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November 25, 2014

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER:  Very proud of our team, the way we played against Boston College.  Very different type of game as far as possessions.  Very much like a pro football game.  Limited possessions.  Had to maximize your efforts.
Thought we moved the ball well on offense for the day.  Thought they gave up a few things, but played great red zone.  Got key stops when we had to.  Had a critical drive.  Again, especially with the conditions, thought we took care of the ball.  Had the one turnover on a deflection.  On a rainy day did a good job of ball control.  Thought the kicking game, or punter did an excellent job.  Roberto made the big kick when he had to at the end.
As far as being able to deal with those situations, both teams had that situation.  But great football game.  Proud of our team, the way we played.  Boston College is well‑coached.  Steve does a great job.
Into Florida this week.  Great rival.  One of the greatest rivalries in college football.  They do a great job with their coaching staff.  They play hard, run on defense, can cover in the secondary.  Quarterbacks are very athletic.  They have speed with Robinson and Dunbar and those guys outside in the skill positions.
It will be a great game.  Looking forward to the matchup.  It's one of the reasons you come to Florida State, is to be able to play in this rivalry.

Q.  When you go back and look at the film of the Florida‑Georgia game, how helpful can that be?
COACH FISHER:  Can be for the schematics.  We're different in different ways.  They're in the first year of what they're doing up there.  But it gives you a general idea of some things to do.  As some other guys do.  There are some other defenses out there that are similar and have some history in the background.  It's a great reference point.

Q.  To be able to gain over 400 yards rushing with six passes, offensively what were they able to do that was so successful?
COACH FISHER:  They blocked them up front, broke tackles, continually bounced the ball without defense on the edges.  Georgia for some reason, people weren't setting the edges, the ball was bouncing outside a lot.  They were being very physical, very patient in the game.  Their backs were running very hard up inside.

Q.  Given Coach Muschamp's situation at Florida, do you expect that to have an impact on the game in any way, that his players would be extra fired up?
COACH FISHER:  They're going to be fired up anyway because of Florida, Florida State.  I don't think that has to fire them up.
At the same time I know they have a tremendous respect, they like Will very much.  I know they're going to play very hard on his last game.  As I can say, they can put all their eggs in one basket and put it out there.  We're expecting probably their best game.  Year.  They will definitely come in trying to play it.

Q.  With 27 games won in a row, do you guys ever hear them talking about that, do the coaches talk to the players about it?  Just the weight of that, does it add any pressure to what's already a pressure situation?
COACH FISHER:  No, I don't think it does.  We don't talk about that.  We try to stay in the moment for the next week.  We don't talk about records or things we're doing.  There's too much to accomplish in what we have in front of us.  That's how we go about it.
We don't ever dwell on those types of things.  I don't look at it as a burden or pressure.  Those games are in the past.  The pressure is always the next game.

Q.  Your team is a better second‑half team than first‑half team, they're not motivated till they get into the second half.  Is that a correct perception or incorrect?
COACH FISHER:  I think it's very incorrect perception.  I think our kids play well in all halves.  Sometimes you execute better at different times in the game.  We played extremely well last week.  Moved the ball up and down the field very well.  Defense played very hard.
I think we always play very hard.  I don't think we ever lack motivation.  I think it is a media term for a lack of just a type of team we are because you have to put a finger on it.  We play well when we have to play well.  We play hard all the time.
You don't always play well, but we always play hard.  It's not like we're out of the games in the first half.  The game is a 60‑minute game.  That's the object of the game.

Q.  Just asking about your young runningback Cook, I know the impact he's had lately has been significant.  When did he really start making himself that significant in the coach's eyes?
COACH FISHER:  He always has been.  He was nicked and knacked.  Mario Pender was playing extremely well ahead of him at the time until he got hurt.  We had Carlos.  He was waiting his time.  We felt very good about him all year, especially after the second, third ballgame of the year.  We felt comfortable.  Mario got banged up.  He got his opportunity.  He got hot.  We feel comfortable with Mario if he has to go back in the game with Carlos.
Same old deal.  Seems pretty good from our standpoint.  He's been that way all year.  It's just now he's getting the opportunity.

Q.  Is he your best breakaway threat from that position?
COACH FISHER:  He and Pender are neck‑and‑neck when you go speed.  Carlos is just a step or two behind them.  To be honest with you, Ryan Green, who hasn't played much because of injury, is just as athletic, maybe faster.  All those guys have the ability to do that.

Q.  You mentioned Florida's defense before.  What is the biggest concern they pose for you?
COACH FISHER:  I think they have very good rush people up front, they're very multiple in what they do.  They play the run extremely well.  Coming from inside, they're physical.  Fowler is a very good football player, up, down, anywhere else.  Linebackers can run.  Hargreaves is tremendous in the secondary.  He and Poole and those guys.  They play man, zone, they blitz.  Very multiple fronts.  I think they're a very, very good defensive football team.

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