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March 3, 2015

James Blackmon, Jr.

Yogi Ferrell

Robert Johnson

Hanner Perea

Troy Williams

Nick Zeisloft

IOWA – 77

Q.  I guess, fellas, it just felt like the offense never found it's legs tonight.  What do you attribute that to?
JAMES BLACKMON:  Really we're just going to have to watch the film and see what we did wrong and go to practice and get better from it.  I really have no reason right now.
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, like Jimmie said, we're going to go to the film, practice, just try to find different ways to make our offense better to get a little bit more fluid offense.
NICK ZEISLOFT:  Yeah, I agree with those two.  We have different things we need to focus on the upcoming week to get better for Michigan State. 
TROY WILLIAMS:  Just got to see it through.  We've got to see it.  We've never missed that many before, so we've just got to see it through.
HANNER PEREA:  It was just about the way we finished in the game.  We just have to get back in and do what we have open instead of taking chances, you know.  We just have to get back in.

Q.  What kind of effect does Colin have on the offense and on the offensive struggles?
HANNER PEREA:  He has a lot, you know.  He's always moving around in defense and moving a lot around, so we're losing a lot.
ROBERT JOHNSON:  Yeah, like you said, he was a starter for us the last couple of games, so we had to adjust a little bit.  But at the same time, with the coaching staff and the way they do things, they always put people in position where we still have good shots and to be able to take and make plays, so I think we've just got to get back, like they said, and watch the film and see how we can get better moving forward.

Q.  Talk about the importance of effort in these two games?
JAMES BLACKMON:  These last two games do mean a lot to us.  Just like this next one coming up, we're going to give it all we've got.  We're just going to fix the effort we had tonight.
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, a loss like this is tough when you lose at home with a great crowd and great fans like that.  Like James said, we're going to move on to the next game in Michigan State.

Q.  What was your feeling toward the fan reaction?
TROY WILLIAMS:  We just stick with each other, you know?  At the end of the day it's always us on the court, it's always us in practice.  It's always us in our meetings and more.  We've just got to stay together.

Q.  Nick, How important is leadership this late in the season?
NICK ZEISLOFT:  It's crucial.  I mean, the older you are, the more experience you have, and the more you have to lead by example and on the court.  It's definitely a crucial thing.

Q.  Last month you had some struggles, what's gone wrong?  What needs to happen?
TROY WILLIAMS:  I would say that just sticking together, sticking to the game plan.  Other than that, we've just got to play tougher, stick together even more and find a way to get out of this drought.

Q.  Yogi, do you feel the season slipping away or anything like that with the past two losses?
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  We're not worried about that all too much right now.  We're just focused on each game at a time and each practice at a time and just work on getting better.  We'll evaluate ourselves after the season.

Q.  It seemed in the last 11 games there have been a lot of different things that have gone wrong, but do you see anything reoccurring in the games?
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  We have our things that we have for our team that we know when we hit these certain numbers that we win, so when we don't hit those numbers, we don't have a great chance of winning.  So you say that's a recurring theme, and we can see in ourselves and we evaluate after each game why we've lost those games.

Q.  What numbers did you reach and where did you fall short of?
KEVIN YOGI FERRELL:  We're going to just look at the film and see what our numbers are.

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