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February 19, 2015

Tom Crean


COACH CREAN:  Well, unfortunately for us, the shots we made the other night and the shots we've been making, they didn't go.  We didn't get as many attempts, and we probably spent a little too much time trying to drive and create things rather than just make it simple, and really drive it for that next kick.  I think we're conscious of trying to get fouled, and we knew that the foul line is so important in this game, and it's so important to Purdue.  They're undefeated when they win the free‑throw game, and they got that again tonight.  But we missed a lot of the shots.
They looked down right there, and it would be one thing if they were all challenged, and unfortunately for us, they were open.  We took a few that weren't right.  Took a few we'd like to have back, but that's going to be part of the game.
We gave up too many points in the post, and it wasn't just the post ups, it was the rebounding, and we didn't outrebound the way that we needed to.  Our front line did not‑‑ it's one thing to give up the points, but we've got to get some defensive boards.  So the defensive rebounding, it hurt us.  It definitely hurt us.  We can't play along that front line and have Emmitt, Collin and Hanner combine for two boards.  That's just not going to get it right.
So we've got to keep going.  We're capable of better, and we've got to do better, and we will.  It's unfortunate that a great crowd and great energy that we fell short.  They played hard, we played hard.  We could have played a little better, but bottom line, a couple of those shots go down, it's a different story for us.  At the end of the game when it's a two‑point game, we wanted to come and push and get into a pick‑and‑roll, and we should have done a better job waiting for the screen and making recognition.
Again, it's not about the two or the three because we wanted to push.  If it wasn't there, we'd have time for a timeout, but we've got to let the screen get there.  And I think it was James at that point get to the corner to create the space, and our theory is usually in that kind of a situation in a break play like that, just get the spots and get that screen in the middle of the floor.  We were having good success with the screen in the middle of the floor, but it didn't get there.  We shot it a little quick and we can't get the board.  But that's part of it.  We want to play with freedom, and that's part of it.

Q.  It seemed like early in the game it was faster and it seemed they slowed it down?
COACH CREAN:  I think we slowed it down.  I don't know if it was them as much as we did.  Actually, finish your question.  I'm sorry.  No, I don't think we were moving the ball as quick as we needed to there.  It seemed like we were sitting in that 23 range for a while, and no question we were trying to dribble.  We were trying to create some contact.  We're trying to get them moving rather than just do what we do.
In all honesty, I probably should have subbed a couple guys and probably should have gotten Yogi out at one point there because he was trying on do too much with the ball rather than just let it happen.  But we figured it out, and we usually do.  We complicate our own matters, and that's what we don't need to do.  When we're playing a simple game of drive, kick, play to the corners, cut, move, we're pretty good.  When we don't do that, we make it harder.
And you have to move them.  They're big and long, and they play good help defense and they're always protecting the big guys.  They know we want to attack them.  But you have to attack them off movement and not off one or two passes.  Our first half, our big problem was we're 1 of 11 not using the paint.  That's a recipe that's not good for us.  When you don't have a true post‑up game like us, you've got to get through the paint.  You have to play through the post.  We just didn't do enough of that and we hit that little lull that you're talking about, but we didn't do enough of that.

Q.  The score was tied and they got two free lay‑ups right in a row there?
COACH CREAN:  When I called timeout?  Are you talking about in the second half?  Yeah, as I subbed, as you might remember there.  We got a little‑‑ that was not by design.  That was not by design to let them come down the lane.  We needed to do a better job of standing there.  Was that the question?

Q.  Yeah, just to follow, was it people in the zone?
COACH CREAN:  Yeah, it was moving out of the way.  It is what it is.  I don't think it's any big secret.  We didn't stand our ground.  When they're coming down the lane, you've got to have better‑‑ I mean, you're in the zone for a reason.  At that point it was a 1‑3‑1, so you have to play the middle.  We have the middle and the back, we're not in that defense.  We're not really going to the corner with that back man.  So you have to stand in there and take your ground or hold your ground, and that's why I subbed there.

Q.  47 minutes all your bench tonight.
COACH CREAN:  Yeah, I haven't studied the box scores much.  Yeah, that's not good.  Not as good as it needs to be, but I haven't really looked through that.  I'm a little more concerned about the rebounding because I think we missed open shots, but we've got to get better rebounding out of our front line.  Again, when you're dealing with the front line the way you are with them, you've got to do a better job of limiting it to one shot.  That's why when we've had success, we've out rebounded people and held them, shot for the most part and then we get some offensive scores.  So I'll go through the box score later and see how that shapes up.  But that's my initial thoughts on it.

