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November 19, 2014

Jimbo Fisher

JIMBO FISHER:  Very proud of our team the way we competed down in Miami.  It was a great environment, tremendous atmosphere for college football, what a rivalry game should be, both teams playing hard and coming down to a few plays at the end of the game.  I thought it was one of the great rivalries in all of college football.  And very blessed to play in it.  Very proud of the way our team competed.
We play Boston College this week.  Boston College is a very good football team, very diverse in their offensive and defensive scheme, with very multiple formations, personnel groupings, the quarterback can run it.  They can throw it, cause you a lot of problems defensively in what they do offensively.  They're very physical and deep.  They do a great job with their staff.
Defensively they're great in their setups which they use multiple personnel groupings, come from all different places, and they're a very challenging.  Special teams do a great job, a lot of different looks.  Formation very much like their offensive and defense.  They do a great job, play very well.  Have played extremely well on the road, have not lost a game on the road.  Competing well there.
And they won't be intimidated at all coming in here.  They'll be ready to play.  They've had a week off, probably have some wrinkles and things that we haven't seen.  Ready to compete against us.  We're going to have to have an A game, because they'll come in ready to play.  We need to be ready to play.  Our next game is the most important game we have.  It will be a huge challenge.  And we continue to grow and get better.

Q.  Dalvin Cook, the freshman running back, obviously Carlos Williams has done a lot of good things for you.  But Dalvin had that final touchdown.  And obviously his work, not just in that game but throughout the season, just what you can say about him?
JIMBO FISHER:  He's really emerged.  I say it all the time.  The emergence of our young players on our team, they really have a huge impact on how the teams develop.  Dalvin has been one of those guys.  Not only with the runs which we see, but he picks up blitzes, he catches the ball out of the back field, turning into a really, really good football player.  And it has add another dimension to our team.  And we're very blessed to have him.

Q.  As far as Duke Johnson, obviously 130 yards on the ground, did a lot of things for your defense, was able to overcome that with the help of the offensive.  And the unified effort of not just your defense, but what the offensive was able to do to overcome somebody like Duke Johnson?
JIMBO FISHER:  Duke is a good football player.  Every time you see him you think this guy is a good player.  See him in person he's even better.  Even his three and four and five yard runs, they're and explosive, they're explosive, they're dynamic.  That's what a team does.  You have to play as an offensive, you have I thought we did that extremely well.  Kept our poise in the first, stayed in it.  And our defense did a tremendous job the second half.

Q.  Just want to ask us about your year.  I know your 26 game winning streak began two years ago, but was the win on the Boston College a seminal moment?  It was the first time your team had faced adversity and rallied to win the game, which you've shown so well this season.  You've perfected it into a science.  Was that game important, because it was the first time you saw that from your team?
JIMBO FISHER:  And on the road.  They were hitting it in the mouth and playing ball.  They had everything going.  To do it on the road, because before we had faltered a little bit earlier in the year when we our winning streak started, you have to learn to do that.  Once you do that and you grow from it.
I think it was a big turning point.  Boston College had I a good football team last year, they have another one this year.  To overcome that adversity on the road was very critical.

Q.  Everyone points to the end of path play that Jameis Winston had.  Maybe his Heisman moment this year.  Did he show you something in that moment the way he was able to kind of deflect those three hits he got to get the ball down the field?
JIMBO FISHER:  Yeah, he does.  That's one thing about Jameis, he's a big, strong guy.  He's hard to tackle.  He's much more athletic, you don't see him running all the time, only when he has to.  We don't try to run him.  His athleticism showed in the play.  And then his arm strength.

Q.  You mentioned BC's record on the road.  How much of a concern is it, how rare is it for a team to be as successful as they have this season, especially this conference now, coming into probably one of the more hostile places you play?
JIMBO FISHER:  Well, I think it is.  I think their mental toughness, and what the coach has done, he's been part of a couple national championships, done a great job at BC.  He's a heck of a coach.  He's got those guys mentally tough.  And it's a great reflection on their program.

Q.  I thought you were looking forward to BC, I wanted to ask you was this past week the toughest of the three or how would you rate it?
JIMBO FISHER:  The toughest one is the one you're in at the moment.  There's a lot of emotion even over that, because of the rivalry situation with Miami.  The relationship back and forth between the players and all that, and the respect we have for each other.  All those games were extremely tough, don't get me wrong.  Miami was tough.  They're a very talented football team.

Q.  Is there a spot on this team that you think has got to get healthier, that can really improve as you finish off this season and perhaps head to the playoffs?
JIMBO FISHER:  I think all of them can.  I think we're getting better with the linebackers, as they get to play more, the secondary.  The running backs, and I think our receivers continue to grow.  I really do.  I think all the way across the board.

Q.  Another win where I don't know if you call it refusing to lose or the will to win, I don't know if you can coach it or you can't.  How do you explain that on your team this year, is it something is instinctual or developed with the confidence with the winning streak, where does that will to win come from?
JIMBO FISHER:  I think it comes from the coaches and the organization.  A lot of things we do off the field and the relationship these guys have with each other.  It's like your family.  You have to care, you have to love each other and play hard for each other.  They care for each other and they don't panic and they have a lot of confidence in each other, in their ability not to panic in these situations.  You try as a coach as much as you can try to develop in the off season, with a lot of things in the organization and create a culture, and right now it's working.

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