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November 22, 2014

Brian Kelly


Q.  Brian, bad hold or did Kyle just miss it?
COACH KELLY:  I don't think it was executed at the level it needed to be.

Q.  By that do you mean by the whole entire battery?
COACH KELLY:  I didn't see it.  I'll have to watch it on film, but in talking to Kyle, it did not appear to be handled cleanly.

Q.  What was your message to the seniors after this game?
COACH KELLY:  That they came in five years ago and our program‑‑ they came in a program that had not had won a bowl game in 20 years.  Now have won two and played for a National Championship and obviously are part of developing and building a winning program.  I'm proud of them.

Q.  Today with the defense it seemed like they had spurts of really good play, spurts where they were kind of on their heels.  Could you talk about that and what was happening there?
COACH KELLY:  Yeah, we played the whole game pretty much without Jarron Jones and Sheldon Day and Joe Schmidt.  I mean, we played a lot of freshmen in there and a lot of young guys.  They battled as best they could.  We're getting everything out of them.  I mean, they played with great effort, just made some mistakes.
Zone read, we're great coverage and we've got two guys playing the wrong coverage, just we made mistakes.  When we were lined up properly and in our right fits and doing the right things, we did a pretty good job.  I think we battled.  We played with effort and great attitude, and we had a chance with the ball‑‑ with the ball in our own hands with a minute to go and a chance to win and we've got to cash that in and score.  That's how I see it.

Q.  Just Everett's play overall, how did you feel like he handled pressure today and just sort of saw the field?
COACH KELLY:  Yeah, you know, I think he did some good things.  There are some things that we want to do better, but he made some great plays with his feet.  It's so hard right after the game to give you a great analysis of it.  There are some things that I thought could have gotten the ball out quicker, but I'm not right behind the center.  I want to be careful.  We've got to look at the film.  There are some things that I think he did really well.  There are some things that I think we can get better at.

Q.  The 2nd and goal there at the end, I think Nick kind of got beaten.  Was that just a designed run there?  Could you take me through that call?
COACH KELLY:  Which one?

Q.  It was 2nd and goal at the 9?
COACH KELLY:  We ran a quarter draw and we got our butts kicked up front.

Q.  Then Cody dressed.  How did you feel like Cole Luke played today overall?
COACH KELLY:  Outstanding, except we didn't get the match‑up on the touchdown.  We had matched them up all day and didn't get that match‑up and they threw a touchdown.

Q.  Nyles Morgan, penalty there, what did you see on that play?
COACH KELLY:  It was a penalty that did not need to occur.  I mean, he had a free shot at him.  He did not need to go high.  It was a careless, careless mistake.

Q.  That's three personal fouls on him in two weeks.  Do you see that from him in practice or does he just get a little over the top in games?
COACH KELLY:  No we see it?  No.  Yeah, we let him do whatever he wants during practice.  No, I mean, he's a young player that has got to understand he's got to play within himself.  He's extremely athletic, and he's got to understand that he's got to play within himself and meaning that when he gets a shot, and he gets a clear shot, finish it off the right way.  He's taught the right way to do it, and he's a little bit out of control at times.  We've got to obviously get him to mature in that area.

Q.  Pretty small sample size from Greer going in after that.  What did you see from him, for that matter, Jay Hayes?
COACH KELLY:  Jay Hayes played well.  Yeah, he gave us what we thought we'd give him, about 30, 35 snaps.  Plays hard, plays physical, and Greer made a great play tracking down the quarterback with the sack.  Smart player, did a nice job, played both Mike and Will for us today.

Q.  There was difficulty stopping them on 3rd and long in the first half.  And in the second half far improved.  What adjustment was made, if any?
COACH KELLY:  We didn't blow the coverage.  We were in two (indiscernible), we're supposed to cover the middle of the field.  We don't get deep enough.  The other time we're in nickel, and our nickel runs up the field.  We don't squeeze it down.  We did a much better job fundamentally of doing the things that we should be doing.  Again, I think it's just fundamentally just paying attention to your fits and executing your assignments.  I think we did a better job of that.

Q.  When you look at next year's team, and I know you probably haven't done it.  But a lot of people coming back and a lot of promise and a lot of healthy bodies coming back, what can you expect out of this year that will help you not only finish this year off good, but set the tone for off‑season and that 2015 year?
COACH KELLY:  Well, we've lost back‑to‑back games because we couldn't put down a ball and kick it 32 yards, so, and we lost the game by four points at Florida State.  So three of our four losses are easily games that we could win with a lot of freshmen playing a lot of football.
I think at one time I looked out there, and I think we had Collinsworth.  I think it was just Collinsworth.  Everybody else was freshmen and sophomores on defense, so great experience.  The ability to carry over will obviously be something that we believe that we can grow from.  So, close losses, difficult losses that we hope that our team will grow from.

Q.  Coach, with the defense, a lot of injuries, lot of young players, like you said.  Do you worry about their confidence going forward if they don't start seeing some wins here or a win?
COACH KELLY:  No, they're too young.  I mean, they're going to play.  They're going to do what we ask them to do.  No, they're just going to keep playing.  I mean, again, you look at the two games, right, we've got a chance to win that football game at the end.  Worst‑case scenario we make a kick and we go into overtime and win the game.  Same thing against Northwestern.
So if we're getting blown out, right, and embarrassed, yeah, maybe you've got a bit of a problem where you've got to blow your guys up a little bit.  They know that they easily could win any of the games they've played in.  A mistake here or there and not executing at the time necessary has been the difference between a win and loss with this team, razor thin.

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