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November 25, 2014

Bobby Petrino

COACH PETRINO:  We're coming off a good win at Notre Dame where I was very proud of our players and our assistant coaches.  We're very excited about the game coming up this weekend.  We host Kentucky at home.  Our Senior Day.  A group of seniors that have won a lot of games around here, helped develop our program.  We're looking forward to the weekend.

Q.  With the ACC portion of your schedule out of the way, what was your biggest take away from the step up in competition for Louisville this season?  A little difficult for you to gauge not having been there last season.  How do you think your team responded to ACC play?
COACH PETRINO:  I thought we had some great battles.  It's a very competitive conference, kind of what we told our players going in:  everybody is going to have good players, everyone is going to be very well‑coached.  It's going to come down to the fourth quarter.  We won some in the fourth quarter.  Unfortunately we dropped a couple, too.
It was exciting for us.  I think it gives us a great gauge in what we need to do in recruiting.

Q.  The fact that Kentucky is 5‑6 coming in, fighting for their bowl‑eligibility lives here, does that add a little extra spin to the game?  Do you expect them to be even more fired up?
COACH PETRINO:  Yeah, really all we're concerned about is ourselves.  We need to go out, have a great week of practice, go through the preparation that we always do, do a good job of focusing in, worry about going out and performing the way we're capable of performing.

Q.  Having watched Kentucky on tape, what do you see from them on both sides of the ball?
COACH PETRINO:  I think they have a good football team.  They have a quarterback that can throw it and run.  Good speed outside by their wide receivers.  Can go up and make catches.  We got a great challenge there.
Defensive front.  They can rush the passer, make plays.
We know it's going to be a challenge for our team.  Again, like I say, it's up to us to do a good job in our preparation.

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