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November 19, 2014

Bobby Petrino

BOBBY PETRINO:  We're coming off a good bye week, where we were able to get back and work on a lot of technique and fundamentals and individual work that you like to do when you have a bye week.  We're very excited to go to Notre Dame and play a very good football team.  We know our defense will be challenged by their offensive.  They have a lot of play makers and a great quarterback in Everett Golson.  And defensively they're very physical up front.  But we're going up there looking for the challenge.

Q.  Golson you made comment of.  Have you seen a quarterback this season that's been as effective on the ground as well as throwing the ball or do you think he's kind of a different breed that you're going to be seeing?
BOBBY PETRINO:  We faced a number of quarterbacks that have the ability to both throw the ball down the field and run and make plays with their legs.  He's very, very good at it.  I think the thing that impresses you the most on him is not only his ability to run and make plays when he gets out of the pocket, but his arm strength and the zip that he can put on the ball and how deep he can throw it down the field.

Q.  And then as far as what you were able to take away from having that opportunity at this point in the season between two road games to have that bye week in the middle, just besides getting some guys healthy and normal things that occur, were there any key points that you were able to address with the team that you think are going to help in the last couple of games to finish up the rest of the season?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, we went back and worked on our individual technique and fundamentals.  And it's good to review that and spend extra time to do that.  Always go back on this time and work hard on third downs, both offensively and defensively in the red zone, some areas where you always want to have some extra work.

Q.  Maybe talk about Holliman, what do you know about this guy from being around him so much, explain why he's?
BOBBY PETRINO:  I'm not tired about talking about him at all.  He's had a great season for us.  Does a great job in his preparation.  I think that's what shows up the most on game day is his understanding of what we're seeing from the other team and his confidence not to hesitate.  He's just got great confidence.  He sees things, he breaks on the ball.  And then has great hands to be able to make the catch.  But he certainly had a great year for us.

Q.  Reggie, taking over quarterback now.  At this point in the year, what's your confidence with him and his comfort ability with the offensive?
BOBBY PETRINO:  We're very confident with Reggie.  We were able to play him early in the year, and then he came in and started a couple of games.  A couple of games we had good wins in.  He came in in the second half last week and I thought executed our offensive very well.  Threw the ball accurately and made big plays.  And I think he's very confident now.  And you can see a difference in how he played the other night and how he played early in the season.

Q.  Want to focus on getting Parker back and the difference he makes.  What does he do to help your other receivers in terms of taking the pressure off or maybe doing something that makes them more effective?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, I think what he does is he helps our running game because at times they have to roll coverage and count for him more in the passing game.  So he's helped us run the football better.  He gets our other receivers in single coverage, in zone coverage to their side, so they have more room to work and have the ability to catch balls.  When you have an elite receiver like that he helps everybody like else elevate their game.

Q.  I want to ask about Notre Dame.  They played well, and were in the top ten of the CFA, and obviously the last two games for them have not gone well.  Is it all turnovers or is there something else you see that's happened to them in the last couple of weeks?
BOBBY PETRINO:  When we watch them on video they look like a very, very good football team, very well coached with great players.  We know it's going to be a real good challenge for us.

Q.  Coach, obviously your team has played in tough venues in all of the country.  But going into Notre Dame, do you even need to say anything about what kind of atmosphere you'll be in in that golden dome and that legendary stuff and all of that or is that just another football game for you?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, I think for our players now at this stage, and we're fortunate, we have a lot of players with the experience that have played in big games, played in big bowl games, been in big stadiums in front of large crowds.
So really what you do is you just try to go about your business on your preparation, how we prepare for the game on a daily basis and how we go about practicing with the noise out there at practice.  Really just concentrate on getting yourself ready for the game.

Q.  What goes through your mind when you walk into a place like that, if anything?
BOBBY PETRINO:  I don't know.  I guess I'll have to figure it out when I walk into it, because I've never been in there before.

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