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November 22, 2014

Jameis Winston

Boston College – 17
Florida State - 20

JAMEIS WINSTON:  It's not about being a hero.  I'm pretty sure Roberto would say that, too.  It's about getting that win, and we've got the best kicker in the country.  So that's expected out of 'Berto.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Once you get inside the 45 we know that Roberto is there.  He's tremendous.  He deserves that.

Q.  When the interception happened on the field, you looked like you were kind of upset on the field.  Was it because it should have been called pass interference, or was it just with the interception?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, it's a lot of things that happened with that play, and I did get upset.  But you've got to move on.  You can't focus on the past.

Q.  Rashad looked like he was really hurt and then he came back.  How much of a comfort factor is that guy for you?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  'Shad is just an outstanding player, and I'm blessed to have him as one of our wide receivers.  This whole program is blessed to have him in it.
I mean, he's got the heart of a lion.  He's going to keep producing.  He's going to keep performing and just keep moving on up in the record books.

Q.  Does having a game like this where you have to have a little bit of adversity and struggle, can that be just as good an emotional lift going into the Florida game as it would blowing somebody out?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, the majority of games we've played this year have been like this game, so this isn't nothing new.  But obviously it's going to be a different atmosphere for the Gators.  They're coming off a ‑‑ well, they beat Georgia so they feel like they can beat anybody, and we're going to be ready.  We're going to be prepared.

Q.  From an offensive perspective how difficult is it watching the other team control the football?  Does that put more pressure on you?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, not really pressure, but we've got to make things happen when we get like those possessions, like we don't get that many possessions.  If you think about it, we beat ourselves.  It's not that‑‑ I mean, they played outstanding on defense, but every time we had a big play it was either a penalty or some type of mistake, they just moved us on back, and when you have very little possessions you have to execute.

Q.  The high snap, was it due to just‑‑
JAMEIS WINSTON:  It's no excuse, I should have caught both of them really.  You know, Cam, this is his second game at center, so obviously we're making some adjustments, and yeah, he's facing a lot of adversity his second game as center, and the ball is wet, the grass is wet, but eventually he got the job done.
Like I say, we can't live in the past.  I should have caught both of them.  Obviously my ankle, so I probably would have had a high vert to get them, so we're going to start executing.

Q.  What's it like from the sideline when (inaudible) do you get antsy on the sideline?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, we got confidence, you know, so I told them, get ready to score.  Obviously we know we've got the best field goal kicker in the country and we knew our defense was going to somehow get a stop.  We're looking to try to score.  Like I said, we've been in that situation a lot this year, so it's no sweat, no worries.  We're just going out there and trying to win a football game.

Q.  What did you see on the first play that Karlosreversed ‑‑
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, the will to win.  Like I say, we're trying to win a football game.  Ain't nothing going through our mind.  We're not thinking about if we mess up, we're thinking about how are we going to win this football game.  The one thing about this team, everybody has their individual responsibility to help us win.  Like we say with Roberto, Roberto, if you think about it, if Roberto doesn't kick every extra point we still might lose, so he's part of being the hero every single time.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  It probably was bothering me more today because of the turf.  It was wet out there, so it was soft.  But my ankle is fine.  It's getting better.  I'm doing my treatment, and hopefully by next week I won't even have to tape it up that much.

Q.  Do you feel it when you're running more orstepping into it? 

Q.  Seemed like you reinjured it during the game a little bit.  How much did you favor it towards the end of the game?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  You know, the only reason I was looking like that was because it was raining, and they had very long drives, and when you get cold like that you've got to get yourself back up.  That was probably the worst game to have a sprained ankle.

Q.  How much harder did that make it, the extremes?  How did the rain affect everything?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, it's kind of in your mind, especially with the guys and the routes, seeing the ball in, holding on to the football.  I think we only turned the ball over one time this game, and we did a real good job of protecting the football.

Q.  What was the ref saying to you when you triedto (inaudible)?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Oh, he was just holding it because he said we had a substitution.  It was actually a fast‑tempo play, so I was trying to get up under there and let it ride.

Q.  What are your thoughts about next week's rival game with Florida?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Like I say, it's our last home game of the regular season, and then it's against the Gators.  I don't know much about the rivalry, but I've played in one, and we won, so I know the guys around here from Florida are going to be banging their heads against the wall because we have to win this game.  So I look forward to it, and hopefully we get a win.

Q.  You guys seem to be downgraded every time you win a game close.  Do you think much about that?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, we were downgraded every time we blew someone out last year, so think of the irony of that.  If we win the game close, we're bad, when we blow someone out, we're bad.  But the thing is we're a team, we're a family at Florida State.  What everyone else thinks about us, that's none of our business, as long as we love each other, as long as we trust in each other and as long as we believe in each other and keep winning football games, I think we're still going to do what we have to do.

Q.  Dalvin had big runs for you down the stretch for the second straight week.  Talk about what he did.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, all of our backs are tremendous, but for Dalvin to be young and do the things that he does is very impressive.  He's definitely one of the most electrifying backs in the country.  I think if we can hand him the ball off 30 times, he would have numbers off the charts.

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