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November 30, 2015

James Blackmon, Jr.

Troy Williams

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 112, Alcorn St. - 70

Q. James, obviously the numbers bear it out, but what let you just get going so quickly?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: First, I felt like my teammates were finding me every time I was open, I felt like. And second, I just felt like I got my hands on a lot of balls defensively, and I got a lot of deflections. Also my teammates did as well.

Q. What did Coach Crean say to you when you came out?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: He said see what happens. The offense comes so easy to you. You shouldn't worry about that. That's what you do. But when you defend like that, that's what's going to happen.

Q. Talk about playing with three guards on the court?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Well, we can switch it up many ways. I feel like when we do have three guards in the pressure is high. Also we watched film over our Maui trip and we were hard on ourselves and wanted to improve.

Q. What was the biggest take away from the film of the Maui trip?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Really just our enthusiasm was one thing we touched on, defensively, definitely, and just the bench energy, everyone having energy. We felt like our energy wasn't as high as it was tonight.

Q. Talking about Maui, the level of competition tonight, how much confidence do you guys take from this?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Really I always have the same confidence shooting the ball. But really it just comes from what else I'm doing other than shooting, I feel like.

Q. What else?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Rebounding, making my teammates better, I feel like that adds to shooting the ball.

Q. Can you talk about the Maui hangover with the first game after you go out there and play three games in three days and the time zone change and coming back? It's a quick turnaround, but is it almost nice to have a game between Maui and Duke to almost sort of shake that trip out of your legs? Just physically sort of shake that trip out before you have to go play a team like Duke?
TROY WILLIAMS: First of all, we'll start with Maui. We're not the only team playing three games back-to-back. So you can't really think like that. But as for this last game, we just focused on practice how we play. It all starts in practice. These next couple of days were really good, and we came out here and played as we practiced, so that's all we take into the next game.

Q. Wednesday night after you lost, the players watched film. Who organized that?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: I forget who actually did. Someone in the locker room. We were going to do it regardless, but we felt like to get it in as soon as possible. So it was everyone willing to do it, and we just watched the last ten minutes of our game and just pointed out things that we can get better at.

Q. (No microphone)?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Yeah, we were already going to watch it by ourselves, but once we had the chance we were like, yeah, let's do it right now.

Q. Talk about the improved turnovers?
TROY WILLIAMS: I mean, sometimes they're things you just don't want to do. But as a team collectively we've got to do better, including myself. I have to do better on that as well. Came out, had one turnover, that's still bad. I don't want any. But focus on the next game as we did today, play as we practice.

Q. In that lead, coach took you out of the game and you still had the three from the corner. Did that leadership role of, hey, I can get four and keep it on the opposite side or what?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Yeah, Coach Crean wants me to crash the glass, and especially Troy because of how athletic he is. I just felt like I should stick my nose in there on that one.

Q. You guys played in Maui on a national stage and now Duke. How much do you think about the potential of making a statement win?
TROY WILLIAMS: Can you repeat that last part.

Q. How much do you think about the potential? You talk a lot about play as you practice and stuff like that, but you've had the chance to go to Maui and announce yourself on a national stage. How much does that matter?
TROY WILLIAMS: All that stuff that happened in Maui is definitely in the past now. We watched the film and went over it as a team and together by ourselves. The coaches went over it with everybody, came back, watched more film. That's all in the past. Now we focus on the next game.

Q. You don't treat this one differently?
TROY WILLIAMS: No, we treat every team as the same.

Q. Troy, you didn't take any threes this game. There were offensive rebounds and a couple blocks and steals. Was there an emphasis going into the game on working more inside?
TROY WILLIAMS: No, not really. Just let the game come to you. I mean, I didn't see any opportunity to shoot a three. It's not like I focused on it in any way. I just let the game come to me.

Q. Talk about the opportunity to go play at Duke?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Yeah, definitely. Indiana brings so many opportunities, and Wednesday is definitely a huge opportunity for us. So we're just going to practice hard like we have been and get it rolling and come out and do what we're supposed to do.

TROY WILLIAMS: I just can't wait for it. That's what I came to Indiana for, these big- stage games, so I just can't wait for it.

Q. What do you guys take away from last year's road games?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: It's definitely something we looked at from last year, and it's what we want to improve on. So I feel like it could make a statement.

TROY WILLIAMS: It's a different team. We've got Thomas Bryant, we have Yogi Ferrell, we have a lot of people in this organization, and that's what makes us us. Come with a lot of energy and have a big game.

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