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November 29, 2014

Derek Largent

Chase Price

Malik Smith


Q.  Well, it was almost a shutout.  Talk about how that went.
MALIK SMITH:  It was almost a shutout.  I blame that on me.  I gave up a touchdown the last couple seconds of the game.  So it's unfortunate, but seven points is not bad either.

Q.  Talk about how you guys have played the last couple of weeks.  The last couple of weeks, how good it felt to play as well as you guys have.
DEREK LARGENT:  It always feels good, but it starts with that preparation during practice.  Coaches always preach it.  We go hard in practice, and the results show up in the game.
MALIK SMITH:  I would say the same thing.
CHASE PRICE:  Obviously, the offensive line, they played very well the whole season.  So it was really just me and D.J. were just thankful for the work they put in.  Honestly.  It's all on them.  Quinn too.

Q.  What was it like to see Lucky score after working all year?
CHASE PRICE:  It's great, man.  Lucky is the type of guy that's always super hyped at practice and all that.  It was great to see people ‑‑ just people like that really just to see honestly.  So it was great.

Q.  Last year you guys went to UNLV and lost that last game.  This year you won your last game of the season.  Talk about the mindset that you guys came in with.  Did anyone talk about what happened last year in the Bowl?
DEREK LARGENT:  Last year we didn't come out the right way, didn't prepare the right way or have the right attitude.  And this year we weren't going to let that happen.  The whole team wanted the seniors to go out the right way, and we did it.

Q.  [ No microphone ]?
DEREK LARGENT:  It's always exciting getting to see the defense shut out an opponent.  Being a part of that is really fun.  But it doesn't really matter what the score is at any point.  We play like it's 0‑0 the whole game.

Q.  [ No microphone ]?
DEREK LARGENT:  Well, that definitely helps, but in the long run, it's just about who's more physical, regardless of what we're doing.  So yeah.

Q.  Obviously you had such a strong finish.  Is there any sense of frustration knowing that one of those other close games and you could have taken care of that, and you wouldn't have to worry about what could have been.
MALIK SMITH:  That's definitely frustrating.  We had a chance to control our season and our destiny, and we didn't take care of business.  That's definitely frustrating.  We're hoping Hawaii wins tonight.

Q.  Chase, the type of relationship that you and Malik have this year as far as switching out off and on and all that.  How effective‑‑ it was an incredibly effective day.  How effective do you think it's been throughout the season?
CHASE PRICE:  I think it's been very effective, just the different kind of styles in a way.  I feel like they work well together.  D.J. had a great season, an amazing season.  Just kind of working off him as being the second guy kind of, it was good, I thought.

Q.  What's your perspective on what he's done and how he is as a player?  What are your thoughts?  How would you describe him?  If you've never seen him, how would you describe him?
CHASE PRICE:  His play?

Q.  Yeah.
CHASE PRICE:  The best way is probably electrifying.  You know he's going to break for one at least once during the game.  So electrifying is probably the best way.

Q.  And what is it like to watch him?
CHASE PRICE:  It's been great.  I actually learned a lot from him too.  The way he carried himself during the game, just the passion like that.  So I mean, it's been a blessing truly.

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