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November 29, 2014

Terry Poole

Donnel Pumphrey

Jon Sanchez


Q.  Jon, just from a defensive standpoint, how bummed were you guys not to get the shutout, and how happy were you with your performance?
JON SANCHEZ:  We were a little bit bummed we didn't get the shutout.  At the same time, we played well the whole game.  Just a little thing, so it's not a big deal.

Q.  Jon, how does it feel to finish out the regular season like this, like you've played these last couple of weeks?
JON SANCHEZ:  It feels good.  We knew coming in we would have to win the last couple of games to get to a Bowl game.  That's the goal every year.  So to be able to do that feels really good.

Q.  D.J., you were running some pretty big holes.  The offensive line help you?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  The offensive line picked it up all year.  They've been able to open up holes in their big lanes, and all you see is green, to be honest.  I was able to make a couple guys miss and hit the hole.

Q.  D.J., did you aggravate your ankle a little bit in the first quarter?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  Yeah, I tweaked it a little bit, but I'll be good.

Q.  Is it the right or the left?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  I've been having ankle problems all year.

Q.  On both ankles?

Q.  You look like you wanted to go back in, though?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  Yeah, I was good.  It was just a little tweak.

Q.¬† Yeah.¬† When you get to 250, 260 yards like you did today, first of all, are you watching at all?¬† Second, there have been only two performances at San Diego State over 300 yards.¬† Do you want to get‑‑ as a competitor, do you want to get to kind of that kind of milestone?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  Honestly, it's all about winning for me.  I just want to put us in position to make us win the ball game, and I know my teammates do as well.

Q.  So you're not thinking about it just a little bit?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  No.  My teammates, they come up to me talking about it a little bit, but it's all about the team.

Q.  Jon, preparing for this game, you didn't know what they were going to do at quarterback.  Was it hard to prepare for different guys?
JON SANCHEZ:  Maybe a little built but not too much because, no matter who was in there, they kind of ran the same offense.  We were ready for whoever was in there.  When 13 got hurt, 14 came in, and they were running the same stuff.  It wasn't a big deal for us.

Q.  Terry, as much as D.J. always gives you guys credit, rightfully so, what's the flip side of what you guys get out of him on a regular basis as far as his performance?
TERRY POOLE:  We know that, if we get him five, ten yards past the line of scrimmage, he's going to take it home.  That's what we try to do, just strain as long as we can, and he going to break it for a touchdown.  That's what we tell him every time, just keep going.

Q.  [ No microphone ].  Have you ever seen him at all?
JON SANCHEZ:  I saw him a little bit in high school.  I'm not sure I really played against him, but I saw him a couple of times.  I was aware of him.

Q.  [ No microphone ]?
JON SANCHEZ:  Just play sound defense.  Don't try to do too much.  Just do your assignment and make a tackle when it's there.

Q.  D.J., did you think you were gone on the one where you got caught from behind?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  Honestly, yeah.  I'd seen a cutback left.  I could have used the whole field, but I just wanted to use my speed.  I knew the guys were approaching from behind.  So I just wanted to cover it up, and they were able to make the tackle.

Q.  How about Drew and number 6 on the sideline after that one run?  Were you pretty pumped after that?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  Well, yeah, because I'm looked at as a small back.  So I want to show that I'm able to run people over as well.

Q.  Whether it's on the sideline or on the field?

Q.  D.J., you had a lot of big runs going outside today.  Was that your mission going into the game, or is that something that's just where the holes were?
DONNEL PUMPHREY:  It's just where the holes were.  Coach Toledo called great plays.  The offensive line was able to open up holes, and I was able to hit them.

Q.¬† Jon, 31‑0, does it get a little hard to keep your focus on the defense?
JON SANCHEZ:  It can if you let it.  You've just got to stay focused, stay in the game, and just get excited.  If there's not a lot of energy or a lot of competition, you've got to just stay in the game and keep playing hard.

Q.  Do you think that was [ no microphone ]?
JON SANCHEZ:  I'm not really sure, to be honest.

Q.  How would you guys feel about staying home for a Bowl, like San Diego?  What would that mean relative to anywhere else you would go?
TERRY POOLE:  Any Bowl game would be fine with us.  We don't care where it's at.  We're going to play to win.

Q.  And, Terry, as a guy who's been here through all this really nice stretch, to get to a fifth straight Bowl, you know you're going to make it, still in question going into this week, what's that feeling like now, knowing that you guys can get into that spot?
TERRY POOLE:  It's great.  I told Coach Long, I've got to hope for a win and just have hope really.  Just blessed for the opportunity to play another Bowl game.

Q.¬† Terry, I think D.J. is only a few yards away from the single season SDSU rushing record.¬† Is that something, if he's able to get that, the O‑line would take a lot of pride in that?
TERRY POOLE:¬† Yeah, we take a lot of pride on what the running backs are doing because we definitely‑‑ we all put in the work along with the running backs.¬† We definitely want them to break the record.¬† We tell them that every week.

Q.  I was asking the other players earlier, is there a little bit of disappointment in having to root for a team tonight to beat another team when you could have controlled your own destiny with another win?  What's the sense of that?
JON SANCHEZ:  I mean, it can be disappointing if you let it, but at the same time, it's like it's in the past, and we can't really control anything.  So we've just got to see what happens, and what happens we'll be happy with because we're going to a Bowl game.

Q.  Are you going to watch the game together?  Where are you guys going from here?
JON SANCHEZ:  I mean, just watch it with the family, friends, whoever you want to watch it with.  I'll probably watch it with my family.

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