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November 24, 2014

Yogi Ferrell

Troy Williams


Q.  What would you say is the biggest issue in closing out games for you guys?
YOGI FERRELL:  I think the thing was turnovers, although we didn't have very many.  I think he had we had a couple down the stretch that we didn't need to have and the main thing, defense down the stretch.  I felt like their guards drove the lane and got around us very easily.  I think that was the biggest thing.

Q.¬† How do you increase that as a team.¬† You guys have talked and Coach has talked tonight about basically stopping penetration.¬† I know it's not a one‑on‑one thing, how do you address the team getting better there?
YOGI FERRELL:  I think as a team when we are out there and someone is on the ball I think our team has to get the person on the ball know, either way, just so that teammate knows if I get blown by I at least got help.  I think defensively our communication wasn't there to let that teammate know down the stretch we had guys not communicating in switching and that's how they got to the lane so easily for those couple of late baskets for them.
For that, we just didn't do a great job of keeping our chest in front of the ball and stopping penetration.

Q.  What is the key for the team to win in crunch time and what can you learn from this game to do so?
TROY WILLIAMS:¬† I felt like we have to in crunch time get a better bonding with each other.¬† You got to know each other on the court, you got to know more on defense, like Yogi said, we lacked communication on defensive end, and they attacked us one‑on‑one buckets, so, really, just all comes together.¬† We just got to bond even closer than what we were.

Q.  How can you practice for crunch times?
TROY WILLIAMS: ¬†The way practice is set up, sometimes we have those crunch times and all, but it's different when you're on the court and actually‑‑ it actually counts.¬† It counts in practice, but this time our on the court and this is what we trained to do so we got to come even closer.

Q.  Were you surprised about the block on your dunk?
TROY WILLIAMS:¬† Really it was just me not just finishing the play.¬† It was me trying to‑‑ I mean, I could have taken another dribble, because he already anticipated two dunks, so it just comes down to putting the ball in the bucket.

Q.  What will you tell the fans after this loss?
YOGI FERRELL:  Whether we lose or win here, you know, we just going to take it as a learning experience.  I think that's the biggest thing.  I know we're going to get in the film room and watch film, it's not going to be a happy film session but that's something we need for our team and for our team to grow.  Practice is going to be rough but you know I feel like that's what we're going to need and just gotta get out there, play defense, you know, just tell everybody we'll be okay, watch film, get in practice and we'll just get back to the basics.

Q.  Why did you drive to the bucket instead of attempting a three there in the last part of the game?
YOGI FERRELL:¬† Speaking with Coach after they shot that free‑throw, he told me we didn't need a three, necessarily I looked for a driving lane.¬† Surprised I missed that layup, so I'm going to get in there and work on that left hand.¬† I went to the rim; Troy almost had a tip and it just didn't go for us.

Q.  Is it hard to play well with three games in such a short time span?
UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER:¬† I would say yes and no.¬† No in the way that we didn't prepare to guard them on the dribble, for penetration. ¬†Our game plan was to take away the three's; they were making 12 three's a game, so I felt like we tried to take away the three's more than guard one‑on‑one, basically, and I would say, you know, it is a good thing because it gives us another opportunity to go out there Friday and kinda bounce back for our team.

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