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January 9, 2015

Sage Karam

Q. Talk a little bit about how you feel this year coming into the Roar of getting ready for the Rolex and what you're looking forward to this season overall with Ganassi?
SAGE KARAM:テつ You know, I feel pretty good this year.テつ Last year was the first year with the Ford, the Ford engine, and first year for me coming into sports cars.テつ A lot of variables there.テつ This year now that I have the year‑‑ a year of experience under my belt, and same with Ford, they've made a bunch of improvements, as well as the team with the car, I feel a lot better about this year coming in and a lot more confident about how we're going to be doing, and just had our first practice session, and it went really well.テつ Cars were first and second.テつ But it's always too early to tell at this point.テつ You can't really go off times right now, and you've got to wait until the actual weekend starts.

Q.テつ Do you have any insight on who you think is going to be your biggest competition for this event?
SAGE KARAM:テつ I think a bunch of the teams that were kind of slower last year figured a bunch of stuff out, and a lot of chassis changes have been made, so I think the field is going to be a lot tighter at the top.テつ But I think obviously the Vettes are going to be fast again, so that being like Action Express and Wayne Taylor Racing, I think they're all going to be pretty quick again, so I think the Vettes are going to be probably our biggest competition.

Q.テつ And as far as with Ford coming on as the new major sponsor, have you noticed a lot of changes, and how has it affected you and the team do you think with them coming on?
SAGE KARAM:テつ Like I said, they came on last year as their first year, and it's a great process to see it when a new sponsor comes on board, but your sponsor is your engine provider.テつ To see the development and how it worked and how they worked with the team and how the team worked with them was really a cool experience.テつ It does make the drivers feel good when you've got guys like Ford working their butts off to give us the best that we have, and we're going to give our best to them.

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