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March 2, 2015

Barry Davis

THE MODERATOR:テつ Head wrestling coach, Barry Davis is here.テつ We will have an opening statement and take questions.
COACH DAVIS:テつ The two weekends that you work for all year long, Big Ten championships and NCAA Championships.テつ It's MarchMadness time right now.

Q.テつ Do you think you're in decent shape this weekend both mentally and physically?
COACH DAVIS:テつ I think so.テつ I think the way we did our schedule this year is, is what we did is we went two of those on, like a Friday, Sunday, then take two weeks off.テつ So really we debit our schedule somewhat heavy at the first semester and a lighter second semester, to give our guys those types of breaks like that, physically and mentally, so I think by doing that we're healthy going into the Big Ten championship.

Q.テつ Overall were you pleased with the regular season?
COACH DAVIS:テつ Yeah, I was pleased.テつ I think we left the Illinois dual and we had a chance to win that dual meet at the end, but overall I think the guys developed well as the season progressed.テつ I think from 125 to 132 was a big plus for us.テつ Obviously right now Alex is No. 3 in the country, big plus for him, Jordan went from 167 last year to 165, he's top 4 or 5 in the country so by make those moves I think was the best thing for us all.テつ We weren't sure at first but it worked out well for us.

Q.テつ Can you expand on Ryan tailor's success later in the season?
COACH DAVIS:テつ Well, I think he had more success because at the beginning of the year we cut him down to 125 and his body wasn't quite as big and thick as it is right now.テつ When we first moved up, first meet we were against the Ryder dual about three hours before the competition, we decided to redshirt a guy and move Ryan to 133 and since then he has had one loss and 20 from No. 18 to, I think No. 3 in the country right now so a good move overall for him and overtime he is a 133 and hope to keep them there next year.

Q.テつ When you watch Connor Medbery compete do you see a future national champion there?テつ Do you see holes in his game that he needs to address?テつ What's your vision?
COACH DAVIS:テつ I think as a coach, coach long enough you can see kids make the switch mentally.テつ And it caught, him being in the top 12 in the last two years in the country, being one match from being an All‑American.テつ He made that switch, I can see it in him.テつ I think that loss last year, that Northwestern guy, really hurt, really bad, so we came back, had talks about stuff and I think he's made the mental change and really developed and I think he's got a great shot.テつ Not only him but I think Jordan is in the hunt as well as Ryan Tailor.テつ We'll see.テつ Again, as a coach, you can see this switch, this click and it's clicked with Connor Medbery getting on the right track right now.テつ He does have a great shot.テつ We will see come March.テつ The key is this weekend, him, Jordan, Ryan Tailor, a few other guys got a chance to put themselves into a great position as far as going to the NCAA Championships, it's like the basketball team here, No. 1, 2, 3 or four seed, so they're hoping for a No. 1 seed, So we're setting in reference, the higher the teams you are, the easier it is to go in the bracket.

Q.テつ Ryan and Isaac are both good buddies, going back home for this one.テつ In that situation do you have to reign them in a little bit because they're too pumped up or pressing too much?
COACH DAVIS:テつ Last year I would probably say that.テつ I think here older now, more mature.テつ I think last year helped those guys a lot, so I don't think so.テつ I think they're looking forward to going back and putting on a good show, obviously a lot more fans there because they have Wisconsin basketball and Ohio basketball fans at the same time, too.テつ But no, I think they'll handle it well, and looking forward to going back home and they feel more comfortable going back home, too, just like a meet at the Kohl's Center.

Q.テつ I see you're going to be facing five of the top‑ten teams in NCAA Wrestling this week.テつ Is that the best preparation you can get before going to the big dance?
COACH DAVIS:テつ I think we had preparation all year long, with the schedule we had.テつ If you look at Ryan Taylor's weight, out of the top 12 guys in the country in the country, 8 guys are in the Big Ten, same with Connor Medbery.テつ So I think our preparation started way back in Novemberthat way, and continued throughout the year.テつ So the Big Ten will help, and it does prepare you for NCAA Championships, because you are in battles week in and week out, wrestling the best kids, so when you see them at the next level, it's like another match.

Q.テつ Besides, Taylor and Jordan and Medbery who else might be able to do things at the Big Ten and give you points and maybe extra lift there?
COACH DAVIS:テつ We got a freshman named Ricky Robertson, I think he will probably be No. 2 seed at the Big Ten from Illinois.テつ Timmy McCall, who is‑‑ I think he's going to be a sleeper.テつ He's the type of guy that can wreck havoc at the NCAA Championships, because he will be the type of guy that could be in the finals or not place, but he is the type of guy you wouldn't want to draw at the Big Ten or the NCAAs.テつ Those two guys there.テつ Got a couple of guys that I think ‑‑ maybe having the best year right now.テつ We're making changes with him and his style, where he needs to be.テつ I think he's picking up the pace right now, as well as Rylan Lubeck at 49, was a qualifier last year at 49, and T.J. Ruschell at 57.テつ So we got a chance to surprise some people; those guys do there.テつ I think we're sitting in a good spot overall, got to step up and be able to win the close matches, that's what it comes town to.テつ Guys are going to need to be successful, win close matches or take downs when they really matter or hit the mat, not big things, small things will be the key to winning.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks Barry.

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