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November 29, 2014

Jameis Winston


Q.  Jameis, for you personally, what kind of a relief was it that Terrence went running down the field with that football that got you guys right back in the game?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  We're a team, so offense is going to do their job, defense is going to do their job.  But I'm so happy that he's my brother, and that was obviously a big turning point in the game and it gave us some juice.

Q.  Jameis, what did you say to him after that?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  He came to me, actually, because I was out, fixing to get ready to shake the field goal team's hand, and he said, "I told I got your back.  You're my brother."  And that's how it is at Florida State.  We're a family, man.

Q.  Were you a little surprised when you got blocked on a sideline by a player when he ran out of bounds?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No, I wasn't surprised.  This is an intense rivalry game.  People are going to try to take cheap shots, but that's respect.  He got to hold down his territory.  But he got a good 15 yards.

Q.  Do you think that was a compliment that he was so upset that he had to take a shot?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I don't know what it was, but I just know we got 15 yards.

Q.  The last two games no touchdowns in the second half.  You were so good in the second half (No microphone)?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, it's a new scenario every game, but the same thing is there is always room for improvement.  So we're just going to take this.  This is a good win against Florida, and look toward the next game against Georgia Tech.  Hopefully, I can not turn the ball over and get us some touchdowns in the second half.

Q.  Jameis, you said before, and sometimes you've reflected on whether to go for the big play or the safe play.  Where were you with that today?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I think I was pretty consistent.  I made a few mistakes that hurt us, but like I said, it's a family here, and the defense had my back, offense had my back.  Offensive line did a great job, and Dalvin Cook did it again.

Q.  Jameis, your touchdowns seem to be going in spurts.  They come in pairs.  What do you attest to that?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I'm just blessed to have him as a tight end.  I wish we could line him up in the slot and throw all types of routes as a wide receiver, because he's so talented.  But that guy is amazing.  He gets in the trenches and blocks, and then he goes out.  He's the best tight end in college football.

Q.  You guys are the only team left standing undefeated.  How hard is it to keep this streak going as a quarterback especially with the scrutiny of who you play and when you play?
JAMEIS WINSTON:¬† We're not thinking about the streak; we're thinking about the next game.¬† Being 12‑0 doesn't mean nothing to us if we slip up and get a loss.¬† So, obviously, that means a lot for the fans as being undefeated and a lot for the seniors that have been undefeated the past two years.¬† So we're not worried about no pressure about being undefeated.¬† That's just Florida State Seminoles.

Q.  Have you not had this kind of interception.  Were you just out of rhythm?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I had one against Louisville.  I had three picks against Louisville, and four picks today.  But like I said, there is always room for improvement.  The guys, they've got my back.  I'm not a selfish person, so me having four interceptions, it's not going to kill the team.  We're going to be up cheering the guys on.  You know, we've got a victory.
I know I've got to get better at my performance, so I can lead this team in a better way.  But, hey, like I said, we pulled things together and we got that win.

Q.  Jameis, what could you learn about this team this year as you went throughout the regular season?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, our time span isn't over yet, so I've got so much more to learn about this team.  Obviously, the ACC Championship is going to be a big game for us, and us winning the State Championship, beating Miami and Florida, that is the passion for these guys.
Like I said, you have to give the shout out to the seniors.  For two years in a row they protected their house and everyone else's house, so shouts out to them.  What a special group.

Q.  Did you say anything to the defensive players?  You guys had early offensive struggles.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yeah, I told them I'm going to protect the ball.  After my third pick, I told them I'm going to protect the ball.  It's crazy to throw three picks in the first quarter.  That's wild.  I was like, wow.  But like I said, I've got to keep the intensity up.  I can't let guys see me struggling.
People can say, oh, Jameis is struggling on the field, but I'm never going to let my morale as a person or my ego change because of a bad performance by me.  So my job as a quarterback is to lead the guys.  Sometimes I didn't lead by example, but I still lead mentally.

Q.  Did Terrence Smith really kind of spark you guys with that pick?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  That was a big changing point in the game.  But like I said, it's a team effort.  We actually converted a good bit of third downs too, so definitely winning in the red zone in third downs helped us out.

Q.  When your running game can get 180 yards, how does that help the offense?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, like I said, Dalvin Cook, Karlos Williams, Freddie Stevenson and Mario Pender, they're so dynamic in that back field.  I hate we lost Karlos early in the third quarter, but I mean, the way that those guys just bounce back and keep playing.
In the beginning of the year people tried to say Florida State's running game isn't good enough.  We always fight back with the critics and the haters showing people we can do everything.

Q.  Did you think this might be your final game?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Of course not.  I don't think about stuff like that.  I'm thinking about this season and finishing this season.  I'm not thinking about nothing like that.

Q.  (No microphone)?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yeah, well, they tried to cover them a good bit.  He actually got hailed on one play across the middle pretty badly.  But like I said, one person doesn't run this team.  When they try to take away somebody else, Nick O'Leary, boom, huge game.  Like I said, we're a family.  If you try to take away somebody, somebody else is always going to step up.

Q.  If there were one or two seniors you could have back next year, who would it be?
JAMEIS WINSTON:¬† I can't make a decision on one or two.¬† I love my squad.¬† You better believe that.¬† I love my whole team, our team.¬† You just can't think about a team, so successful. ¬†Like first team in Florida State history to have two undefeated regular seasons.¬† Those guys are special.¬† So even the walk‑ons.¬† I wanted those guys back because those guys know how to win, and those guys played a big part in this family and getting what Florida State has accomplished over the few years.

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