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September 28, 2015

Stephen Curry

Oakland, California


Q. Can you just summarize how you're feeling after such a short off-season and what your off-season was like, and what have you done to get fresh again for what could be another really long season with the Olympics coming up as well?
STEPHEN CURRY: As you can tell there is a lot of excitement in the building, so it's a very fun time. As you said, it's a different experience obviously playing as deep as we went and winning a championship and we're having three months to rejuvenate and get ready for the season.

So I did a lot this summer, traveled a lot. You know, tried to experience a lot of new things. Obviously, the priority was to work on my game and get better, and my body to stay fresh. It was a lot of working out on the fly and kind of adjusting and depending on what the schedule was. But I feel like I'm in great shape. I've added a couple things to my game and just trying to stay explosive to what I was able to do well last year and do those even better.

Emotional and mentally for us it's the biggest thing of how we approach this season with keeping our hunger and our fire and our vision as a group and how we're going to react or go through the season as defending champs and what that's going to mean. And training camp's going to be huge for us to really get back together and get that chemistry to where we need it to be as a team and be ready to go.

Q. Going into a season where you're the defending champs, what do you see as the most difficult things about that, about trying to repeat?
STEPHEN CURRY: We're going to get everybody's best shot every single night and we know that, so we have to be at our best every time we step foot on the floor. We've obviously set up and established a system of how we're going to play and with the personnel we have is pretty much the same as last year. There is not going to be much change there. But we can't just say we're going to be the same team and show up and win 67 games and win a championship. It's not going to be easy.

For us, like I was talking about, it was about doing what we do well and doing it better and being as consistent as possible on both ends of the floor. I think most of the guys, including myself, we've had a good summer to be able to get away from the game a little bit and refresh our minds and bodies. So I don't think fatigue or the short turnaround during the summer is going to have any effect on us, and we'll be ready to go.

Q. You have a second child. How has big sister adjusted to having a younger daughter and being a big sister? Sometimes the older kid isn't quite so sure about not being the full center of attention anymore. How's she handling that?
STEPHEN CURRY: She's doing well. She's a great big sister. Takes care of her little sister every time she can. You know, whenever she needs a little bit of attention she might throw a little temper tantrum with mom and dad, but we'll take that as long as she's looking out for her little sister when she's fine.

So she has the same loud personality that she showed everybody last year, so we're still dealing with that.

Q. You mentioned that you worked on some things in particular this summer. What are those? What did you emphasize in your workouts, and what are people going to see different in this season?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's the same style of play. I'm just trying to be more explosive in what I do, create more space with the dribble, getting stronger and trying to hold my lines more when they're attacking the basket and things like that. I'm going to be smarter.

That is the key for me is to continue to try to make the best decisions with the ball as a point guard, get my teammates involved, feeling the flow of the game and just watching film and learning from last season.

I'm looking forward to chop it up with Coach Nash, a guy that can hopefully, as we watch film and talk and have that back and forth, that will maybe show me things that I don't see on the floor and be able to help me even more. So it should be fun to go out and kind of show what we're working on. I'm still going to be doing the same things I've been doing and not going to be a different player but just try to be better.

Q. You've obviously become the face of the franchise. How have you handled the additional celebrity you've received whether being on the Colbert Show or winning the Teen Choice Awards and being on FOX, the ESPies, et cetera?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, all that stuff is fun, but at the end of the day, I'm still the same person, still do the same stuff in my spare time. That keeps me grounded, keeps me normal.

Me and my family have an opportunity to get away and spend time with ourselves and just try to be as normal as possible. It's obviously been different, especially here in the Bay Area. Going out and doing things, you get recognized a lot more. The world has kind of gotten smaller, but for most part the way that we kind of live and do our daily routine, we find time to get away from the game and from the noise and that's helpful to handle all the good that's going on on the court and everything that we've been able to accomplish.

Q. Steph, I think you said recently that you feel like this is the team to beat going into the season. What besides being just the fact that you guys were defending champs, but besides that gives you the utmost confidence that you guys are right there for it again?
STEPHEN CURRY: We have the same guys that we've grown together, and we've really brought, I think, the best out of each other. When you have that rollover from year to year where you know exactly what to expect from your teammates and how you're going to challenge each other and just the feel in the locker room, that's what I kind of rely on to give me that confidence and know I know all 14 guys that share it with me are going to be ready to go, ready to fight, ready to put in the time and the sacrifice to be great.

