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March 7, 2015

James Blackmon, Jr.

Yogi Ferrell

Nick Zeisloft


Q.  Yogi what was going through your mind on those free throws?
YOGI FERRELL:  That I was going to make them.  The first one rolled in.  I guess the basketball gods were good for me for that first rebound, and then the second one just rolled out.  So pretty disappointing missing that second one, but it happens.

Q.  You guys‑‑
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, right now, we are just right now working and preparing for the tournament, getting ready to leave Thursday for Chicago.  We are not looking to see where we stand for the NCAA Tournament right now.  We are just trying to get into the Big Ten Tournament and win a couple games there.

Q.  You guys came out second half and scored four straight‑‑ what were you seeing?
JAMES BLACKMON, JR.:  Really from my perspective, myself, I came out too slow, and I feel like we all tried to turn it on too late.  You turn it on and made that run but we should have just picked it up from the start.  Looking at some things I have some things I'm going to watch on film now I'm going to regret‑‑ I didn't go hard all the time and I didn't go hard to the end.  So my team just needed me from that 10‑ to 7‑minute mark to give a spark and I know I'm going to regret that.

Q.  Six weeks ago, 5‑1 in the league and since then you're 9‑9.  Has it changed in terms of the way people have played you or what do you think is happening?
NICK ZEISLOFT:  Well, we all know it's a very tough league.  And you know, we didn't have a great start‑‑ so now we have to learn‑‑ like James said and do better and we're looking forward to the tournament.

Q.  On a chance again for those shots ‑‑
YOGI FERRELL:  I feel like I'm always in the gym working on my shots so I'm always going to try to take a last shot, I think I have enough confidence to do that.

Q.  They were finishing offon rebounds ‑‑
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, that's basically how they got their run in the second half.  They got a lot of second chance opportunities with the offensive rebound kick‑outs.  We've just got to fight them better.  Got to crack them before they come into the paint because we know that they are big, so just got to carve out space and try to get the rebound.

Q.  Right before the last shotof the game ‑‑
YOGI FERRELL:  Felt like I was tripped but not having the call being there, just part of the game, so just play through it.

Q.  What happened with the shooting percentage?
NICK ZEISLOFT:  My teammates, they try to find me when I'm open.  When we move the ball and move bodies, going hard, any of us can go after that.  As you all know and the other teams know‑‑ we're quick and it's not just me doing it, it's James, Tom, anybody really.

Q.  Talk about blocking out the late season form as you get ready for the postseason but for any of you, has it ever been‑‑ how hard has it been to block that out.  Is it something that you feel like has ever reached you guys, whether you feel it's on the practice court or playing court and do you feel you've been successful in blocking out‑‑
YOGI FERRELL:  You talking about rebounding?

Q.  The way the season‑‑ the late season form you've had.  You've lost eight of 12.
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, Coach is always talking about not listening to anybody, not reading anything, not seeing our name just a minute because we know all that.  We know all the negativity is out there.
So I mean, it's a negative world, so we know that's going to be out there and that's going to happen.  You've got to keep a positive mind‑set, stay together and we'll be okay.

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