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November 16, 2015

Yogi Ferrell

Nick Zeisloft

Bloomington, Indiana

Austin Peay - 76, Indiana - 102

Generally, how do you grade a night like this? I don't know who shot better? I know last season you gave up some easy ones around the rim in the first half. Just what did you do well and talk about what you guys didn't?

NICK ZEISLOFT: Well, the emphasis in this game was our spacing. Our spacing wasn't very consistent in the last game, and our break wasn't very consistent either. So those two things definitely helped us tonight.

Q. Nick, how is the finger?
NICK ZEISLOFT: It was fine, it was fine.

Q. (No Microphone)?
NICK ZEISLOFT: I don't know. The trainer set it was a good job.

Q. Just a little dislocation and it popped back in?
NICK ZEISLOFT: Yeah, like what he said.

Q. You guys had 33 points off turnovers, and how do you guys still give those deflections stat on defense?
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, I feel like more this year we'll probably know picking up full and getting to the ball more. Because I guess a team like this when they have such a great post player like they did with Chris Horton, we need to put on the ball pressure so it can be hard for him to get it inside for him to score on us.

So what we're planning on now is getting a stick hand, getting it to the ball, having our hands wide, stretching our hands out, stretching our fingers out, and trying to get steals and trying to get points off turnovers.

Q. Does having Thomas help guard the perimeter?
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, I'd say so, because Thomas is a great rim protector for us, so we know if our guy beats us to the rim, we know he can step up and block shots for us.

Q. Were you guys aware that he made 15 shots in a row over a 12-minute span in that second half?
YOGI FERRELL: No, I'm sure nobody was aware. But it's just a product of the work that we do every day. That's how we shoot.

Q. Talk about the turnovers?
NICK ZEISLOFT: Yeah, a little carelessness, and not making the right reads sometimes taking one too many dribbles instead of making the simple play and pass. But we'll work on that in the next few days definitely. That's way too high of a number.

Q. What is the fascination that the crowd has for Tim?
YOGI FERRELL: I don't know why they love Tim so much, they just do. And Nick showed me this about how they have in the paper about the all-time greats of IU. They've got Isiah Thomas, Calbert Cheaney, guys like that, and then there is Tim Priller, you know? You wouldn't expect to see him, but he was there.

And for the crowd to get hyped for Tim like that, Tim loves it. He's not going to let it get to his head. He's still going to do everything he needs to do for our team, but it's something fun to watch.

Q. Yogi, can you talk about being 20th on the IU scoring list?
YOGI FERRELL: I didn't know that, but, yeah. That's just what we do every day. In the gym, working. I'm going to take the open opportunity for my team and what we need at that exact moment for our team. Coach Crean has definitely helped me, and Coach Buckley has definitely helped me with my shooting technique, and releasing my shots. So I'm just going to trust the mechanics, trust the progress.

Q. Talk about your assists this season?
YOGI FERRELL: Well, first thing I'm going to do is try ask create for my team, because I feel like the defense has to give something up, and they're always going to give something up. It's going to be different each game.

I'm going to start off the game trying to definitely facilitate to my guys like Nick, Thomas, because I know we're basically everybody's going to be on the court, where they love to shoot, where they're going to be especially in transition. So I'm going to go out there and try to look for my guys.

Q. How much do you find it difficult dealing with the rule changes?
NICK ZEISLOFT: I mean, that's happening every day in practice and in the games. We're working on it. It's being called pretty tight. I'm a little more tight on Friday night than it was tonight. But we're working on our stick hand, like he mentioned beforehand, and just keeping our hands free from cutters and drivers and in the post as well.

Q. Overall how do you diagnose the physical? 40 points in the paint, it felt like maybe as many points in the paint, a lot of their turnovers also came when they drove inside and your offense was in transition. Is it almost something where sometimes you accept them getting there if it means you can make some of those plays and get the break going faster?
YOGI FERRELL: Well, no, I wouldn't say so. We're not going to accept them getting into the post so easily like that. We definitely don't want to have the same amount of points matched up with them. But I mean, if that happens, then we've just got to find a way for them not to score. It was always just finding a way for them not to score, and that's all there is to it.

Q. Talk about the points on assists, and you're also tied with leading rebounds.
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, I'm trying to definitely get in the mix with the rebounds now this year. Last three years did a lot of standing around. I used to go to the defense, but now I'm definitely going into the offense trying to get those rebounds too, because that's just extra that points on the board for us, for myself and for our team.

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