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January 31, 2015

James Blackmon, Jr.

Troy Williams

Nick Zeisloft

Indiana – 72
Rutgers - 64

Q. James, what helped you guys get stops in the last few minutes?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.:  Coming out of that time‑out, every one of us just said, come on, give it all for these last seven minutes and we just toughed it out, and I don't think they got any easy buckets after that.

Q.  Troy, what was the message sent to you by not starting?
TROY WILLIAMS:  I guess when I come to play like that, we have a better chance of winning, or impact when I come in and play with energy, and what I learned from it is what I just said I learned from it.

Q.  Nick, did you feel hesitant or rusty shooting the first shot of the game?
NICK ZEISLOFT:  No, I mean, Coach is always talking about playing on demand.  You've got to be ready to take that shot at any time.  James did a great job at driving the lane and just hitting me in a perfect spot.  Just needed to knock it down.

Q.  James, talk about the way the defense spurred the offense on.
JAMES BLACKMON JR.:  I just talked to the coaches when I was down there on the bench and they just said, bring that spark like you did in practice, and that's right when I got back in the game, and I got my hands on a few balls and then Troy did, too, and everyone just got clicking, and that's where we got on a little run.

Q.  Same question to Nick?
NICK ZEISLOFT:  I think we're very connected out there and our communication is at a different level whenever we're getting stops.  Those two things go hand in hand, and you really see it on the defensive end.

Q.  You guys on average are two, three, sometimes four inches smaller than some of the teams you're playing.  How do you overcome it?
TROY WILLIAMS:  I mean, we've got to use our quickness.  We've got to get into offensive people's legs and all like Collin does it.  Yogi does a great job of doing it.  He's like, I pass to the big man out there because he always stays in their legs.  I've got my athleticism and quickness to help match up against the match‑up.

Q.  Talk about how Rutgers slowed the game down, and were you comfortable with that?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.:  Yeah, we saw that in the first half, and we actually wanted to speed them up, so we went to a little pressure one three one type of defense, and that speeded them that, but then in the second half we also went back to our two three, and we did a good job of switching up.

Q.  Talk about the competition in the Big Ten and how to stay in the mix.
JAMES BLACKMON JR.:  Well, yeah, we're happy to be in the mix, but we're not satisfied at all.  We know we had a couple games that we could have got under our belt, so next week at Wisconsin we know that it's going to be a great environment and a huge game, so I think we're going to come prepared for it.

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