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December 13, 2014

James Blackmon, Jr.

Hanner Mosquera-Perea

Troy Williams


Q.  James, you guys have seemed to be improving?
JAMES BLACKMON, JR.:  Like after every game we look at that first like turnovers and rebounding first.  So I feel like looking at it more and more have got us a lot better.  And guys like Troy today, he had zero turnovers.  We credit him for that.  We keep crediting the players for not turning it over.

Q.  (Question off microphone)
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PEREA:   We are both athletic.  We can play out there, by around, get motivated for the game.
TROY WILLIAMS:  Just like Hanner say, we have the most athleticism on the team.  The two rebounders.  We may not be the strongest but we are quicker than most big men are.  So we use athleticism and quickness to get more rebounds.

Q.  Question about tonight's play.
JAMES BLACKMON, JR.:  I feel like I got an easy one to go.  So after I get the ball to go, the rim gets bigger and bigger for me.  And my teammates like set me up on a couple of easy back doors.  So they got me going.

Q.  Do you feel as a team you're starting to get to a place where you're comfortable, where you feel like you've gotten enough out of the non‑conference.  Do you feel the team has come together in a way‑‑
TROY WILLIAMS:  We can really tell.  Each game we get better and better.  Each game we learn something new every game is like a learning experience these past few games.  Right now we're not really focused on the future part of the season we're focused on right now and right now the next thing is finals.

Q.  What are the biggest issues that need to be fixed?
JAMES BLACKMON, JR.:  Yeah, definitely stopping dribble penetration.  I think that's on everybody's list though.  Rebounding altogether.  Just like tonight we had a good game.  We want to keep expanding every game and get better.

Q.  Troy, what's the key to success for you?
TROY WILLIAMS:  Just capitalize on it.  It feels good not to be a turnover machine.  Just capitalize on it.

Q.  How have you matured, Troy?
TROY WILLIAMS:  Definitely got better since last year, definitely matured more since last year, since I've been working out over the summer and to now, like you said I can see more.  I don't have just the tunnel vision to the room, I see corner to corner, all 96feet.  Just grateful for it.

Q.  Question on coach training you to get to the ball.
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PEREA:  This is something that I've wanted to do all the time.  And since last season, as soon as we got done, we started working the same day I needed to bring to every game this season.  So those are just in there, started working on for a while now.

Q.  How much of your improvement and confidence in the game just because you've been able to stay on the court and consistently be a presence on the court also?
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PEREA:  It did a lot.  I realize that the more things I can do right now is just slow down and let it come to me.

Q.  Question on coach training you to get to the ball.
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PEREA:  This is a big play.  Just me being one of the oldest on the team, one of the biggest guys on the team, I know there's a lot I need to do for us to win and do my thing.

Q.  Hanner, how much improvement have you had?
HANNER MOSQUERA‑PEREA:  We're working a lot, Coach, everything telling us to slow down in practice, if I'm going too fast.  If I need to slow down, keep the ball out of there, post the game, things like that.

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