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November 23, 2015

Branden Jackson

Lubbock, Texas

Q. Branden, what's this game mean to you? Taking on Texas on Thanksgiving in Austin?
BRANDEN JACKSON: It means everything. The last couple years we've always been in Lubbock around Thanksgiving time. It's become a family event between the team. To go down there and to have the opportunity to play a really good team on a day like Thanksgiving is just big time. We appreciate the opportunity being able to play on Thanksgiving and not dedicate the whole day to the Cowboys. That should be fun.

Q. Due to the fact that you guys are going to be in primetime, does that amp things up for you guys?
BRANDEN JACKSON: Absolutely. Anytime we get a chance to display our talent on a big stage, we all welcome it. Anytime you can take a little bit of time off of people's schedule and get them away from those blue stars, that's kind of good. We've just got to come out there, play our game, and make sure we impress.

Q. With this being the last time that you guys are going to play in Austin, as seniors, have you taken on the added leadership role and stepped up this week?
BRANDEN JACKSON: Not really an added role. We've kind of been, we've kind of already tried to amp up things and tried to get things going. It's been a different vibe around things, kind of after the West Virginia game, the vibe has been different. Everyone's been positive and everyone's been grinding a little harder going into this last stretch. I mean, I'm sure everybody would be a little more amped up to play against the Longhorns.

Q. It wasn't a true week off because you had the early start for the Thursday night game, but did the extra time off help you guys on defense?
BRANDEN JACKSON: Oh, absolutely. Just having time off just to kind of pull your shoes off and sit back on the couch and relax and short practices and things like that was definitely great. Like you said, it wasn't a full week off. We were up here every day. But any time you get where you can get your mind off of football is a good thing, just so you can relax and kind of enjoy the environment and get right back to it whenever we're supposed to.

Q. All the coaches have talked to you guys about leaving your legacy. With the big game coming up in Austin, what would it mean for you personally to get a win against Texas in Austin?
BRANDEN JACKSON: It would mean everything. There are very few teams in Tech history who have won down there or haven't won down there in 18 years. So it's very big on a resume, just leaving this legacy. We've been through so much. Especially the guys that have been here through 2011 as fifth-year seniors. Two 4 and 8 seasons, the challenges we've been through, it would mean everything to get a big win like this against a great opponent.

Q. Does it bug you you have to answer questions about streaks and not winning in Austin and great Texas Tech teams that haven't won there?
BRANDEN JACKSON: No, everyone has to deal with streaks. College football was dominated by Texas. Oklahomas, Alabamas, that's just how it goes. I'm sure we're not the only team that gets questioned about that. It doesn't bother me.

Q. How physical is this game every year?
BRANDEN JACKSON: It's always very physical. It's a game you've always got to strap your helmet a little bit tighter. The Longhorns come out there. They do what they do well. They always have bigger guys. They've always got shoes, NFL prospects, running backs and things like that, they push you to the limits. It's a man's game, and that's what it will be on Thursday.

Q. How do you guys attack this Longhorn offense that's had great games against Oklahoma and get a shot against Iowa State?
BRANDEN JACKSON: We attack them head on. We know they're going to come out here and stick to their guns. They do what they do. They run the ball very well. So we're going to see them take advantage of what they do well. And at the same time, we've got to get them off course and make them sputter, and hopefully they're not rolling as well as they usually do.

Q. How much different have you guys prepared for Swoopes this year from last year to this year?
BRANDEN JACKSON: Pretty much the same. The fact that we've seen him play last year and he beat us down here last year gives it a little added bonus because we know what he can do, because he's not a true second string quarterback. He's more of a second option the same way Iowa State did a few years ago, and the same way Oklahoma State has two quarterbacks. You've got two guys that can go in there and win at anytime. Just like we have two guys that can win anytime. We prepare for him as a starter, and that's just how we took it this week.

Q. What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day meal?
BRANDEN JACKSON: Sweet potato pie. My grandma's famous pie, yeah. I'll be missing that this Thanksgiving.

Q. Do you have any plans for Friday?
BRANDEN JACKSON: No, just talk to family. Talk to my teammates. Laugh, and joke, and prepare for the game.

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