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January 23, 2016

Max Bielfeldt

Yogi Ferrell

Collin Hartman

Bloomington, Indiana

Northwestern - 57, Indiana - 89

Yogi, to what do you attribute the strong turnover ratio?

YOGI FERRELL: Coach telling us if we give more than a certain number of turnovers we have to run 17s. We don't want to run those 17s, so...

No, I mean, Coach has just been telling us for us to be a great team and for us to be able to win, we can't turn the ball over and have other teams scoring off our turnovers because one night we could be cold and not everything's going for us and if we give up those turnovers, it could be hard for us to win. So we're just focusing on taking care of the ball, taking more pride in the ball and what we do with it.

Q. What exactly are 17s?
YOGI FERRELL: Like sideline to sideline. You have to run one, two, three in 65 seconds. I think one time we ran two. We bought off one, but we had three at one point in one practice. So it was a tough day.

Q. You guys had 32, 64 threes the last week. Has it been better passing, spacing, hot nights?
MAX BIELFELDT: I'd say we're moving the ball and making the simple play. We're finding shooters. With that movement, guys are getting open a little better and we're just knocking them down. So that's probably the biggest culprit.

Q. Was there a change in mentality from the past games to now?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Along with mentality is also experience. The young guys are stepping up and being like sponges and absorbing our concepts and really studying extra film. So if you learn concepts and people's tendencies, it's easier to get stops because you know what they're doing before they do it. So, I mean, that's the biggest thing is just getting extra film. It's not so much physical because we have the physical. We all work hard all the time. It's just a matter of being there and being in the right spot at the right time.

MAX BIELFELDT: To add to that I'd say the scouting, especially in the Big Ten, our coaches do such a good job scouting Northwestern. They run some great action, and we really just did a phenomenal job, and the young guys going through that and defending that well.

Q. How big is it?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Extremely big. They're versatile. When they come in, they can guard multiple positions and allow us to switch sometimes, and it just lets our defense flow more. They're very athletic, very versatile, and they're not positional defensive guys that we have to hide when we sub in. So it's really nice.

Q. Max, I think I saw a stat you made 11 threes at your time at Michigan, and you've made more than that so far this season. How is it you're having so many three pointers?
MAX BIELFELDT: I think it's a combination of great ball movement like you were saying, getting open looks. I really worked on my shot over the summer with the coaches too. I think it's a combination that's starting to payoff. I'm getting comfortable in the system. Everyone's sharing the ball really well, and it's making it a lot easier.

Q. You guys mentioned talking about Yogi finding the open man. How is that effort of just communicating where guys are?
MAX BIELFELDT: He gets a pretty good amount of assists. I don't know if you've heard, but he always finds that open man. He does a great job leading the charge and swinging at the right person and they make the right play too. So, yeah, it's just awesome.

Q. Collin touched on this a little bit about OG. But how have you made the transition successful?
YOGI FERRELL: Well, I think O.G.'s awareness, you could say, has gone up tremendously, and that's what we talk about a lot is on the court and being aware of what you need to do offensively, what you need to do defensively. I think that's sky rocketed for O.G. Definitely was a quicker turnaround than I think people thought. But I think that's the process of ourselves and the coaches being on O.G. because we knew his potential. A guy with a 7'6" wing span can jump out the gym. We saw his potential being as high as it can be. And I feel like O.G. has definitely stepped up in that way for us.

Q. How will you face the upcoming Big Ten schedule?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Going back, it's all mindset. You've got to come in being aggressive. The Big Ten's a tough league. Anybody can win on any given night are, if you don't come ready to play, you're going to get beat. So you have to come in with the right mindset and get guys ready, and get yourself ready and take people with you.

MAX BIELFELDT: And Coach Crean does a great job of keeping us ready, especially Northwestern coming off that tough loss at Maryland. You know they were going to come in here and really bring something extra. I think we did a good job in handling that and showing that we're on a mission too and we're working for something as well.

Q. How have they progressed since the season has started?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Yeah, it's tough to say. It's obviously the expectations, I knew this was going to be a good team. I knew there was a lot of talent. I knew I enjoyed being with the guys and the chemistry was going to translate on the court. I think my expectations were to be as good as we can be. With this little steak we've got going, I think it's starting to show, and things are coming together and it's a lot of fun.

Q. Do you think you've found a comfortable place with the guys?
MAX BIELFELDT: Yeah, I'd say so. It's definitely not hard with the guys. The coaches and everything, making sure everyone's comfortable and knowing what they're doing. I'd say so, yeah.

Q. How has that translated to confidence on the court?
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, I feel like on the court we have a lot of confidence, especially we have a lot of confidence defensively. This game coach Justin prepared us well with the scouting of Northwestern and what they want to do, their tendencies. I feel like we carried that on to the court.

So for us to play loose out there, it's us getting down and getting stops. I think even as a team we probably don't even think this is our best defensive game. Probably one of our worst -- not one of our worst, but we definitely had stretches in there where we know we can be better. I feel like we're going to get to the film and watch it and we can be better. Just try to find different ways because we're definitely going to need that defensive mindset to win on the road.

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