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September 26, 2015

Paul Chryst

Madison, Wisconsin

Hawaii - 0
Wisconsin - 28

COACH CHRYST: It was certainly a good win. I thought we needed everyone to accomplish it and I thought we had a real good week of preparation. Guys were locked in and they were fun to be around tonight against a good Hawai'i team.

Certainly defensively in the game, if you can keep them off the scoreboard, that's not easy. Appreciate the effort there. I thought it was huge, coming out of the second half, they had the big play and guys just kept playing. Tanner gets a stop and certainly not what they want and ended up playing and not getting points on that drive, I thought that was big offensively. I thought Taiwan and then Dare ran well, but that doesn't happen without the guys up front. I thought our fullbacks, tight ends, did a really nice job. Some things we can build on. But looking forward to getting better with this group.

Q. The mileage out of the two fullback set, did you plan to use that as much as you did today?
COACH CHRYST: No, I think the first drive, we were back up and we got into it, and thought we got some mileage out of it. Like I said, I think our guys did a nice job of -- we were not quite sure what we were going to see. But the guys did a nice job of communicating and again up front, we were good but I thought the fullbacks, they got that rolling a lot. That part was fun.

Q. On that first drive in particular, more man than you've seen from recent teams. Is that something you game planned for ahead of time?
COACH CHRYST: First play was a gap scheme and pretty much ran the same types of runs that we've been running, just had a little different look.

Q. Going back to the first drive, did you intend to start Taiwan at running back or did your position on the field dictate your personnel?
COACH CHRYST: Probably the situation. I think we had two backs that are going to play a ton, and couldn't even tell you which one necessarily. I think they both, they know they are playing, and we need them both at times.

Q. What did you see from Taiwan tonight? A career night for him.
COACH CHRYST: It was good. He's been working. That's what I love about this game is it takes everyone. I thought that he's been growing with his opportunities. I think he's been a patient back and trusting himself, and that's good to see. I thought Dare did the same, and I thought Alec came in and did some good things, which means there's a lot of work going on in front of him.

Q. Do you anticipate Leon being out for any period of time?
COACH CHRYST: Not sure. Just talked to him on the way in. I don't believe so but we'll see.

Q. How is his mood, to not start this game and then when he finally gets in there and to go down, how much do you hate to see that and was his mood okay after the game?
COACH CHRYST: The one thing I've been impressed with Leon is he's got unbelievable character. And this week, the way he approached everything, he's a big-time guy, and he's not going to let I don't think any of this get him down.

I think he cares a ton about this team and he's got a lot of substance to him. So I don't think he'll -- I think every guy that doesn't play wants to -- that's what they do all this work for and they want to contribute. They care about their teammates. It's going to take more than that to get Leon -- in the short time I've loved getting to know him. I think he's a big-time guy.

Q. The defense, three points in the last three games, what does a number like that say to you about where this team is heading?
COACH CHRYST: It means we've been good the last couple games. That's what I love about sports is that you have to go do it again. I think that we've got some good players on that defense and some great leaders, and we've still got room for growth. And they know that and that's what I like about the group.

You know what, you appreciate the efforts and I think the defensive staff has done a great job of preparing the guys, the guys take that preparation to heart and we've been good. Each week, you've got to go do it again. That's what's great about the sport.

Q. What part of the team have you been most impressed with so far this season and what part of the team do you think needs the most improvement?
COACH CHRYST: I think we all, every area need to improve. I like being around the group. I think they like the game of football, and I like their approach of working to get better.

Q. How prepared do you think this team is for Big Ten play now that we're here?
COACH CHRYST: Ready or not, here it comes. On that note (Laughter).

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