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September 12, 2015

Pete Robertson

Texas Tech - 69
UTEP - 20

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Pete Robertson.

Q. How did it feel to get out there today?
PETE ROBERTSON: It felt great. I was just glad to be out there with my team, to have fun with the defense and offense and watch Pat, Jakeem, all them guys running around and make plays. Breiden Fehoko, the freshman, making plays, and Jah'Shawn Johnson. It was great being out there with my team.

Q. Seems like you got the crowd and defense really pumped up. What do you have to say about yourself as the leader of this team?
PETE ROBERTSON: Oh, I really don't like bragging on myself. I'm just doing my job, keeping the team in, just playing together as brothers. I let them know when we go out there, we're going to have fun.
We're going to have bad plays. There will be times we'll get a good play. UTEP is a good team. Their runningbacks are good as well. I told them we were going to have fun and come out of the day with a win.

Q. What did you learn not being able to participate last week?
PETE ROBERTSON: Sometimes it's not fun sitting on the side. The bigger picture is you live and you learn at the end of the day.
I was just glad to be out there with my team today to get this win today.

Q. How fresh did you feel, how much energy did you have in the second half?
PETE ROBERTSON: I had lots of energy built up. If it weren't for Coach Smith and Coach Gibbs calling that play to put me in the right position back in the backfield, I wouldn't make it. Those guys, the D‑line as well, Rika Levi, Demetrius, Branden Jackson helped me get a tackle for a loss.

Q. At what point did you know you were going to start?
PETE ROBERTSON: It was going day by day. I have great backups, (indiscernible), Mike Mitchell. Those guys keep me on my toes. It was going day by day. They finally let me know towards the end.

Q. What did you think about Breiden and the way he played?
PETE ROBERTSON: I love Breiden's intensity for the game, his passion for the game. Both his brothers played here as well. You can tell he loves practicing and playing the game every single day as well.

Q. (Question regarding Dakota.)
PETE ROBERTSON: Dakota stepped in and played a huge role. We knew from the start that Dakota had to come in and make plays. He told from the sideline, he like, Don't worry, bro, I got you, I got you. Once he tell me that, I'm just going to pin my ears back, I'm going to take off, let him handle the rest.

Q. (No microphone.)
PETE ROBERTSON: Yeah, we played against them last year. You can't take nothing from the guy. He's a good back, can make cuts. He got breakaway speed. The guy was making plays all throughout the game until his injury.

Q. What happened on that touchdown run?
PETE ROBERTSON: I can't tell you exactly what happened because I was doing my assignment, as well. In the game of football, things like that is going to happen. People going to miss gaps. It's going to happen. But at the end of the day you have to leave that play behind you and move on to the next.

Q. What will you have to do next week against Arkansas to have a chance?
PETE ROBERTSON: Just got to prepare. We had a good win today. Tomorrow we're going to start on Arkansas. Going to practice even harder. The schedule's going to get harder and harder and we're going to practice harder and harder.
We ready for any opponent anytime anywhere.

Q. Grew up not too far from Arkansas. Does this game have more significance?
PETE ROBERTSON: Don't make no difference. I'm still in Texas (laughter).

Q. (No microphone.)
PETE ROBERTSON: Yeah, I actually did. When I saw him get the ball, he was looking fast for the first five yards. By the time he got seven or eight yards, everything was still going in slow motion. He told me on the sideline the end zone looked farther than it was.
I just congratulate him for picking the ball up and taking it as far as he can.

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