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September 12, 2015

Domenic Spencer

Stanford, California

UCF -7
Stanford -31

Q. What do you do when a man goes down?
DOMENIC SPENCER: To be honest with you, I didn't see it because I was too busy on the sidelines getting corrections for my first drive. When I heard he went down, I went to Bo, next man up. That's what you see, next man up. So there is no letdown. That's how it should be. Next man up, that's what I told them.

Q. How difficult was it to cover some of those receivers, because there were a lot of situations where you guys were having to cover them?
DOMENIC SPENCER: They're good football players. They're Division 1 football players just like we're Division 1 football players. We go against our offense every day in practice. They're just like our offense, their receivers and move like our receivers, they're Division 1 receivers. So it wasn't difficult covering them. Really, it's just another day of playing football.

Q. This is a relatively young team. What do you tell some of those younger guys in a moment like this?
DOMENIC SPENCER: Like Coach O'Leary told us, watch the film, stay to the film and see what we have to do right. That's our second season. Our second season is over, we have to get ready for our third season which is this Saturday back at home. So we've got to get ready for them and try to end this losing streak.

Q. Will that be nice for you guys coming home?
DOMENIC SPENCER: It really doesn't matter to be honest with you. As long as we just -- our job is to win football games. That's our job. We have another opportunity to do that this Saturday, so that's our job to win football games.

Q. Did the time change affect you guys at all?
DOMENIC SPENCER: No, ma'am. We're football players. We have no excuse. That doesn't affect us at all.

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