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November 9, 2015

Yogi Ferrell

Troy Williams

Bloomington, Indiana

Bellarmine - 62 Indiana - 73

Q. Yogi, talk about the communication during the game as well as what you learned.
YOGI FERRELL: What we learned is that we've got to bring it all 40 minutes. We can't go into this game with any drop-offs at any point because especially playing against a great team like Bellarmine, they can come back like they did on us, and we feel like we didn't stop them ending the first half and their momentum carried into the second half and we let them gain a lot more confidence, and that's when they started knocking down shots.

Q. Was shot selection a problem in the first half?
YOGI FERRELL: Well, we're not going to take away guys' ability to shoot the three. We don't want to do that, so we've got a great shooting team, so we're going to shoot the three, and if it goes in, it goes in. We felt like maybe we could have gone to the post, especially when we missed two shots in a row. We definitely wanted to go inside. But not going to take away our ability to shoot the three.

Q. Talking about going inside, I guess it seemed like there had certainly been some depth in you guys' rebounding. Are you still working through some things there in terms of working those big guys into the offense? Just after last year you guys were so unorthodox in some ways, spreading the floor, putting four different guys on the floor that could shoot. Are you still working your way through having more presence down low?
YOGI FERRELL: Yeah, I think so. We've got basically a whole new front court. Thomas, Max, Juwan, a couple veteran guys, Collin can mix in there a little bit because he played the 5 last year. But the main thing is we've got to get them up to speed. We've got to get them playing at the same pace that Coach Crean wants them to play, how the team wants to play. We want to get up and down. I think if they just get there mentally, everything will come into place for us.

Q. How did you guys play defensively? Are you happy with your defense?
TROY WILLIAMS: I mean, no, we got outscored in the second half 42-38. That's huge. That's not even the Big Ten. I mean, they're a great team, don't get me wrong, but that's not even the Big Ten. That's coming next Thursday. That's something we've got to work on.

Q. Yogi, what do you feel is going well and what needs improvement heading into the season?
YOGI FERRELL: I feel like one great thing we have well is when we have a mindset to want to get a stop, we're going to get it, and that carries on throughout the whole game. We pride on three stops in a row, and I think we had 11 stops in a row this game. So when we have that mindset that we need to get a stop, I feel like we can get it. But with that, you know, we don't keep that same mindset the entire game, and if we don't keep that same mindset, then teams like Bellarmine are going to gain confidence and guys are going to think they can score on us, and that's definitely not something we want to do.

I'd say offensively I feel like we're doing a great job moving the ball, you know, definitely got to cut down on the turnovers, definitely turn it over less each game. But I felt like offensively we're sharing the ball very well.

Q. Can you talk about that sequence where you get the blocked shot, get to the ball, make a pass to James, just the energy that that can bring to your team?
TROY WILLIAMS: I mean, it brings a lot of energy, you know? It brought a lot of energy to me, as well. I didn't expect to get the rebound off the block. I didn't expect to see James down there, but ever since being a freshman, I always made athletic plays like that, and it gets the team going. So if we need it, I got it.

Q. Yogi, what is different when the defense is going well?
YOGI FERRELL: Well, things we're doing well is our defense is creating for our offense, basically, and I feel like that's what we have to pride on more. We feel like we're a great offensive team. We've got so many weapons in the bag. So we've just kind of got to let those things work for us, and we've got to focus on other things that are going to help us win the game. When we've got momentum like that going for us, we've just going to stick with it and don't let off the gas.

Q. Yogi, what do you think Bellarmine did to get back in the game the second half?
YOGI FERRELL: I think what they did was they screened very well, especially for No. 4 to get open, and that's what hurt us. We didn't communicate very well guarding him, and he basically got all wide-open threes. We barely even contested the shots. I think that's what hurt us, transition defense, especially not getting back on ball rim help and he's coming down on the trail shooting the wide-open three.

Q. After Bellarmine started coming back, you guys played some small ball for a bit. How nice is it to have that flexibility?
TROY WILLIAMS: I mean, it's something we've been doing. We have the veterans on our team who had to do it last year. Me and Kyle have both been in the post. Even now we're still playing the post at times. It's nothing that we're not used to. If we have to, we will. I'll play the 5 and we'll go small.

Q. What can you do to cut down on turnovers, and are you worried about them?
TROY WILLIAMS: I mean, I'm always worried about turnovers. It's a turnover. That's fast break points for the other team. But, I mean, it's just mostly just cherish the ball more. It's not like I want to turn it over.

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