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October 31, 2015

David Beaty

Lawrence, Kansas

Oklahoma - 62 Kansas - 7


Q. Coach, up front, the offensive line has to give the push to get things going. Seems like it came down to the trenches. Your inability to get the run game seemed to stall the offense.
COACH BEATY: Yeah, we got to do a better job in the run game, there's no doubt about that. Trying to establish the run. It will help us become efficient on first down that gives your play-caller a little bit better opportunity on second and third to be in a manageable third down instead of being in long sticks all the time.

That's always the challenge. Doesn't matter what team you are. You're always trying to be efficient on first down. When you don't have that run game going, it makes it difficult. Absolutely we got to do that. We got to do a better job up front. We got to do a better job running it. I thought there was a couple times we could have broke a tackle that would have helped us with an unblocked safety. We got to get better all around.

Q. We continue to look at the maturation process of your young quarterback. He stays in there the entire game, takes his lumps. You talk to him. What do you continue to see in his development?
COACH BEATY: Each week there's some things that you see that become bright spots for you, but there's also things that we have to continue to eliminate. We had another turnover today. We have to do a good job of taking care of that football. We had a couple turnovers that were really at bad, inopportune times that put our defense in some bad situations.

That defense held them, they got a field goal out of the last one. We have to do a good job of protecting possession. We said that earlier in the year. You want to become competitive fast. You have to be the smartest team in the country, create the fewest penalties on your side, do a good job of managing the turnover ratio. We haven't done that real well. Obviously, you have to do better in the kicking game. You know what, I thought we actually played pretty good in the kicking game today. That was one of the lone bright spots.

Q. Special teams is a bright spot today. Coverage units seemed to kind of give you some things to build on.
COACH BEATY: Yeah, those guys have been working very hard on that. I thought Matt Wyman was a very bright spot for us. He did a nice job of downing that last kick for us inside the one there. He punted the ball well all day. He did a nice job for us.

Q. Efficiency out of the quarterback position for Oklahoma, what made him get kind of into a groove?
COACH BEATY: Well, I think they saw some things obviously that they could exploit with the passing game. They threw for 445 yards against us, which was the bulk of what they did.

They're a really good run team. That was something you really had to keep your eye on as you started the game out.

When that happened, I thought there was holes in our underneath coverage. We didn't address them quick enough. I think that's what led to some of those first downs when we had them on some long sticks on third down.

Q. Fight to the finish, how did that go today?
COACH BEATY: You know what, that's something we have to do. We coach it every week. We coach it as hard as anything, whatever the situation is. Talking about energy, taking it all the way to the very end.

I thought they improved in that area today. I thought our defense got a turnover late, which was good. That means they kept playing. Our special teams got a down punt down there inside the one, which was good.

But we have a lot of areas we got to get better at. There's no excuses.

Q. The very first play, do you think that had anything to do with them expecting you to be so worried about (indiscernible)?
COACH BEATY: Probably. I think we've been struggling a little bit out there on the corner with some of those deep balls. I think they may have saw that, saw that as a way to get a quick start. Obviously that paid off for them. They made a really good play.

That was a really good play by that receiver. The ball was underthrown. Looked like it was a back shoulder. He made a nice play on it.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: You know, early I was encouraged. Looked like we were creating some pressure on him. He was able to duck under some things and create some extended plays, which I've watched him since he was at the other place he was at. He can do some things with his feet.

We've got to be able to get him down there. There were a couple times we were close, had our hands on him. We weren't able to get him down. He's a slippery guy, no doubt about that. I think he found some efficiency in the passing game today that he had not enjoyed up to that point, at least to that rate. He's a good player.

He understand's Lincoln's offense. You can tell. He was very comfortable out there with the way he was communicating with his guys, putting people in the right spots. I know the system. I have an idea where he's putting people. The kid knows what he's doing. He's been trained well. I can see why he won the job.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: I guess as you look back on it, it was probably a key play in the game. We were I want to say in a second and 32 at some point. When you're at second and 32, you got to be able to get off the field without giving up points. That series led to a touchdown.

They got a big play there that was reversed obviously that we talked about. There's some things on that specific play that if we do differently, that thing is not going to get reversed because we're there quicker.

It's a matter of just executing correctly, guys trusting it, moving with good eye control. If we do that, we're in better shape.

From that point forward, I thought there were some other things that could have helped us drop anchor there and we just weren't able to do it. That was a big deal. It took us up to 31 at that point. Then from there we moved, offensively we slid one time right before half, but with very little time left, about six inches before the sticks.

I know we got to get on quarterback. But you know what, that's not an excuse. We got to get the first down there. We have to punt it back. Our defense has been struggling against a good offensive unit. They wind up going down there and scoring. Get a couple big plays.

We're going to go back and look at it. There's one play in particular on that drive where if we trust our technique, lined up in the right spot, instead of being inside, we are outside where we are supposed to be, man free, we're going to be in good shape. When you don't do that, you give up some big plays at times. It changes the game. Now it's 38 instead of 31. That's a big play in the game. Those are big points in the game.

We got to overcome. We've got to be able to overcome those and do a better job of getting off the field. We have to get off the field better defensively, period. We can't get them off the field. We got to do a better job of trying to convert on third down.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Our receivers have done a pretty good job catching the ball. I'm a little bit different. Maybe it's 'cause I'm an old receiver coach. Some of those drops y'all call drops, I don't call drops. We're going to have some opportunities we got to be able to go out and get balls.

There was one to Austin over there, tough catch. He has to extend to it. You'd like to see him make that play, but he didn't. We got to come back and make some other plays.

