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October 10, 2015

Norries Wilson

Piscataway, New Jersey

Michigan State - 31
Rutgers - 24

COACH WILSON: He played like I've never seen him play, who weren't perfect but ran a ball against a team that people said we couldn't run the ball against in the second half. And protected the passer, gave up a couple sacks, caught some big balls, and just played player hearts out for each other.

At the end of the game, the clock management is 100 percent on the guy in charge and I'm the guy in charge. So I mismanaged the situation. Chris Laviano did what he was told to do and I told him the wrong thing. So don't think that he screwed it up.

I want to say I appreciate the fans who clapped those young men in and gave them support and showed them that they cared. They could have just as easily turned their backs on him through all the things we've been through.

You're going to ask me about Leonte Carroo, I'll say, you need to ask me about Carlton Agudosi, who had to sit and not play. So our best player could play (tearing up).

So if you've got questions, I'll answer questions.

Q. Would you clarify, was Laviano told to spike the ball --
COACH WILSON: He did what he was told to do.

Q. Where does this emotion come from -- the loss --
COACH WILSON: No. It comes from taking away a chance to win from some guys who played real hard.

Q. What did you tell the team --
COACH WILSON: That it's my fault and we've got to play again next week. That it wasn't perfect. But that's why we play. They put themselves in a position to have an opportunity to tie the game and win the game, and that was taken from them. And fair is a four-letter word like some of those other words you can't use on TV, but it ain't fair.

Q. How would you assess the way Chris played?
COACH WILSON: I think he did okay. I haven't looked at the stats. He threw the ball -- he had some guys open. He had some pressure on -- he might have got happy feet one or two times. He didn't turn the ball over. He missed a handoff and he got back on the ball. I thought he did a good job without seeing the film.

Q. Can you just talk about the decision to blitz so much tonight? You had not done a lot of that, either in the run game or the pass game, and blitzes came from all over?
COACH WILSON: I think defensive staff did a good job putting the plan in place. I think for the most part, we held back some running backs that I thought were very good running backs. Those kids, the coaches at Michigan State, they are good players. I watched them on film and they can run the ball downhill and I think our defensive line and linebackers stepped up and outside of that last run, they got them down to the three and did a good job containing them.

So I think Joe had a good plan. I think we came free a couple times. Got some hits on the quarterback. Made him throw some balls away.

Q. Quentin Gause played a hell of a game today and has been a big key for you guys in the defense. What can you say about him and what he's meant to this team?
COACH WILSON: Well, he's been here a long time. He's a quality person. He's raised by good people. He's from Rochester. Just been here and trying to be a positive leader. He's not perfect.

I'm sure there's going to be some mistakes on the film that he's made but he plays with a lot of emotion and he plays with a lot of hard and the kids know that when it comes from him, it's honest and it's genuine. And he's not going to give them something that's not genuine. He's not going to ask his teammates to do something that he's not willing to do himself. We enjoy having him as part of our program.

Q. PJ had the 72-yard run and I think he had maybe one more carry. Did he get banged up?
COACH WILSON: He did not get banged up. That was actually a function of the rotation. It wasn't on purpose. It's just how the rotation came out and when we came out in 22 personnel and ran it with Josh. And the next rotation was on Rob, then can he came out and ran it with Rob. And they kept the ball for the first drive, was seven, eight minutes, and we went three and out and they came back and drove again in the third quarter and scored again. So that quarter was gone before Rob even got his set of plays.

So it was a tough deal on PJ even though he had the big run. Wish we could have got him some more.

Q. How about the interception --
COACH WILSON: It was very important. I thought in the first half that we played very good first and second down defense. I thought that we were struggling on third down and that was a big third down play. And it got us, got the defense off the field, and stopped a going ahead drive on an opportunity to kick a field goal to make it 14-13. So I thought it was a huge turnover for us to get.

Q. You said you talked about Agudosi but just how much did Carroo add on the field?
COACH WILSON: He added a bunch. He caught some big balls. He did a good job blocking. He did a good job finishing plays. I'm sure he's going to be very sore tomorrow, just working out a lot different than going out and banging and hitting guys all night and having contested throws, and he brought a lot of energy to the stadium with his play and he brought a lot of energy to the sideline with his play.

Q. Going back to the interception afterward -- do you look back at that situation --
COACH WILSON: We weren't content to go into the locker room with a lead. We had an idea what we wanted to do and we weren't efficient on first down to carry on with the plan. So it wasn't as if we sat on the ball. We had something we wanted to do and then there was a mix-up on personnel on second down which forced us to call time out and at that point we decided to just not throw caution to the wind and then to go into the locker room.

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