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December 3, 2015

Brian France

THE MODERATOR: To kick off today's very special afternoon, please welcome our leader, our chairman and CEO, Brian France.
BRIAN FRANCE: Well, good morning. Welcome to Las Vegas. Welcome to Champions Week.
Certainly it was an exciting year, and I'll be the first of many who salute and congratulate Kyle Busch, Coach Gibbs, J.D. Gibbs, and certainly Mars and Toyota, two long‑time companies who have invested in this sport and got a big payoff and big reward for all their hard work.
Congratulations to Kyle and the team and everybody at Joe Gibbs Racing. What a year for you.
Also, of course, I want to make mention of Jeff Gordon and his unbelievable career with NASCAR. We all know about the accomplishments and the championships and the race wins, making it all the way almost to another championship even this year in his final year, but it's off the track that he did so many things for this sport. I'll be forever grateful for it.
He's a model for what drivers that are coming up can look at as to how do you have a successful career in NASCAR. Can you put back in more than you take out. Nobody's done that better than Jeff Gordon.
Let me also welcome NBC to their first season back with NASCAR. They were an exceptional partner, did everything we could have ever asked in telling the NASCAR story week in and week out. It's great to have NBC back in the NASCAR family.
And, of course, we recognize our other partner in FOX. They started it all with network presentation at a very high level in 2001 and have remained our partners since. Unbelievable to have both those great companies telling our stories week in and week out.
I also want to make mention of our media that's with us today, covers us week in and week out, not only our trade media but everyone else that tells the story in very unique ways on very innovative platforms. So thank you all for your tireless work.
Finally a salute to the many partners who are represented in this room and elsewhere that make up our OEM partners and all the rest that make NASCAR go week in and week out.
But I want to take a moment, though, a little pivot from my normal welcome remarks because, of course, this week is all about celebrating this year.
I want to tell you a little bit about the future because in my career, and I've been at this a long time, I've never been more excited about what's going on in our industry than right now. I say that because of all of the innovative things that are happening.
You know, innovation or ideas can come from anywhere. But it's the people in this room that execute those ideas ‑ our track operators, our race officials, our teams, our team personnel ‑ they've embraced what we're doing in a way that is unprecedented in motorsports.
I'm talking about little things like the Air Titan system which helps us get our events completed in a timely way, that are little things that make a big impact. The big things like our format change that many, many people around the world, in motorsports around the world, no one has this format. Many people thought it couldn't be done. They didn't think you could have an elimination‑style format in auto racing. Didn't make sense.
They also didn't think that the level of competition could rise, that our teams could step up to the moment and do things they never thought possible.
But you know what, they have. And all of you in this room have embraced that, our tracks, everybody, our marketing partners, have understood the importance of raising the level of competition to our fans. They love it.
That gives me great assurance we're going to have a good future. I want us to have an exceptional future. I know now with the industry working so closely on big things and small things that we're going to have an exceptional future.
That future will start in February of next year, and you'll see the completion of Daytona rising, the huge commitment the tracks across the industry that I believe will follow suit in various forms to reinvest, make our fan experience better than it's ever been.
But that all starts and it stops with everybody in this room. It's my last chance to do this. I want to thank you for that. You should be proud of the industry you work in, the commitment that you have, and the future that we all have together. Thank you very much.

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