Q.  Speaking of rebounding, between the Minnesota game and tonight, was it the 7‑footers?
COACH CREAN:  Well, it's a different game for one thing.  You don't pick up from where you left off for another thing.  The ball bounces differently.  That's another part of it.  But I would probably say we weren't as aggressive on the glass as we needed to be, and I think we missed some blockouts.  But, again, I don't want to say that whole heartedly until I really look at the film.  But my memory serves me correct, we missed some blockouts.
But it's hard.  When you're dealing with big guys and they're really doing a good job of focusing and regarding the three.  You think you hold the team to 2 of 18 from the three and you're going to have a pretty good chance of winning the game.  But we didn't do a good enough job of limiting them.  When you're in position, you've got to get everybody into the glass.
So without seeing the film, I would say that in answer to your question, every game is different.  But I would say we probably weren't around the rim as much as we needed to be when the shot went up.

Q.  How does Hanner sustain that tempo?
COACH CREAN:  Well, I think the whole thing for Hanner comes down to consistency.  I don't think there is any question about that.  It's not going to‑‑ we're not going to move forward with one rebound in 17 minutes.  Offensively he was pretty good, and he's just got to‑‑ there are going to be some fouls.  I mean, there is a lot of contact.  They're aggressive.  Bottom line, he's got to continue to use his second and third efforts to go up and get balls.  You're playing defense, a shot goes up, you have to go up and grab the ball.
He'll get back into that.  You know, even when he was healthy, we were a little bit by committee in there.  You have the ability to do different things with Collin, and at times Stan defended the post pretty well.  So they're hard to deal with, and those two are hard to deal with.  Again, it's not the points tonight to me as much as it was their second shots, because that's such a high percentage shot.  If you work and try to be aggressive and make it a tough first shot, at times we did, at times we didn't.  But the second shot, those are pretty easy shots, and he was a part of those as well.

Q.  In the first half, your biggest lead was 12, and you went on an 11‑3 run.  You did the same thing in the second half.  Later you went on an 11‑3 run, how do you account for that?
COACH CREAN:  Well, the flow of the game was just I don't have a specific answer because I don't have the running scoring total there.  I would say we executed pretty well.  Even when we were missing shots, I felt good about that.  The time I was most upset is when they got the lay‑up with the dunk down the middle.  I mean, that can't happen.  But we got that adjusted.  We toughened up and we got better.
But again, I would just say when the ball is moving and we're making that quick pass and we're making it one dribble early, which is a big thing for us, big thing to me, then we're better.  But I've got to go back and look at the flow of the game to give you a more specific answer.  I don't have that photographic memory, I'm sorry.

Q.  What needs to happen?
COACH CREAN:  Well, I don't think we took that many threes.  I don't think it's going to change and we're going to stop shooting threes and we missed open threes in a big sense.  I think we've got to get some rebounds, some offensive rebounds.  Collin Hartman didn't have an offensive board.  Some of it is bounces and we'll watch the film.  I think we'll see the hustle on the glass wasn't what it needed to be.
Again, it's offensive rebounding, it's making the next pass.  When we got in the middle pick‑and‑roll, we got a lot of good stuff.  I don't want to take anything away from their win because they earned it.  They did a really good job.  About you we missed some open shots, bottom line.  We come out of a timeout and we're running an action.  We slip the screen.  Robert's got to drive to the lane.  He tries to throw it back to Troy and Troy's not free.  The play is for Robert to go.
Sometimes with young guys that concentration and that focus when it's going fast is just not what it needed to be.  Those are a couple things that would have given us a basket, might have given us a three somewhere.
The bottom line is when the ball is going through the paint, I think I said this before about the other night, there is only one play that was really designed to get us three.  That was it.  Everything was movement, spacing, flow, back cut, back pass, transition, offensive boards whatever it is.  That is the biggest thing for us.  It's really not a number of threes or number of twos.  It's getting through the paint and getting the best shot.

Q.  The last three minutes one guy took all your shots.  Was that by design?
COACH CREAN:  No, no, I think that's probably just the way it happened.

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