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February 11, 2016

Yogi Ferrell

Collin Hartman

Harrison Niego

Bloomington, Indiana

Iowa - 78, Indiana - 85

Q. Question regarding Yogi on the play of the bench.
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, they came in and gave us great energy, you know -- Nick, O.G., Juwan. Juwan especially, he had a key offensive rebound tip-in with about two or some minutes to go. That's what's so special about our team. Everybody comes in and they do what they're supposed to do. They played their role, never did get discouraged, not getting the ball, gotta get in and defend. And they definitely -- everybody is a key part of this team and I felt like everybody tonight that went into that game impacted the game.

Q. Question regarding Harrison on the magnitude of the game.
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, you know, it was a big game. Obviously Iowa is a great team. We knew that coming in, and Coach told me this week I just need to be ready, need to stay ready. So I just treat every time I get as the biggest minutes I'm getting in and just trying to impact the game any way I can.

Q. Question to Harrison on the reason he came to Indiana.
HARRISON NIEGO: This is awesome. You're playing in front of -- it was rocking. The fans were electric. When they get behind us and we get rolling, it's a lot of fun to play. And it's definitely a big reason why I decided to come here.

Q. Question to Harrison on taking the shot.
HARRISON NIEGO: It was a little instinctive in the second half. Everyone is telling me to be aggressive. Yogi is a great leader, he always tells me to be aggressive and look for my shot. In the first half I just need to be a little aware of the shot clock and whatnot. But when these guys instill confidence in me like they always do, it's real easy just to kind of revert back to instinct and knock down a shot or two to help us.

Q. Question to Collin on the back-and-forth nature of the game.
COLLIN HARTMAN: They're a great team, very strong, very resilient, so you can't really dig yourself a big hole with those teams. We have to stay consistent and stay persistent and stay together as a team. I think we showed from top to bottom that we're maturing as a team, being very connected and that's a big thing we stress is being connected with the team on the court and everything that we do. So we showed really good connectedness tonight and pulled out the win by staying focused and not getting down when things don't go our way or shots don't fall or whatever. So I think we did a really good job tonight.

Q. Question to Yogi on shooting struggles and who stepped up.
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, a couple of my shots didn't go in, but guys like Nick, Rob, they were making shots from the outside. The great thing we just needed to do more of, I felt like this game, was move the ball especially, move them, move bodies, not have the ball stick so much. But I felt like we played through adversity, playing great defense and we just found a way to win.

Q. Question to Yogi on the magnitude of the win.
YOGI FERRELL: They can just propel us to our ultimate goal, which is a Big Ten championship. We definitely want to win it outright. But we know we've got a few more places to stop, a couple more games home in order for us to do that.

But it's definitely another step in the right direction for our team and we're definitely going to learn from this, watch the film, see different ways we can try and win this game.

Q. Question to Collin on Coach's timeouts.
COLLIN HARTMAN: Coach stayed with us, like he always does. He stays with us and doesn't get mad at us too much and keeps us confident, keeps our hopes up and keeps us playing hard. It's all motivation right there, and he never gives up on us, never quits no matter what happens in the games. And him coming out and talking to us and trying to get us going and keep us going, it really helps throughout the game, and I think all the guys can agree with that.

Q. Question to Collin on getting the monkey off their back.
COLLIN HARTMAN: It's a great win. They're a great team. The crowd was great, and we take it game by game, and we prepared very well and we're all very focused and every game is a big game from here on out. We kept it so tight. So we have to come in with the same focus every day. But this was a great win for our team confidence-wise, and we'll see them again, I know that.

Q. Question to Collin on getting through the tough start this season.
COLLIN HARTMAN: Well, we knew that we had a good team from the beginning of the season. It was just a matter of putting things together and playing like we're capable of and maturing throughout the season, and being connected. Developing the chemistry and knowing where our guys are going to be and keeping each other positive through those adverse times.

Because if you get down you can go one of two ways, and when things get bad you can fall off and crumble or you can rise to the occasion. And I think that we've done a really good job of rising to the occasion when adversity hits.

Q. Question to Yogi on winning in team fashion.
YOGI FERRELL: I think so because it's like they can't key in on one guy, basically. Everybody has strengths and I feel everybody played to their strengths tonight and we never got discouraged ourselves. I felt like we share the ball very well. Probably need to move bodies a little more, but that's what's special about our team is we work very hard in practice, guys getting off extra shots. And I think that paid off tonight.

Q. Question to Yogi on taking Iowa's punches and moving forward.
YOGI FERRELL: A big part of it was Coach Crean in the huddles. He kept telling us: We're going to win this game, we're going to win this game. I felt like, looking around, guys believed we were going to win this game. We basically carried that on the court. We were definitely with him on that. And I felt like they hit us in the mouth a little bit, but we stayed connected. That's the biggest thing.

And a great team like Iowa, you definitely can't, like Collin says, get down and crumble, you've just got to get back up and keep fighting.

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