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December 22, 2015

Thomas Bryant

Juwan Morgan

Troy Williams

Bloomington, Indiana

Kennesaw State - 72, Indiana - 99

Q. Juwan, when you made that run in the second half, what was picking up your energy?
JUWAN MORGAN: I just saw where the team wasn't talking as much and I was making mental notes in my head of when I get in the game of what I was going to do to help us bring up the energy. When I got in, just talking and telling everybody where they need to be, yelling where I was and making sure they knew I had their back. That just picked everybody up, and once one started talking, all five started talking and it made a big difference.

Q. How important is the focus to stay in the game?
TROY WILLIAMS: It's very big, it's very important, of course. But everybody on this year's team has the same mindset. Wants the same thing as a team. We all share the same goals together, so I think the focus is there.

Q. At this point how are you feeling, and what is the thought in your mind of getting back?
JUWAN MORGAN: Physically, I feel amazing. I couldn't feel better. But sitting on the bench while I was hurt and a couple times during games, I'm just making, like I said before, the mental notes, seeing where we were getting beat at. Just making sure when I got in the game to not let that happen. Just being there in the right spot, just being over two feet instead of five feet, little things like that. Just being in the right spot to help my guys on defense win.

Q. Troy, this team offensively, do you feel like it's at a point where you talk about not wanting to force things and rush things as a team. Do you feel like this team is at a point where offensively you're doing that and there is a level of trust, I guess, in everybody's ability to get it going offensively?
TROY WILLIAMS: Yeah, like I said before or a while ago, it could be anybody's night. Anybody could have a bad game, anybody could have a great game or in-between game. But just for the offensive side, it's just we all trust each other. We trust each other to make the right play. Like I also said a while ago, the game's full of mistakes, it's just how you bounce back from them.

Q. Troy, you had a career high tonight. How much do you feel your abilities have improved?
TROY WILLIAMS: Tremendously. This is my third year here, and I can just see the change from freshman until now. The biggest jump was last year as a sophomore, and this year I had another jump. Now that I'm able to make plays and throw the assists to my team, it's a great way to be -- as Coach Crean would say, a Swiss Army knife for the team.

Q. Thomas, what was working well for you in this game?
THOMAS BRYANT: Everything was working well. It was really my teammates getting me the ball when it was the right time. Really, all the credit goes to them because they're the ones that set the picks to get me open. I ran the play that they knew would be a mismatch for me, and I just went with them. Followed their lead. Whenever they gave me the ball I had one-on-one coverage and I just went to score.

Q. Was that a point of emphasis?
THOMAS BRYANT: No, you know, the main focus of the team is just playing through that paint 75% of the time. Whether it's a kick and drive or me getting the ball and I'm scoring or kicking it out for an open three. That's the main focus right there. Luckily it was my night to get a couple points in there, so just take it like that.

Q. You guys have eight days now. What will you work on during this long break?
TROY WILLIAMS: It's a lot of things we work on defensively. But one of the main things is how to play for a full 40 minutes. These last two games we came off, obviously soft in the first half and the second half we turned it around. We can't just depend on that with Big Ten coming up.

Q. What do you feel you need to do to get a better start to the game?
TROY WILLIAMS: Just following the game plan. Lot of mistakes in the first half. Not switching, not rotating to the ball, not talking. Definitely not talking. So just knowing the rotation.

Q. (No Microphone) I'm sorry, Thomas.
THOMAS BRYANT: Yeah, Coach emphasized that, you know. But really when it comes to us, it's really the mindset thing. With me, I know of course I've got to get better defensively, and so does the whole team. But that's a point of emphasis and we're going to get that fixed as soon as we get back.

Q. I know you have the one-game-at-a-time philosophy, but the non-conference is over, semester is over, so what is the report card for your ballclub?
JUWAN MORGAN: I don't know about them, but mine looking nice. Mine looking like Steph Curry in the fourth quarter, man. I think it's good, but it could be built upon. Definitely we could do some better things to be a better team all around.

Q. You said the report card for the year, right?
TROY WILLIAMS: Are you talking about an actual report card or the team?

JUWAN MORGAN: I was talking about the school report card.

Q. Grade yourself on the non-conference.
TROY WILLIAMS: Yeah, that's what I thought.

JUWAN MORGAN: Oh, that's my fault.

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