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November 24, 2014

Pete Robertson

DeAndre Washington

Q.  Talk about the feeling coming off that game?  I know you kind of talked about it after the game.  But could you kind of elaborate on that not only for you as a player but your team as well?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, anytime we can get a win, especially on the road against a Big 12 opponent, no matter who the opponent is, it's always going to be huge.  So it's definitely a good feeling especially after the way things have been going.

Q.  What's that (Indiscernible) mark mean for you?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  It's huge.  I talked about it a little bit after the game.  It feels good when something hasn't been done for a while but more so for the big guys up front.  They were more looking forward to it than I was, so I'm glad I was able to get it done for them.

Q.  They say anything to you about it after the game?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, we had a little celebration.  We celebrated a little bit later that night.  But it was a good feeling.

Q.  Take them out for dinner or anything special?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, I've got something planned for them for Christmas.  I haven't told them yet.  Try not to put that in the article.  But I've got something planned for them.

Q.  What is the difference in the on offense from last season to this season?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, I just think it's kind of been up and down.  Just hit and miss.  It's kind of been, we've been having changes at the quarterback position, so it's kind of been up and down and trying to get chemistry with different quarterbacks.  Really it comes down to execution.  We just haven't been executing this year and making all the plays that we needed.
So put the games away or stay in drives.  I felt like we were doing that last year.  Just not being able to convert in the red zone as well.

Q.  How frustrating is that offense?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  I mean, it's definitely frustrating just knowing because we know how good we can be, so it's definitely frustrating.

Q.  So it's been more difficult, I guess, to adjust from Davis to Patrick this year and Davis to Baker and back?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  No, it's really just execution.  Like we've had‑‑ like coach said, we've had so many dry balls this year.  Some things are just unheard of.  I mean, things like that, just little things, penalties, little nicks that are holding us back, so that's been really the most frustrating thing.  We've basically been putting ourselves in a hole.

Q.  Are you treating this game like it's a bowl game?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  I mean, it's not a bowl game, but it's definitely the last game.  So you might as well call it our bowl game, but it doesn't have the feeling of a bowl game.

Q.  What do you expect to see from Baylor offensively?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  They're really fast.  Their defensive coordinator has been known to have a lot of exotic looks, so we'll be prepared for it, and make sure we do what needs to be done this week to be prepared for that.

Q.  (No microphone)?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, I think we'll be fine.  Just not even trying to be the spoiler, but just to go out and send our seniors out the right way and something to spark us up going into the off‑season.

Q.  Can you talk about trying to send the seniors out on a good note this week?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, it's huge.  That's why it's personal to me.  I came in with a lot of those guys.  So to get this win would definitely be a good feeling.

Q.  Coach said Justin needed to see the holes a little better.  At what point in your career did you become more comfortable, and when did you turn the corner as far as being able to see the holes developing?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  I think it was the year‑‑ yeah, he's just young.  I think it will come with time and come with experience.  But for me personally, I think the year I sat out I kind of got a chance to watch the game from the side a lot and kind of see things a little bit different from the sidelines down the field.  So it kind of gave me a better perspective.  Just the game plan.  He's still getting used to the game speed.  He's fast, but you've got to realize sometimes you've got to get your yards in the nitty‑gritty.  Like I said, it will come with time and come with experience.  He'll be all right.

Q.  How tough is it to develop that patience?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, it's not really tough.  Just because with time, it comes repetition, comes practice.  As he continues to take reps and continues to practice, it will come.  It will come naturally for him.  He's a good athlete, so there is no doubt in my mind he'll pick it up.

Q.  Speaking of practice, talk about the message this week going in to practice just to get these guys one more?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, it's huge, trying to send those seniors out the right way.  We've been preparing that this whole season, really.  Now we're at the point now where we're winding down.  It's kind of hitting close to home that this is the last game for those guys, so just try to go out there and sell out.

Q.  On a more personal note, talk about what they mean to you or what they did for you in an individual role?

Q.  Yeah, seniors.
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  A lot of those guys, Kenny, Bradley, Jackson, some of the others like I said, I came in with a lot of those guys.  I stayed with some of those guys, so I know those guys personally on and off the field.  So I mean, like I said, it's a good thing to see how they progressed along the years and I'm happy for them.  Like I said, just try to send them out the right way.

Q.  You've had nearly 200 touches, how does your body feel?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  I feel pretty good.  I've been trying to take care of my body over the course of the week, but I've been feeling pretty good.

