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November 18, 2014

C.J. Olaniyan

Q.  You guys are ranked so high in so many defensive categories.  It's something that Coach Shoop shared with you every week.  What is the general feeling in the meeting room when he reads those numbers to you?  Even when you're second, third or fourth, is there still a desire to be ranked No. 1?
C.J. OLANIYAN:  Yeah, the goal is still to try to be No. 1 in every category as possible because they only give first place.  There are no trophies for second place.  It kind of helps us going into practice for that week with a different mindset, if we're second ranked in a certain category to try to get to No. 1 and try to improve, whether it's our technique or assignments to make sure we get No. 1 next week.

Q.  C.J., James was just talking about Pasquariello switching between his Aussie accent and American accent as a goof.  Had you ever met an Australian before?  And how on would you describe his personality?  We don't get to talk to him.
C.J. OLANIYAN:  This is my first year being around him, an Australian.  But he does a great job of going back and forth with his accent just to throw us off guard from time to time.  I don't get a chance to spend that much time with him personally because he is a freshman, and I stay off campus.  But in the locker room, he's a funny guy.  He has a nice personality, and he's always out there playing soccer with us.

Q.  Why have the four guys behind you been so good and even the ones behind them?  You have an eight‑ or ten‑man rotation on the line that you've used from different points this year.  What have you seen from those guys as they've grown from not only this season but last year as well?
C.J. OLANIYAN:  It's just been the approach.  The approach towards everything as far as practicing and being ready for practice.  Coach always gets us in the right mindset and puts us in the right position making sure when we go out there to practice, we have to do everything perfect.  We have to strike our keys perfect.  Work on our techniques perfect.  So when we go out there on Saturday, it's easy.  So we've been able to carry the practice into the game week.

Q.  C.J., I know against Rutgers, Bob Shoop had correctly predicted the amount of turnovers you guys would get.  I think he's had a couple more this year.  What does that mean?  When he predicts things, how does he do it?  Is it coming from practice and meetings?  What's that like?
C.J. OLANIYAN:  Coach Shoop spends a lot of time watching film.  He spends a lot of time trying to put us in the best position possible.  Before he makes a prediction, he's already put hours and hours into watching film.  It's not more of an educated guess.  It's something that he knows is going to happen, as long as us as players we pay attention to him and pay attention to the game plan details and make sure we're in the right position.
So as far as him bringing that up, some of it just goes throughout the course of‑‑ we'll be in a meeting before we break for a meeting to go to practice, he kind of let us know the goals and the goals we need to me throughout the course of the week to be successful.

Q.  Have you ever been around a coach that could accurately predict things like that?
C.J. OLANIYAN:  No, not until Coach Shoop.

Q.  So Coach Shoop kind of runs the show in the meetings.  Is James ever part of those when you get together as a defensive squad?  What are roles there when you guys get together?
C.J. OLANIYAN:  Coach Franklin does come in from time to time, and he kind of let us know his intake of the opponent that we're playing or his intake of the practice and how he wants to orchestrate practice.
As far as everybody else's roles going in today as far as the Tuesday, when we put a game plan in, everybody kind of talks about the position that we're going against.  Coach Smith talks about the offensive line.  Coach Pry talks about the running backs and tight ends, and Coach Smith talks about the receivers.

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