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November 22, 2014

Urban Meyer


COACH MEYER:  I shared with our players what a great place to play where you win a conference or a division championship, you put 500 some yards on the board, you still feel like you didn't play very well.  And you win whatever straight conference games or whatever, I'm not sure what all that stuff is going on.  But no place else you'd rather play or coach that you have high expectations.
And so the good thing is we won the championship.  Division championship.  It will give us a ticket to the championship game.  And then we can all focus on our rival.  So certainly could have played a little better in some areas.  Darned turnover thing and missed tackle.  We get out of that thing with only giving up 20 points after those turnovers, you're pleased but just that last, that big hit that kid had the 90 yarder and that last one, just sits in your stomach the wrong way.  We've got some work to do.

Q.  Last week we asked you about Jalin Marshall and the turnovers how that put the game‑‑ today he had the big game, punt return, talk about the week he had and what you saw out of him today?
COACH MEYER:  We have to stop, first of all, we have to stop the turnovers.  And there's going to be a ridiculous amount of effort, pressure on the coaches too to make sure we're all teaching the right stuff.  And I've seen Mike Thomas's down here, we have to get that fixed.
But I never want to have a program where there's not aggressiveness in it.  Same with J.T., miscommunication, ball tip, miscommunication on the second pick.  Still, threw for 200 yards.  Just not that kind of team.
Sometimes you make a mistake.  As long as the mistake is not effort‑related, we're okay.  Once it becomes effort‑related, you've got a bad team.  I'm going to watch it real close.  I know it wasn't effort‑related.

Q.  What about Jalin?
COACH MEYER:  You asked me a question, didn't you?  No disrespect.  My mind's going.  Jalin, once again, that was a long way of saying once again if there's an effort problem Jalin Marshall won't play.  It's not an effort issue with him.
He's a talented guy.  I think that was good for his confidence.  He's going to be around here a while only a freshman and very talented freshman.  Carrying a lot of the load.  The position was manned by him and Dontre, now it's all him.  And young guy by the name of Noah Brown is coming on, too.

Q.  Coaches are focused on winning the game, not the broader picture, but there is a broader picture.  This game is not going to be the outcome to impress those kind of people, where are you as a team right now?  Do you feel that‑‑
COACH MEYER:  We're conference division champions, won a bunch of games in a row.  We have some work to do.  Sometimes in college football, things don't go exactly as scripted, and kind of went out, jumped out to 14‑0 lead and the stadium was dead and we were dead and then‑‑ we're very much appreciative of the stadium was outstanding and our guys played like it.
We're fine.  I guess whatever the score was.  Somewhat of a close call.  Just have to play better.  We still are division champs.

Q.  Tevin Coleman, one of the best running backs in the country.  Two runs that account for much of his stuff.  Obviously you guys played back‑to‑back running backs and had runs that sorted out.  How do you get that fixed?
COACH MEYER:  Tevin Coleman is a good friend of mine.  Grabbed him before the game.  He didn't play against us last year.  He was hurt.  I said‑‑ because I didn't know that he was there.
I haven't studied it that close.  You watch this guy every Wednesday, I start watching him.  I watched the game against Rutgers last week.  And it's impressive.  He gets in second gear and it's over.
I asked Kevin about him, a great Christian kid, great kid.  Wish him well in the NFL if that's what his desire because he's a really good back.  Top 10 back.  Maybe higher than that.

Q.  There was a report a couple days ago that Noah has an appeal on Tuesday.  Is that something you can confirm or address his status moving forward?
COACH MEYER:  I do not know much about it.  I think there is an appeal.  I'm not involved in the appeal.  I think there is.  I can't confirm or deny it because I don't really know the specifics of it.  I think there is.

Q.  Got up 14‑0.  What happened?  You said that you guys were dead?
COACH MEYER:  We kept being aggressive we turned the darned thing over.  One was a miscommunication by J.T.  One was a tipped ball that Evan Spencer usually catches that thing and Mike Thomas is one that we've got to get corrected because he has a tendency to keep that thing low and boom, boom, boom, we wanted to come out and keep going and going and going, and I don't want to say it back fired, just gotta take care of the ball.

Q.  Do you think the extra, I don't know, attention the Heisman talk affected J.T. at all this week?
COACH MEYER:  I'd like to say no, but I've done this a long time.  So I don't know.  That's something that I'm sure‑‑ is he coming up here?  He's a neat kid.  And we hear the word "Heisman," I've been there a few times watch what goes on there.  Your mouth starts to go dry and all those kinds of things when you mention Heisman.
Did that happen with him?  I'd like to think not.  But I also have been around for a while.  So probably.  We've got to manage through that stuff.

Q.  We know J.T.'s been so good this season.  When he does make mistakes when things go wrong with a couple of picks, how does he react?
COACH MEYER:  Like a mature guy, very disappointed in himself.  And Tom Herman, a lot of times, because I on purpose I count 20 backwards.  I'm not the greatest quarterback coach.  They don't need to be hammered a little bit on the sideline.  And Tom will make comments like he's the most accurate passer he's had and da da da and gets his confidence back up.
J.T. also missed about three of them today that were pretty open.  And so but he also made some great throws.  So J.T. responds passed his years.  Like a junior or senior, you would imagine, and disappointed in himself, let's go to the next series.  Good thing, he's never a blamer.  It's not this, I thought it was him, it's your fault.
I think Steve Young talked about that once:  The greatest thing a leader can do is say that one's on me, follow me, we'll get it done next.  That's the kind of leader he is.

Q.  You're at the point in the schedule now, Michigan, Big Ten title game, postseason.  The team you have going into that, what's your confidence level in the team you have for that stretch?
COACH MEYER:  Oh, great.  I'll tell you more after Wednesday's practice.  But we're week to week like most teams in the country.  You see it every week where someone gets upset, someone loses a game they shouldn't lose, and we score a win over Indiana at home.
But our focus is we don't worry above and beyond this week.  We know the history of this game.  Regardless of records or anything, the most motivated most prepared team will win this next game that's this rivalry.  I know this rivalry.  And this is the most prepared team, most focused team will win this game.

Q.  How does the pace for next week change around the Woody?
COACH MEYER:  Big time.  Players will get tired of hearing the song I always play.  It's nuts.  Insane.  Same way when it was Coach Bruce in 1986 when I experienced my first rivalry game.  It's different.  Everything's‑‑ it's the song and it's just the whole Woody changes for this game.  We're honored to play it.  We understand our responsibilities of it, too.

Q.  You got here you talked about the importance of bringing along the H‑back position.  Jalin today had a short route he took long, punt return, receiver downfield on an outroute.  Seemed like it might have been the most complete game you got from an H‑back, is that fair to say?
COACH MEYER:  That's good, I think we need to recruit four more guys like that.  If you know guys that have big numbers at H, to answer your question that's what we look for at that position.  The guy you do those little flips to, dynamic guy.  Thank you.

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