We've established that mentality and now it's just about building on it. I don't question anything about our abilities and our potential. It's just about going out and executing, and doing what we need to do to make it happen and to get those results. So no matter whether we're picked to defend or not, we know how tough it is to win one championship and how tough it will be to defend. But that same confidence we had last season that we could be the NBA champs of last year, and we'll have the same confidence this year.

Q. I know you've been in China a couple days this summer. How do you like that and will you come next summer? And if so, all the Chinese fans want me to tell you to please bring Riley.
STEPHEN CURRY: I had a great time. I went to Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, so there is so much love and support in Asia for myself and the Warriors. I enjoyed my trip this summer. We'll see what happens next summer. Hopefully I can fit it in every year and be able to go and inspire all the fans over there and hopefully give back and tell them how appreciative we are for their support and their passion for basketball. We'll see if Riley wants to go. It's up to her.

Q. What was your highlight this summer, and did you rehearse those dance moves with Lecrae?
STEPHEN CURRY: I have a new-found respect for performers and entertainers who go up and dominate a stage for an hour and a half. That four minutes I was up there felt like an eternity. I only got a couple of dance moves and once I got through those, I didn't know what to do, so it was kind of awkward.

The highlight of the summer? My daughter being born. That's probably -- it's hard to top that, right? Outside of our family, probably playing golf with the President. That was a very cool experience to just talk to him and get to know him and learn from his experience as a President. Kind of got a little behind the scenes feeling of what he's really like as a person, and it was a lot of fun.

Q. I was talking to Luke Walton the other day, and he was saying that last year the coaches would watch the clips of the game and so forth and they got more excited about what you guys could do next year than what you were doing last year because he saw the potential and the offense was evolving.
Talk a little about just how much better you think the offense can be knowing that you had a full year in the system?

STEPHEN CURRY: You tend to forget that part of our story going into the playoffs, and The Finals last year, that this is our first year. Last year was our first year with Coach Kerr and the system that he was putting in throughout the season. He would remind us when we had some lulls and some down games that we were still in the first year of our offense and there are layers to it. You become more comfortable with it as you go through.

That second year of that new offense is when things start to really click. So as players we felt like we could go out and really learn on the fly and still play well, even though it's still the first year and we're still getting used to it. But he always was telling us that second, third year is when you really take off. So if we did what we did last year and we're still learning about the system and how we're going to go out and play it, I like our chances going into this year too.

Q. You had talked about making the talk show rounds, but what was it like for you taking a back seat to Ayesha who is quite the talented chef in her own right? What was it like going on the Rachael Ray show?
STEPHEN CURRY: That was fun because I got to be, like you said, on the other side of it and sit in the crowd and watch her do her thing. Then, obviously, I got the taste test at the end which is never a bad thing. As I said, it's fun that she has her own thing going on, and I'm obviously going to support her. It's nice to be able to go and be there for her. She's at every game that I go to when I play, and I want to be able to return the favor.

Q. How can you be sure that you got enough downtime this summer, or is it the kind of thing that you may not know for sure until you get to next spring and see how you're feeling?
STEPHEN CURRY: Try to -- it was a learning experience this summer, and it was probably the craziest it could be. Granted how much traveling we did and all the events that I was at. But like I said, that never trumped the priority of being prepared for training camp. I'll kind of figure it out as we go through the next couple weeks how my body responds and feeling the flow of training camp.

But I've been able to get some rest in the last couple weeks and really mentally prepared for the journey of another nine-month season and being able to play deep into June and be fresh. I've worked hard, so I'm going to rely on that preparation. Coach does a great job of managing all of that as well, anyways. So we learned that last year if we go out and do our job, he's going to take care of us as players, so that's what we've got to do.

Q. Another part of the upcoming year is going to be the Olympics and you got a taste of that in Vegas. What is your feeling of trying to make the Olympic team, and being on it? And having that loom at the end of what you hope will be another long season?
STEPHEN CURRY: I want to be on the team and represent Team USA. I've never played on the Olympics before. I've been part of two World Championship teams, but I know the Olympics is a different experience and something I want to be part of. I know Jerry Colangelo and Coach "K" have a process of how they're going to pick a team next year and whether there are tryouts or not or just selecting the roster, I'm just going to go out and play well this season, do my job for the Warriors and try to win a championship and then give it all I've got this summer for Rio.

That is the plan for this calendar year is to take it one step at a time. Obviously, not look ahead to the summer. We've got a lot to accomplish before then. But come July, I'll be fully committed to that process we've. We've got a good feeling this summer of what that's going to be like and the new crop of guys they brought in. So looking forward to it.

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