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January 22, 2015

James Blackmon, Jr.

Yogi Ferrell

Collin Hartman

Troy Williams


Q.  I guess how much did you guys feel the crowd?  How much did you feed off that tonight?
YOGI FERRELL:  We fed off that a lot.  The fans of Indiana are always great, even when we were losing last year they were always great, they were always loud for us.
We got about six home games left, so we're still going to need all the fans to be like that every single night for us when we play these teams.

Q.  Yogi, what was it like out there, why do you think it went that well?
YOGI FERRELL:  After making a couple, the rim kind of just opens up a little bit more and it just gets easier to get the basketball in the hoop, basically.
So I was just trying to take with the defense gave me and I was just letting it go and then it was all up to the ball from there.

Q.  They packed the box, you were shooting well, getting rebounds, blocking shots, what was really working for you and what did you really see?
COLIN HARTMAN:  We have great preparation from our coaches, Coach Martin specifically had this game and he did a great job of telling us where we need to be, when we need to be there, so everybody today did their job extremely well.  So everybody does their job sometimes the ball just comes to you in the right spot at the right time.  So you just got to do your job every time you go out there.  So today everybody did their job and the ball came to me.

Q.  There were a lot of people ready to give up on this team before the season started.  How did you guys keep the negative out and get to this point?
TROY WILLIAMS:  We just stayed together through everything.  We just know that at the end of the day it's still us the only ones that's in the gym, it's us the only ones that are going to see each other, and it's still us that's still a team.
So we didn't let none of the outside get to us we just stayed together and you see the results are coming out well for us.

Q.  You were ROUGHED up around the rim a little bit it seems like.  Talk about the presence inside.  You obviously don't mind going inside to get the ball.
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, I'm always going to try and be a pest because me being my size, I know they probably get a little annoyed with me being down there hitting them a little bit, because they probably think this little guy is trying to move me out the way.  I'm just trying to do whatever it takes for my team to win.  And I feel like even guys like Collin and Max and Emmitt, they may be a little undersized, but they still got a lot of heart and if you got a lot of heart, that can take you a long way.

Q.  You shot the ball particularly well tonight.  What was something you guys saw coming?  That you guys were starting to hit from the perimeter.
JAMES BLACKMON:  I think we saw it coming, guys just been staging in the gym, I don't think our shots are something we're going to be worried on, because we know we're going to get it going and I think we just been come the beating in practice with shooting drills and all that and guys like Yogi got it going tonight.

Q.  That's 38 threes in the last three games.  Including last week.  Also, the 19th win over a ranked opponent, second to Kansas that has 20.  Seven straight win over a Top‑25 team here in Assembly Hall, dating back to last year starting with Wisconsin.
Yogi, I know you guys don't want to not have Hanner, but it feels like Collin throws the mismatch even further to opponents who struggled a bit when they have got to put a big man on him.  How much does that open the lane when you got a center or a five man that can run the wings like he can?
YOGI FERRELL:  We basically start all five of us being shooters, so they may think that they have the matchup when we're playing defense, but at the end of the day they got to guard us too.
So when Colin gets the ball on the wing, the big always flies out at him and he just drives right by him for either a lay up or pass and he can knock down the three.  That's the biggest thing is we basically have an undersize stretch five you could say for our team and when you have that and the way we move the ball so well, everything is just going to fall into place.

Q.  Colin, when Hanner went down, did you expect to start?
COLLIN HARTMAN:  Very quickly, no, I didn't.  I just knew that if my time came, my time came.  Like we just play on demand and if your number is called, you go in and do your job.

Q.  Last times I've been here you were out there two hours before the game really the first guy shooting.  Is that something you just feel like you need to get your shot remind or you, are you just trying to build your confidence or what's your purpose?
COLIN HARTMAN:  Just a little bit of form.  Get my shot refined and then confidence also.  But it's kind of a ritual for me just to keep doing the same thing before every game, nothing change, and just stay in my ritual.

Q.  Can you describe the significance of beating a ranked team and moving into a first place tie tonight?
TROY WILLIAMS:  They're a great team.  They're a ranked team.  I think they're a single digit ranked team on one poll.  So just beating them just gives us more confidence.  We came into this game knowing it was going to be a dog fight and it was going to be like a war zone, coming out with this win is great for us.  Great for us mentally and great for us physically.
They coming from another conference we're seeing how other conferences are and they're seeing how our conference is, so it was a great win.

Q.  Yogi, give me your thoughts on the Collin's play, shooting and blocking shots the whole thing.
YOGI FERRELL:  Colin is a guy, he's an energy sparker, I feel like.  I feel like he's in every single play for us.  He's kind of a ball magnet I say, when the shot goes up he's always flying, he'll go through two bodies to get to the ball if he has to.  For us to have a guy like that, we're going to need him to win games for us in close ones.
I know Colin is going to give it his all when he gets out there and like he said, for him, now starting, it's a play on demand thing.
The last game we had here, Penn State, Ryan Burton came in the game and started that 10‑0 spark for us.  So when we get guys like that, Colin he's starting now, he's just got his confidence and now his confidence is just rolling.

Q.  Max said you made a nice pass and he stole it.  What's a guy coming off the bench, isn't able to play a lot of minutes, is able to turn a play like that that brings energy to the game?
TROY WILLIAMS:  Just like Collin says, just have to come in the game and play on demand.  You never knows when your name is going to be called.  There will be times when coach walks past you a couple times and you start to get down, but nobody on our bench starts to get down, they just know that when their name is called, it's just game time, you just got to be ready to play and be ready.

Q.  Colin, have you had to change anything about your game, adjusting to the five?  What's it like going up guys that might have five inches on you and maybe 30 pounds?
COLLIN HARTMAN:  You got to come in ready to fight.  They're big guys, they're stronger than me, bigger than me, taller, longer.  But it comes down to heart.  Like when Yogi is battling, Troy is battling bigger guys, you got to beat them to the spot and move your feet and just be aggressive and be confident and everybody else doing around you doing their job, to help you out, gives you a lot more confidence to play defense.

Q.  Yogi, simple yes or no, the set that you have with Collin at the five, the stretch set, was that already in the playbook when Colin took over or is that something you guys had to, your staff had to invent to get ready for Penn State?
YOGI FERRELL:  What play?

Q.  Just the basic structure with Collin as the five.
YOGI FERRELL:  Oh, that was just thrown in last minute.  Yeah, that's just the beauty of our team.  We just know how to execute a play out of a timeout.  Everybody knows where to be in the right spots and we just get it done.

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