.

Q. Robert, what does it do for you guys to have an attacking mindset like that?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I mean, it just really opens everything up because when he's playing down the court like that, it's really hard to guard, especially when you have so many shooters like we do. If they come off of us, then he kicks it, and if they don't, then he gets to the rim, so it really opens up things for us.

Q. Troy, you talked about the last couple days. When you have a performance like that, do you want to block out outside noise? Do you want to hear criticism and use it to motivate you or do you just kind of -- does it not matter to you, I guess?
TROY WILLIAMS: Criticism doesn't really matter to me. It doesn't motivate me. My teammates, my coaches, my family all motivate me.

Q. Juwan, career high for you tonight, more points than minutes played. Talk about your performance.
JUWAN MORGAN: It was just teammates setting me up putting me in a position to get easy baskets. I remember the most recent one, Troy drove to the lane hard, like we said, with that attacking mindset, and all I did was move out of the way and he found me. Just them making plays like that just opened up everything for me, and I just can't thank them enough for that.

Q. Juwan, you talked about your teammates setting you up, but it seems like you're more comfortable finding those open spots and things now. Does it feel easier for you to find those openings now?
JUWAN MORGAN: Yeah, it does. Just like I said, when they're in that attacking mindset, everybody is focusing on them, and it's easy to just get behind somebody and then run to an open spot. I think that's one of the best things I do, and I picked that up from Yogi and Rob, just watching film with them constantly. Even over the summer just watching film with them last year and just seeing how they saw the floor, and I think when I saw the floor from their perspective that it was easier to get around the big in my spot.

Q. Troy, you talked about criticism. Are you a guy that just shuts yourself off when things aren't going so well? How do you block that noise out?
TROY WILLIAMS: I just don't pay attention to it, really. It's not like I go up there and search for it. I don't search for criticism, I don't search for positive quotes or anything like that from people. Like I said before, it's just family, team, coaches, all I need to motivate me.

Q. Juwan, what's it been like playing with OG?
JUWAN MORGAN: It's just been great, especially knowing each other so long and seeing each other develop since seventh grade. When OG is out there doing great, I'm cheering him on, just like the rest of the team, and when I'm out there doing the things I have to do, I know he's cheering for me just like the rest of the team. It's just great because that's one of my best friends, and so it's just one of those feelings that you get when you're both developing together, it's just something that can't be stopped.

Q. Troy, you said you were being more aggressive tonight, but you also only missed one shot. Were you maybe picking and choosing your shots a little bit more, too?
TROY WILLIAMS: I didn't even know I missed one shot. (Laughter.) Yeah, just not settling as much and attacking the rim more. I have a quick first step and I need to use it more, so I found that out tonight, and by doing that I found other people, found Juwan on the baseline, got open lay-ups and more.

Q. The Collin Hartman dunk at the baseline, I know, Juwan, you were right there. What was that like and did you ever see Collin do anything like that?
JUWAN MORGAN: In practice I have seen him do a lot of dunks like that, and when he rose up, I'm thinking a finger roll was coming, but then when he pulled on the rim, I was just like, did that just happen? And then I just ran back down the court and I told him, "good dunk," and then we got back on defense.

Q. Rob, Juwan was talking about kind of how he was seeing the game, you guys attacking made things easier for him. How have you kind of seen him develop and make himself more a part of the game?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Yeah, well, like he said, he's taking an active part in his improvement. Like he said, he's followed in the footsteps -- I followed him from Yogi before I was watching film and getting better mentally, so when you do that, things on the court start to slow down a little bit for you and you start to see where plays can develop and you can make plays.

Q. Robert, you guys are now tied for first and there's four games left. Thoughts on that?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Well, that's a good thing. Well, we just are going to try to take it one game at a time and try to take it one game at a time, one play at a time, and let the results come as they may.

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