Our guys, we have to make sure we make some plays when we get the opportunity to do it. There were some drops. We got to be able to convert those plays right there.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Did a good job in the tackle game again. I thought they did a pretty good job, particularly early in the game, the run game. Given how potent those guys are running the football, which is why he was throwing it so much. One of the reasons is I thought they did a pretty decent job on first and second down on the run game. They're good now in the run game.

We got some stops there. Fish did a good job of being a guy that was down there. We changed some things this week to be able to get him down there, which was good. There's some things he has to get cleaned up. He knows that. He made some mistakes in the game today just like the rest of them, one of which I know he'll learn a great deal from.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Yeah, I think he is. I was pleased with him last week because I thought he did some things in the run game. He's a big, long guy. Those guys usually, when they're young, you just put them off the edge and let them run. You don't bring them underneath very often with the tackles. He did a good job last week.

I didn't feel him as much today. I'm going to have to watch the tape. With a guy with that type of skill set, we got to be able to get some more production out of him.

I didn't see the numbers. I know we got to him a couple times. He runs that hoop pretty good. We call it the hoop. He was creating some pressure, which is good. He's fast. He gets around there.

It's good to see some production out of him, but we need more from him, we really do, all of rest of them. Anthony got close a couple times. Got to be able to run that hoop better and be able to capitalize on those sacks there.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Yeah, honestly in all those games we played some really good opponents. These guys are some of the best teams in the country. For a couple of quarters there, you're able to get a really good look at them.

Every one of them are good. They bring something different to the table. I just walked into the locker room and just saw the final score of the Tech-Oklahoma State game. Both those offenses can score. It was crazy. 63 to 43 or something like that.

I think Oklahoma State is a really good football team. I think this is a really good football team that we just played. TCU, well, we haven't played them yet, but I watched them the other night. They got a Superman at quarterback. Good players in this conference. It's a really good conference.

I think one of the things that is exciting for our conference is really those matchups are really yet to come, which if you look at the schedule, how it plays out, most of those matchups are still yet to come. Going to be some good football in the Big 12 down the stretch.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Yeah, I think it was good. It was really good. When he came to the sideline, I thought he was going to pass out. He was screaming so loud, so excited about getting into the end zone. That kid has steadily improved. We continue to kind of move people over in front of him every now and then. He just makes you play him.

He made some nice plays today. That ball got close to him, he did a great job of concentrating on that touchdown. The kid tried to undercut him. You got to concentrate. It was almost a distraction-type deal. He made a great play. Almost got loose on a couple more of those today, too.

I know it was exciting for him. We got to build on it. We got to be able to score more. Right now I'd say one of my most disappointing things is that offensively our production is not what I expect. It's got to be a lot better than what it is. We have to be able to score more points than what we are scoring. We're just not getting it done right now. We got to find a way to get that done.

In this league, everybody can score. We've got to be able to score. So we got to get that fixed in a hurry.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Yeah, I mean, they are a good unit. There's no doubt about that. There's some opportunities that we continue to leave out there game in, game out. I'm sure we'll see some of them on video tonight.

I thought we'd be able to score a little bit, then have to play really good on defense to be able to keep that thing tight and try to get it to the fourth quarter.

They're a good football team. When they started ramping that thing up and got it rolling, we weren't able to match it. That is what it is. They're a good football team. We weren't able to produce at the rate we need to.

We got to get better offensively. I said it again, there's no excuses. I know we started two freshmen on both tackles today. I think we had six freshmen playing on the offensive side, which is good.

They're getting experience. They got to continue to get better. We're never, ever going to use that as an excuse. They know what to do. We got to get them to start playing better.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: Yeah, there is. You have to always be looking at what you're doing and trying to find out what is causing you to be inefficient. Sometimes you have to look at what's on that board and how much time it's taking you to rep all of that.

Sometimes you're carrying too much into the game plan. Sometimes you're not carrying enough. Sometimes you don't have the right beaters to be able to take advantage of what they're doing. Sometimes you might think you might be able to hold up a little bit better in protection than you are actually able to.

You just got to make sure that you do a good job of continuing to look to see how you can help them guys be in a better position to execute.

Defensively I think that's probably where, as I look at it, there's a lot of 'what if' type deals. If we just come down outside here, we're going to be able to get off the field there.

Offensively I think there's been some times where we just didn't perform as well as the man over us. Either they covered us, we weren't able to get open, we weren't able to protect, not because we didn't do something technically well, but maybe we got overpowered at times.

I can live with some of that every now and then. We got to do a better job of putting them in position if we know we're getting overpowered. Those guys are working at it. Every one of them are working at it. The bottom line is we got to work harder at it and try to find a way to create more offense because we're not doing that the way we need to be able to do it.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: There were some good things with him. I saw him a couple times on the edge. That (indiscernible) kid is pretty good. I watched him come off the edge a couple times. That No. 40 is pretty good.

He did some good things. I think some of our problems, and I got to look at the tape, some of those things came from the interior. Initially I thought we were handling protection pretty good initially in the game. But it will be interesting to see how both those young guys played, Larry and Clyde. I didn't hear a lot about Clyde throughout the game, which might be a good sign, but I got to take a look at the tape to be able to tell you.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH BEATY: I think, knowing Fish, he just goes and does his job. He is a super kid. He had a mistake today. He came off the sideline, man, he looked me in the eye and said, Coach, there's no excuse. That's my fault.

I mean, it's just the type of kid that he is. I know that he's not going to make that same mistake again. He's a kid that you really like to have out there.

We just got to keep working on trying to cultivate his skills to where he can be faster and get guys covered a little bit better on third down. He's a guy I love having on this team. There's a reason why he's thought so highly of.

Y'all have a great one.

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