Q.  I'm sure you're familiar with the term style points.  I think that's what Baylor's going to be going for against you guys.  Do you take that personally?  Do you talk to the guys about going full board or that sort of thing?
DEANDRE WASHINGTON:  At this point I don't feel much motivation is needed.  Playing against a top 5 team, it's our last game, and we got the opportunity to do something that hasn't been done in a while.  Since I've been here, I haven't had a chance to beat Baylor.  So I take that as personal motivation.  But like I said, it's our last game, so I think that's all the motivation we need is to go out there and finish it the right way.

Q.  Beating Baylor, what would that mean to you?
PETE ROBERTSON:  It would mean a lot to the team.  We haven't had a good season going on this whole season, so just winning this game against Baylor, I'd really appreciate it for our seniors, like Kenny, and Bradley, and the rest of those guys.

Q.  Have you heard guys talk about playing that spoiler role?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Oh, no.  We're going to take it as any other game.  Just like in the past we played OU, Texas.  It will be very important to send these guys out on a good win.

Q.  Are you treating this game like a bowl game?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Well, it's our last game, so it's kind of like a bowl game, but at the end of the day, it's just another Big 12 opponent.  We're going to come out ready to play ball.

Q.  Talk about that atmosphere of getting to play there and kind of getting that feeling and in that type of place?  Just talk about that a little bit?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Playing in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium it's amazing.  Lot of people wish they could play in there.  It's just a great feeling playing with that type of team, and our high‑powered offense, and what a great team they have.  It will be a fun experience playing in Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Q.  What does it mean to you to get ten sacks?
PETE ROBERTSON:  It means a lot just because it helps our team a lot more in those situations in games where I got it off the field.  Things to help with B‑Jack, and J.J. Gaines, and Sam Eguavoen, they help me hold off the receivers a lot so I can get out there and get a pass rush.  So it means a lot to the team getting ten sacks.

Q.  Do you remember playing Saturday first quarter it was third down play.  Looked like you had a pretty clear shot at quarterback?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Yeah, our time to snap up perfectly coming off the line.  I just got too ahead of myself knowing I had a free shot on him.  Me playing my assignment, I was supposed to go for the up field shoulder, and I didn't.  I went for the inside shoulder.  So that gave enough room to step back and shake loose from me.

Q.  How important is it for you guys, you just hit on it right there, but how important is it for you guys to make sure you're sound, your technique is all in the right place against Baylor?
PETE ROBERTSON:  It's very, very important.  As you can see this season, we had plays that we should have made and we didn't make them.  The other team capitalized on it every single time.  And the goal last week I missed that second and they end up scoring that same drive.  I told the defense that's on me, and I'm going to make up for it.  But it's very important for every single person on our team to play our assignment and make plays.

Q.  In the preseason Sam said he was looking forward to shutting off Baylor.  What was the reaction when you heard him say that?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Anything my teammate wants to do or however they want to do it, I'm 100% behind them.  If he wants to shut them down like that, we can do that.  We're just going to all come out and play.  This is the last game.  I hate that we had that type of season like that, but if he wants to come out with a bang, we're all going to come out with a bang.

Q.  Coach was kind of reluctant to have both out there or (Indiscernible)?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Coach is glad we come out with that kind of spark every single game, every single practice.  We need guys like that.  Sam was a heck of a player.  I loved playing with him.  All four years with him being here.  It's just exciting to see a guy go out there and love playing the game of football.

Q.  Talk about really quick what those other senior guys mean to you?
PETE ROBERTSON:  It means a lot because of all the work we did in the off‑season, spring football, all of that.  It means a lot because I grew on to those guys.  Some of those guys are like my big brothers and some of the guys are like my brothers.  It means a lot.  I just want to send them guys out on a good note.  After this game, it might be some guys' last time playing football ever.  I just want to send them out with a big smile on their face by beating Baylor.

Q.  Don't want to get too ahead of ourselves, but do you see yourself in a good NFL role?
PETE ROBERTSON:  I'm not going to speak on that right now.

Q.  Talk about the secondary the last couple of weeks, did you guys put a lot of pressure on yourselves?
PETE ROBERTSON:  I had to.  I put pressure on myself when I saw Keenon Ward go down, then Jalen Barnes, and Dorian.  I was putting pressure on myself because it shouldn't have gotten to a point where they had to throw their bodies out of line to stop the receivers down the field.  Me and Branden Jackson should have been back there and slowed the quarterback down plenty of times.
We tried to get back as quick as possible because they've got guys on the inside and outside that made plays.  The only thing to do was just throw it up there and make the play.  We are going to strive to get back there every single chance we get.

Q.  With this win under your belt, do you guys think you're up to the task?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Oh, yes, definitely, definitely.  We've been up to the task the whole season.  We just couldn't capitalize.  It's been our last game once again with this type of opponent.  We're going to try to come out and just play our normal routine like we did the whole season.

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