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November 18, 2014

Angelo Mangiro

Q. ¬†James talked a little bit about lifting outside of the season and lifting in the season.¬† For you as a guy that's doing that stuff, how is it different lifting in the off‑season versus lifting in season?¬† Are you looking to do different things?¬† Make different progress?¬† Do you have to be more careful?¬† How does that work and balance out as you're practicing and lifting at the same time?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  Yeah, I think Coach Galt has done a good job with me personally.  Through the course of the season you have ups and downs with how your body feels after the games.  And him and the rest of the strength staff have managed me pretty well and kept me fresh week to week.  But also I feel like I've gotten stronger throughout the season, so I give a lot of credit to them for doing that.

Q.  What has it meant to get some of the veteran guys back on the offensive line?  How has that helped you guys improve in the last couple games?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  It's great having Donovan and Miles back.  Obviously Donovan has been an anchor for us at left tackle the last couple of years, and is a dominant force for us.  And miles, as you guys know, he's a character and jokester.
So having him in the huddle, keeping things light while also he's veteran savvy, I would say has been huge for us.  Another thing about Miles, he's very game savvy, too.  And you can write up and talk about things throughout the week, but teams are going to bring something different to you, show you something different.  Miles is very good at picking those things up and getting calls out.  Last week that was great having them for that, and can't wait to have them for this week, too.

Q.  Can you give us an example of how he keeps things light or is that not fit for public consumption?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  That's something we'll keep in the locker room.  But, yeah, he's a fun guy to have around.

Q.  What's your offensive lineman meeting room like?  Who is in there?  Does James ever participate in that?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  Coach Franklin comes in from time to time.  But the majority of the time it's Coach Hand and Tyler Bowen.  Yeah, we get a lot done.  There is a lot of production in our meeting rooms from the time we break from squad meetings to the practice time.

Q.  How do you characterize you guys as a group, do you have a personality, and analytical?  What role does Herb have in setting your identity?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  I think we take pride in saying we're the most fun group on the team.  We have a lot of characters.  Miles, Brian Gaia, Donovan, Brendan Mahon, Wendy Laurent, all those guys.  We're all unique, but we mesh.  It really brings a fun group dynamic to the whole thing.

Q.  What is Herb's role in all of that?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  Coach Hand, I said it earlier in the year and I continue to say it throughout, from what I said at the beginning of the year, which stayed true, is that he's serious when he has to be, but then he knows the right time to joke around with us and kid around with us, too.  So it's great having a coach like that that has those two balances.

Q.  Does it ever make your head spin to play all those positions and learn them all?  How good has it been for you in development as a player?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  No, it doesn't make my head spin all the time.  No, it's something that I've been doing since I've gotten here and I'm used to it.  Yeah, I have to stay focused while I'm on the field to make sure I'm doing what I need to do.  But, no, it's something the team needs me to do, so I'll do it.

Q.  You guys had a lot of success with the run game last week.  It's getting cold outside.  Just wondering, do you see that as a real commitment to sustaining the run as you guys head for the stretch run here?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  Yeah, we wanted to sustain the run to help the team's success.  I don't know how it is catching the ball in the cold.  I've never really done it before, so I'm sure it's not too fun.  But I know that if we have a good running game, our offense will be a success for us.

Q.  (No microphone).
ANGELO MANGIRO:  I've been telling them the last couple weeks to sling the rock out to me, but it hasn't gotten through yet.

Q.  Coach Franklin shared with us that Ryan Keiser is back on his way back to State College to join the team.  When did you get that news and what was the reaction like when he told you guys?
ANGELO MANGIRO:¬† Yeah, I found out‑‑ well, I kind of heard last week that that was his goal, was to be back with us this week coming up.¬† Yeah, I kind of found out last night from some of the guys that he was.¬† So I mean, for me, I'm just excited to have him back.¬† He's a great guy and a great leader for us.
Yeah, I'm just happy for him so that he can be around us and hang out and his health is a lot better.

Q.  (No microphone).
ANGELO MANGIRO:  I have not.  I've been in class all day, so I haven't heard anything about today.

Q.  As a guy who has played center and played all those positions up front, what's it been like for you to see Wendy Laurent to get in there?  I know he's a big guy, but compared to you guys, James is saying he's a little undersized at this point.  He still needs to get in the weight room a little bit more.  What's it been like seeing him?  And how do you think he's played up there?
ANGELO MANGIRO:  I thought Wen's done a great job coming in.  Undersized, oversized, I know he's a tough guy, and he sticks his nose in there.  We always joke with him about his height and.
(Indiscernible) used to get on him about it, who was taller between him and Wendy.  But guys like himself and Brendan Mahon, some of those young guys have got a lot of game experience for us this year, and it's going to help for the future.

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